Monday, 26 September 2016


This blog is closed due to company's trying to selling products and junk stuff.

So if you are one of these company's do not bother leaving messages.

Thank you. 

Friday, 22 April 2016


Good afternoon, thank for all your lovely comments on my anniversay card most appreciated, also for calling in to see what I have posted! Nothing crafty. Sorry!
Have been away meeting up with a group of friends that I meet last year at the "Cotswold Crafters" retreat.  We have all stayed friends since and decided to meet up again. The retreat was at Birmingham, which to be honest was just a little to far for mine and a few others old bones.  This time we arranged to meet at Carlisle not far for the north of England ladies and us Scottish ladies! Just over 3 hours for myself who was the driver, across to Perth to pick up Patricia big sister, down to Glenochil to pick up the lovely Norah  then on to near Falkirk to pick up Jess.  Norah had encounter Patricia, Jess and myself so she had the other five to meet for the first time, Margaret who comments under " Margaret Corgi Owner" ( she is the one with the crutches) had the scary job of meeting all of us! We have known each other for a couple of years yet first meet up with her. Lots of (((((hugs))))) folk in the car park and in the hotel must of wonder what was going on!!! These mad women hugging etc.  Funny it's like that when we meet up with other crafting friends that we have met via blogs!

I have met the most wonderful friends from being firstly on Sue Wilson's blog then going into see what other crafters have up on their blogs.  The ladies we met up with don't have blogs yet comment on lots.
Right hand side starting :- Myra, Saba, Norah, Maureen, Diane, Jess, Patricia and myself, this was taken yesterday morning after breakfast so Margaret wasn't there that's why I have put the extra photo up.    Saba got one of the two friendly police officers who had came in for a coffee to take the photo.
We had a wonderful time, chatting, laughing, retail  therapy and wonderful evening meals. We could not fault any of the staff at the hotel, shops, restaurants even when I had to ask for direction from folk they were all so friendly.
Oh I have again to say I have got some of the most wonderful friends,
all from really clicking on their icons on Sue's blog.  Ang Duck, Christine Harrop, Kate ( culliesocks)  Rita ( RMG creations ) Sandra ( Cotswold crafter) to name a few.

Right must make a move

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Thank you for your comments and for coming in to see what I have posted today.   It's another card my friend asked me to make, this was requested for her to give to her bridesmaid and husband who are celebrating their golden anniversay,  she didn't want 50 on it.  That was fine with me, so I put the two hearts on to represent their two hearts.

It's an 8x8 card, I cut two of Sue Wilson hearts out backed them with gold card and replaced the open heart die back in,  the sentiment is one that I cut down my " a special friend " die cut to just say" a special"  then added the anniversay one.  The swirls are the swirls from my memory box 50th die, again I cut it down, lace and ribbon from my stash.

Nothing exciting happening here.   Oh by the way afternoon tea was yummy, proper China cups and saucers, side plates and cake stand, little cake forks.  Lovely service from young girls who had beautiful smiles and a sense of humour.  All in all a lovely afternoon.

That's all for today.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 10 April 2016


Good morning.  Thank you for calling in today to see what I have posted.  Also thank you for all your kind comments on my wedding card.

Today's card is another one that I made for my friends box.
I cut two pieces of card using Sue Wilson's Orion die. I did one using the top cutting edge die and the other with the button one to give different effects, Asters flowers and my crafters companion "Special Friend die"  the midfle piece of card is from the "Works 12x12 pad" the flowers and sentiment were cut for the same card.
My friend was very pleased with the cards I spent, I am at the moment making a few more she has now asked me to make.

I am off out for afternoon tea up at Dunkeld Perthshire with my younger daughter and little grandson, this afternnon.  I am hoping the weather stays dry, as the A9 is not the best roads at the best of times.

Have a lovely day what ever you are doing.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 4 April 2016


Well I would say good morning, yet that wouldn't be true about the weather we have up here. It's pouring with rain, very dark and totally miserable. 

