Friday, 12 May 2017


Sorry I haven't been posting yet again. It's been a busy time here since getting back from my meet up with the others.   I might be retired yet I am still on hand to do picks etc of Beth and Anna, plus I help  daughter Tammy out.   Big daughter Gillian is fund raising once again to cover costs of her and her team of  Podiatrists to help the good folks who do the Catalan Yump, raising money for the soldiers charities. That  is in June.  She was given a donation of bits like oil and things for salads and cooking, pots of jams.  There is a factory in Arbroath that make them.  So I have been making them up in baskets so they can be raffled.

Sorry photos aren't that good. I actually forgot to photograph them for putting up on here. These are ones I sent to .Gillian to show what I had done.  I feel they would also make a good gift at other times.   
As I said I have been busy.   I have  been doing some planning and costing for Patricia and I doing a road trip to go to Ally Pally for the two days in September.   It's all just in the planning at the present.  Plus lots of birthdays in the family at this time.  Looking after grandsons while their dad takes Mum away for her 40th. 

Hopefully I will get back into blogging properly when things settle down. 
Thank you for looking in and leaving a comment I do appreciate each and everyoneof them. 

Hazel x

PS. Glad big sister Patricia is up and running her blog again.