Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Good morning, just thought I would show 2 cards using the same basic very simple design!
I embossed the 2 pieces of card with either sides of my spellbinders dotty folder. Cut the largest of my of my grand Nestabilities from Spellbinders, folder this over the closed side of a prefolded 7x7 card, little bows are a Sue Wilson die along with the inner piece of my Greek island collection. Also I have used my Presscut Happy birthday die. A very quick easy card to make.
All the little die cuts were cut from bits from my bit box.

I am off to post the package with all the cards I have made to her this morning, I might need smelling salts after I am told the cost of the postage.

Thank you for taking the time to come in to my little blog and leave a lovely comment.

Hazel X

Monday, 28 March 2016


Good morning, from a very chilly north east!  Firstly thank you once again for your kind comments on my engagement card.
Today I am showing a card. My friend asked me to make cards for her to have in her box, so she has ones at hand to save her going out looking in every shop to get something different and suitable!!.,    After asking her what she was looking for and getting a list of things she would like to see on a card, I have been having to go out of my comfort zone a lot!!!
She asked for flowers, lace and just different on one for the cards, now I have loads of lace and it doesn't see the light of day that offen, ribbon again tons of and flowery card stock plenty, so this is what I came up with!

It's an 8x8 card, flowery card stock from one of the "Works" 12x12 pads - great card stock to work with and a bargain at £4
Lace threaded with ribbon from stash,  Heartfelt creations aster flower, with Sue Wilson and Marieanna foliage ( cut from bit box bits)  Presscut "Happy Birthday" pearls from stash, now I did notice a pearl had moved before I sent off the cards, I didn't rephotograph, at least I did notice.

My friend is delighted with what I have sent, thank goodness,  it is difficult to make cards for someone else to use when they take you out of your comfort zone.

Off now to get the ironing done, then I will see what the day brings.   Was helping grandson with a school project on the 1960. So ironing was left.   He had to interview people who lived in the 60s etc.  All done, tomorrow  it's open afternoon at the school so I am going to see their work, I am wondering if it's tea and cake as well?  The war time project was good and they baked cakes from recipes of that time. We might just get another treat!

Again thank you for calling to see what I have been up to.

Hazel x

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Sorry I have been missing again!  I just don't seem to have enough hours in my days at the moment!  
I am glad to report husband is well on the mend!  He is out in his garden just pottering doing these little jobs that need doing after the winter. 

Today I am showing the card I have made for my friends grand daughter who got engaged on her 21st birthday the other day. It's scary as it doesn't seem that long ago that I got the excited phone call telling me she had been born!   

This is the"  Linkylicious " stamp that I used in the inside., 

I bought this a few weeks ago,  I just love the quote as to me the words are just right. 

My card is very plain ( nothing new there).  

Pearlised card, topped with some card that I found when I had a tidy of my card stock. 

Foliage is cut with a " Mariana" die. 

Thank for all the lovely comments on my " Double Trouble" card and nappy cake.  

It was loved, and very much appreciated.  

That's it for today. 



Sunday, 6 March 2016


Good morning.  Firstly thank you for all your kind comments on Beth's Mother's Day card.  When I have her this week, she can read them all herself.  She will be over the moon with them and will appreciate every one of them.

Today I am showing you an order that I had for a twin nappy cake and card.  They didn't want "Twins"  written on the card, but instead " Double Trouble"   So me being me kept it very simple, the nappy cake I totally forgot to photograph the contains etc. It wasn't till Tammy had taken it away I remember I hadn't taken any photographs, quick call to Tammy and she got this photograph.
I was busy between cooking Sunday lunch for 6 of us and getting this cake together so Tammy could deliver it and save me a 50 mile round trip tomorrow.    I now realise I should have left it till tomorrow.  Never mind we live and learn!!!

My card is made up using card from a works pad. Great value £4 for 12x12 double sided 220grm card.  The backing card on the feet image is bits from my bit box of Anna Marie card, some of the letters are cut from the same Anna Marie card, and I am not sure which card the large letters are cut from?  I embossed the card with the spellbinders dotty folder.
The cake tin in the centre  contains, bibs, two little guest towel from IKEA , very cheap at 25p each, but are a great size for over the shoulder, or on a changing mat.  Cardigans and socks. Nappies on the out side topped with two muslin nappies and teddies.   It's a long time since I have made a twin cake.
Another order completed.

I do hope it will be liked.

This is it for today, thank you for calling by.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 5 March 2016


Good morning.  Thank you for your comments on my last post.   As normal I have been missing again for a few days, I just don't know we're time is going these days.  I think when I worked I did oh so much more.

Today I said to Beth I would show her card on here.  She wanted to know how to make a gate fold card, she had seen the challenge card over at " Cotswold crafters blog" and missed making one then as she was away skiing.  Beth being Beth wanted to do one so that's was it!  She asked how it was made then re asked to make sure she had got it correct.  She came yesterday after school got my score board out and granted I cut the card size for her, I don't like her using my   Guillotine!!!  I know I should be brave but I am not.  Any way off she went she new what die she wanted to use, got it out plus all the pads if card and boxes, till she thought she had the right mix! Cut out every thing went to put it together but no not right. Back to square one and off again.  The only thing she asked help was cutting the die cut in half for the front.  I wish now I had taken a photo of her card closed she got them lined up beautifully.  Oh she was so proud of herself and to right as well. Ok not perfect but all done by herself which is the most important thing.

She used Die'sire die that I used on our Gillian and Andrews invites, letters are X Cut ones, lidl card and the patterned one is from a pad called Dream Catcher.    Mum will be thrilled with this I know that.
Beth is away today taking part in a big horse vaulting competition, it will be a long day but oh boy she will be in her  Element!!! Mum's BP will be sky high.

Thank you once again.

Hazel xxx