Thank you for coming in to see what I have up on my blog, nothing exciting, just a wedding card,  using a LOTV image, I still can't get over them  discontinuing their topper pads.  
My friend who asked me to make her cards for her box phoned asking if I would be kind enough to also make a wedding card too!  I have tried to keep it as flat as possible for her posting.  Talking about that my postage bill wasn't bad at all for my package of cards etc.  £3.20 first class. 

For this card I again used my all time favour spellbinder embossing folder, LOTV image, and some lace from my stash.  

Nothing much happening here, I am still having trouble with Google keep signing me out and yesterday it was saying my password was wrong so I have decided to leave it for a few days and will try signing in again, I am not stressing myself over not bring able to sign in to google.  
Take care and I hope your weather is better than ours. 

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Good morning, just thought I would show 2 cards using the same basic very simple design!
I embossed the 2 pieces of card with either sides of my spellbinders dotty folder. Cut the largest of my of my grand Nestabilities from Spellbinders, folder this over the closed side of a prefolded 7x7 card, little bows are a Sue Wilson die along with the inner piece of my Greek island collection. Also I have used my Presscut Happy birthday die. A very quick easy card to make.
All the little die cuts were cut from bits from my bit box.

I am off to post the package with all the cards I have made to her this morning, I might need smelling salts after I am told the cost of the postage.

Thank you for taking the time to come in to my little blog and leave a lovely comment.

Hazel X

Monday, 28 March 2016


Good morning, from a very chilly north east!  Firstly thank you once again for your kind comments on my engagement card.
Today I am showing a card. My friend asked me to make cards for her to have in her box, so she has ones at hand to save her going out looking in every shop to get something different and suitable!!.,    After asking her what she was looking for and getting a list of things she would like to see on a card, I have been having to go out of my comfort zone a lot!!!
She asked for flowers, lace and just different on one for the cards, now I have loads of lace and it doesn't see the light of day that offen, ribbon again tons of and flowery card stock plenty, so this is what I came up with!

It's an 8x8 card, flowery card stock from one of the "Works" 12x12 pads - great card stock to work with and a bargain at £4
Lace threaded with ribbon from stash,  Heartfelt creations aster flower, with Sue Wilson and Marieanna foliage ( cut from bit box bits)  Presscut "Happy Birthday" pearls from stash, now I did notice a pearl had moved before I sent off the cards, I didn't rephotograph, at least I did notice.

My friend is delighted with what I have sent, thank goodness,  it is difficult to make cards for someone else to use when they take you out of your comfort zone.

Off now to get the ironing done, then I will see what the day brings.   Was helping grandson with a school project on the 1960. So ironing was left.   He had to interview people who lived in the 60s etc.  All done, tomorrow  it's open afternoon at the school so I am going to see their work, I am wondering if it's tea and cake as well?  The war time project was good and they baked cakes from recipes of that time. We might just get another treat!

Again thank you for calling to see what I have been up to.

Hazel x

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Sorry I have been missing again!  I just don't seem to have enough hours in my days at the moment!  
I am glad to report husband is well on the mend!  He is out in his garden just pottering doing these little jobs that need doing after the winter. 

Today I am showing the card I have made for my friends grand daughter who got engaged on her 21st birthday the other day. It's scary as it doesn't seem that long ago that I got the excited phone call telling me she had been born!   

This is the"  Linkylicious " stamp that I used in the inside., 

I bought this a few weeks ago,  I just love the quote as to me the words are just right. 

My card is very plain ( nothing new there).  

Pearlised card, topped with some card that I found when I had a tidy of my card stock. 

Foliage is cut with a " Mariana" die. 

Thank for all the lovely comments on my " Double Trouble" card and nappy cake.  

It was loved, and very much appreciated.  

That's it for today. 



Sunday, 6 March 2016


Good morning.  Firstly thank you for all your kind comments on Beth's Mother's Day card.  When I have her this week, she can read them all herself.  She will be over the moon with them and will appreciate every one of them.

