Saturday, 5 March 2016


Good morning.  Thank you for your comments on my last post.   As normal I have been missing again for a few days, I just don't know we're time is going these days.  I think when I worked I did oh so much more.

Today I said to Beth I would show her card on here.  She wanted to know how to make a gate fold card, she had seen the challenge card over at " Cotswold crafters blog" and missed making one then as she was away skiing.  Beth being Beth wanted to do one so that's was it!  She asked how it was made then re asked to make sure she had got it correct.  She came yesterday after school got my score board out and granted I cut the card size for her, I don't like her using my   Guillotine!!!  I know I should be brave but I am not.  Any way off she went she new what die she wanted to use, got it out plus all the pads if card and boxes, till she thought she had the right mix! Cut out every thing went to put it together but no not right. Back to square one and off again.  The only thing she asked help was cutting the die cut in half for the front.  I wish now I had taken a photo of her card closed she got them lined up beautifully.  Oh she was so proud of herself and to right as well. Ok not perfect but all done by herself which is the most important thing.

She used Die'sire die that I used on our Gillian and Andrews invites, letters are X Cut ones, lidl card and the patterned one is from a pad called Dream Catcher.    Mum will be thrilled with this I know that.
Beth is away today taking part in a big horse vaulting competition, it will be a long day but oh boy she will be in her  Element!!! Mum's BP will be sky high.

Thank you once again.

Hazel xxx


  1. hi Hazel
    Beth you are a very artistic girl, your card is beautiful, your mum will be over the moon.
    take care
    Wendy xx

  2. Hi hazel, lovely card, well done to her. Janice xx

  3. Beth's card is lovely She is very clever I struggled to make a gatefold card for the challenge! The 1st attempt had a crooked gap, the second one I coluldn't get the mats to line up and on the third attempt I stupidly put foam tape on the wrong edge of the topper! Hope she enjoys today

  4. Beth's card is just lovely, Kate x

  5. Hello Sis, once again Beth has risen to the challenge and made a fantastic card. Her mum will be over the moon with it and the effort she has gone to.
    Of course she has an excellent teacher.
    Patricia X

  6. Hi Hazel. Beautiful card made by Beth. Her Mum will be so proud of her too. Hope your well. Hugs Rita xxx

  7. This is brilliant and Mum will love it. She's had a very good teacher!! xx

  8. Hello Hazel,
    Well, Beth has done it again, made a simply beautiful card that any one of us would be proud of. Her mam is lucky to have such a clever daughter.
    Maureen xxx

  9. Hi Hazel, well done Beth!beautiful card for your Mum.
    Pam x

  10. Hi Hazel,
    well Beth sure made a fab job of this lovely card.
    I bet her Mum is going to love it today.
    Happy Mother's Day to you Hazel.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. Well done to Beth. She made a lovely card. Her Mum will treasure it. Barbxx

  12. Hello Hazel. Please tell Beth what a fantastic card she has turned out (and I'm so glad you were there to enjoy giving a little assist and watching her develop her crafting skills. I don't think I'd want her using a cutter either!). I admire her courage in making a gatefold. I don't find them easy at all, and she's picked a beautiful die, lovely papers, and what a sweet daughter to make something so precious for her Mom. Hope all goes well with the competition, and I can totally sympathesize with her Mom's BP. Not sure I'd be able to watch, and yet, you'd be afraid NOT to! Hope you have a happy Sunday, and again, I'm with you on the time flying by. Seems like there is never enough of it, any more! Hugs & TFS - Happy Mother's Day to you as well. We celebrate ours here in the States later on.

  13. Hi Hazel, well what can I say more then this young lady has made a stunning card for her mum and she will love it. Well done Beth x
    I have seen your past makes Hazel and as usual they are all great. Wish you and your sister were here to give me some tutorials. Take care, hugs Maria xxx

  14. Beautiful card Beth. Well done.

  15. Happy belated Mother's Day wishes Hazel. Beth certainly made a pretty card (given me a good idea for an anniversary card) and I am sure her mum will treasure it. I to wish you lived near me. Enjoy the day,
    Hazel c uk

  16. Beth has done a super job Hazel, a chip of the old block there.
    I hope the riding went well too.

    Hugs Erika. x

  17. Hazel you are one great teacher and Beth is one super pupil what a wonderful job she has done on this beautiful card, I do hope her Mum was pleased with it.