Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Good morning, yes it's this stranger who has not had a post up for nearly a year.  This is mainly due to me being unable to work out how I got my photos to upload on my blog.

I think I have cracked it so here goes.

Went to my local craft shop to watch John Lockwood demoing and I fell in love with the cascading butterfly die.

I needed a wedding card and from just using the bits from cutting out a few other cards I was able to make this.   John told us not to bin any of the waste as you can make great cards from it and yes it works.

So folks I am hoping I am back up and running.

Hazel x


  1. Oh, what a lovely surprise to see you pop up on my screen Hazel and with such a pretty wedding card. Hope you have been well xx

  2. Hi Hazel,
    so glad you are back blogging.
    It's lovely to have you back.
    Please get your lovely sister to come back also.
    I love this wonderful card and it's so pretty no wonder you fell in love with the die.
    Love the wonderful colours you have used also.
    Yes John is right quite often you can salavage your items that you would nrmally bin and make somthing with them.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Your card is a real beauty Hazel and I love the pastel colours. Barbxx

  4. Hello Hazel,
    What a lovely surprise, I have to say that the card is pretty and delicate and I love it.
    love Maureen xxx

  5. Nice to see you back Hazel :) Gorgeous wedding card !
    hugs xx

  6. Beautiful card Hazel and so good to see you back to blogging. Have missed you. Yes John is right. (He usually is). You can usually do something with the scraps. Take care.

  7. Hello Hazel,
    It's your bright friend here!! Just noticed this !! A really pretty card in lovely delicate pastel shades. Thank you!
    Good to have you back in Blog land! Come on Patricia!!!
    Love Myra xx