Today I am showing you an order that I had for a twin nappy cake and card.  They didn't want "Twins"  written on the card, but instead " Double Trouble"   So me being me kept it very simple, the nappy cake I totally forgot to photograph the contains etc. It wasn't till Tammy had taken it away I remember I hadn't taken any photographs, quick call to Tammy and she got this photograph.
I was busy between cooking Sunday lunch for 6 of us and getting this cake together so Tammy could deliver it and save me a 50 mile round trip tomorrow.    I now realise I should have left it till tomorrow.  Never mind we live and learn!!!

My card is made up using card from a works pad. Great value £4 for 12x12 double sided 220grm card.  The backing card on the feet image is bits from my bit box of Anna Marie card, some of the letters are cut from the same Anna Marie card, and I am not sure which card the large letters are cut from?  I embossed the card with the spellbinders dotty folder.
The cake tin in the centre  contains, bibs, two little guest towel from IKEA , very cheap at 25p each, but are a great size for over the shoulder, or on a changing mat.  Cardigans and socks. Nappies on the out side topped with two muslin nappies and teddies.   It's a long time since I have made a twin cake.
Another order completed.

I do hope it will be liked.

This is it for today, thank you for calling by.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 5 March 2016


Good morning.  Thank you for your comments on my last post.   As normal I have been missing again for a few days, I just don't know we're time is going these days.  I think when I worked I did oh so much more.

Today I said to Beth I would show her card on here.  She wanted to know how to make a gate fold card, she had seen the challenge card over at " Cotswold crafters blog" and missed making one then as she was away skiing.  Beth being Beth wanted to do one so that's was it!  She asked how it was made then re asked to make sure she had got it correct.  She came yesterday after school got my score board out and granted I cut the card size for her, I don't like her using my   Guillotine!!!  I know I should be brave but I am not.  Any way off she went she new what die she wanted to use, got it out plus all the pads if card and boxes, till she thought she had the right mix! Cut out every thing went to put it together but no not right. Back to square one and off again.  The only thing she asked help was cutting the die cut in half for the front.  I wish now I had taken a photo of her card closed she got them lined up beautifully.  Oh she was so proud of herself and to right as well. Ok not perfect but all done by herself which is the most important thing.

She used Die'sire die that I used on our Gillian and Andrews invites, letters are X Cut ones, lidl card and the patterned one is from a pad called Dream Catcher.    Mum will be thrilled with this I know that.
Beth is away today taking part in a big horse vaulting competition, it will be a long day but oh boy she will be in her  Element!!! Mum's BP will be sky high.

Thank you once again.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 29 February 2016


Good afternoon, and thank you for all your lovely comments on my last card.
Today's one is another one of Phil Martins word dies.  This was a gift from daughter Tammy. Of course A few orders will be given to use this die.  This card is again the one I used to see how the die cut and what it would look like on a fairly plainish card.

6x6 prefolded card, some lidl card for the back layer and the die cut, the pearlised piece was from bit box run through with the music folder, just to take the plainness off a bit.  I feel if the hearts hadn't been attached to the die it could be used on many a mans card.  You get a few little heart dies as it is ( pain as they can be lost) you could add these if that's what you want.  Still I know I will use this die a lot.

That's it for today.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 28 February 2016

This card is perfect as that's what I want to say to you all that call in to my blog.  I appreciate your comments.
 Have been missing again for a couple of days, I get a good day with this bug, then a not so good one! I have been taking things easy as I want to get rid of this for once and all.  Thankfully the sun has been out these past few days which helps to lift the  spirits!!!  It's cold which again is good as it might kill off these bugs.  So for anyone who isn't feeling to good here are some ((((( hugs)))))

My card today is one I just made to try out my new die.   The die cuts beautifully and to be honest I don't think you need anything else on the card. The die comes with these tiny little heart dies, oh boy they are so small and so easily lost.    To take the plainness off the card I used the outer edge die off a border die.

I have am liking these word dies, I like clean and simple cards.

