Sunday, 14 February 2016


Good afternoon,   Thank you for calling in.  Today I thought I would show you Beths finished card, that she has made for her mum's birthday.   Mum's birthday is not for another week or so.  They are off skiing and Beth needed to get it finished.   Blood sweat and near to tears so completed it.
She designed, cut and put it together all by herself.  She is very pleased with it, but if she had time to redo it she said she would not put the hearts on it, that they aren't needed. It is good to see she realises less is more.

She did have fun and just loves doing it all herself.  Now Anna has asked me to make her card, she isn't into card making.  I often wonder if she feels out done by little sister.

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last card.
Update on Andrew, he had a bad dose of the flu, and thankfully he is on the mend and like the calpol add you know he is better.
I am now nursing my dear husband, who unfortunately has shingles, so he is not very well.  He has them down one side of his head and neck, which isn't very good as it's effecting his ear.  So I have been busy as I have to do things that he normally does, while I am doing other things.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Hazel xxx


  1. That's an absolutely STUNNING card.
    Love everything about it, the colours are fabulous.
    That's better than some people who have been making cards for ages.
    Lesley will be over the moon when she opens that one.
    Patricia x

  2. Well done Beth! You have a good teacher but you are a quick learner too and have real talent! Mummy will love it! Well done! Xxx

  3. A lovely card which will be much loved by Beth's mum! Hope all is well. Christine xx

  4. Hi Hazel, I'm so sorry to hear that Charlie has shingles, such a painful thing and awful if it is affecting hear ear. I hope he gets over it soon, does he have anti-biotics for it?
    Beth's card is gorgeous, I love her colour theme, well done her and her mum will love it, Kate x

  5. Congratulations Beth that is one very beautiful card well done I am sure your mummy will love it. You have very good design ideas too. Enjoy your holiday.
    So pleased Aaaaandrew is on the mend Hazel and hope that Charlie soon starts to improve, take it easy when you can. xxx

  6. So sorry Hazel that should be Andrew don't know how that happened! xxx

  7. beth's card is fabulous - her mum will love it! Hope your hubby feels better soon. Take care hugs Rachel x

  8. Hi Hazel
    Wow, well done Beth. What a cracking card and I'm sure her Mum will be thrilled.
    Poor Charlie. Having had Chicken Pox last year, he has my sympathy. I'm just hoping I don't get shingles further down the line. Poor fella.
    Ang x

  9. Gorgeous card Beth has designed for her Mum, she will love this.
    Sorry your husband has shingles, I had a mild dose last year, caught early. Had an injection this year so hope I do not get them anymore!.
    Pam x

  10. Hello Hazel. Please tell Beth I love her card and am sure Mum will love it. Hope Charlie soon feels a lot better. Take care Hazel. Hugsxx

  11. Well done Beth it's beautiful You can feel very proud if yourself Mym will love it Glad Andrew is on the mend and sorry to hear hubby is unwell

  12. Great job Beth and loving the colour combo you have picked, right up my street too.
    Sorry to hear about your husband Hazel, shingles can be right nasty, I hope he is on the mend very soon.

    Hugs Erika. x