That's all for today, thank you for calling

Die by creative expressions.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 20 February 2016


Good morning.  Today I am showing the card I made for Calum grandson giving to his friend on her birthday.   
My friend Maureen Killen kindly stamped the image of the converse boots and sent them to me, I have had them for a little while, as I didn't have an occasion to use them until now.  Just perfect for a 12year old girl.
Backing card is Anna Marie, happy birthday by Presscut. Very simple card, as she is not a girly, girly girl.  I did a ( everything needed for a sleep over bag). Yes I forgot to photograph it.  In to much of a rush that's me. 

Thank you for your kind comments on my "Oldie"  I appreciate every one of your comments.  
Sorry I forgot to welcome Barb. To my blog, thank you for joining. 

Hazel xxx

Friday, 19 February 2016


Today is oldie Friday over at "snappycraft".   You can put up any craft that you have made in the past!

I made this wedding card with a crafters companion Die'sire die, I can't remember where the paper is from.

I am looking after grandsons today they are on half term.  Mummy is at work, she took two days off, but I told her to work and I would look after the boys, they are no trouble and not hard work.

I am glad to report that husband is well on the mend.  He is back doing his dog walking and doing little things round the house.  Yes he still can't shave and his head is full of the blister scabs but a few more days should see a big difference.   He has been lucky as I know a lot of people suffer for a long time.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Good morning. Thank you for calling and thank you for all your lovely comments on Beths card I will let her read them this afternoon, I am on duty today as well.  
Today's card ( a bit of a copy of a Sue Wilson one ) is the one I made for Anna to give to mum.  She asked me to do one different from Beths.  Anna does not make cards, she will tell you she is hopeless.    No she just would rather someone else did it for her. 

Any way it's a 8x8 prefolded card. 
Sue Wilson's heart die.
Happy Birthday is from " Presscut"
Anna Marie card 

Thankfully Anna loves it.  So they are both sorted for having mums cards with them to give her a special day.   

I am pleased to say that Charlie is doing a lot better, still has a sore head, but went out yesterday and again today for a walk with the dog.  He was getting cabin fever, he just doesn't like being inside all day.  He still can't shave as of the blisters being down the side of his face near his ear.  So he is at the scruffy look stage with the beard.  Thank goodness we aren't going anywhere, so it doesn't matter.  

Any way I hope this snow that's forecasted doesn't come. 

Hazel xxx 

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Good afternoon,   Thank you for calling in.  Today I thought I would show you Beths finished card, that she has made for her mum's birthday.   Mum's birthday is not for another week or so.  They are off skiing and Beth needed to get it finished.   Blood sweat and near to tears so completed it.
She designed, cut and put it together all by herself.  She is very pleased with it, but if she had time to redo it she said she would not put the hearts on it, that they aren't needed. It is good to see she realises less is more.

She did have fun and just loves doing it all herself.  Now Anna has asked me to make her card, she isn't into card making.  I often wonder if she feels out done by little sister.

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last card.
Update on Andrew, he had a bad dose of the flu, and thankfully he is on the mend and like the calpol add you know he is better.
I am now nursing my dear husband, who unfortunately has shingles, so he is not very well.  He has them down one side of his head and neck, which isn't very good as it's effecting his ear.  So I have been busy as I have to do things that he normally does, while I am doing other things.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


This is a card I made for a challenge over at " Cotswold crafters " blog. Just a fun challenge. 

Very simple easy card. Crafters Companion Die'sire die, can't remember which, and I am over in Perth looking after grand son so can't go see.  I stuck it on to pink sparkly card that I got from the works, it doesn't die cut well so using like this will use it up the Die'sire die has the circle out of the centre so I just popped the LOTV image in having die cut it out with a circle die. 
4 pearls just to finish off. I made it as an easel card for a change.  It's now in Tammys box of girly cards for when Andrew gets an invite, granted he has decided no more girly party's.  

Thank you for love you very much appreciated comments.  
As I said I am looking after Andrew while mum goes to work.  Andrew started being unwell on Saturday and at one point they thought he had Scarlett fever, thankfully that's been ruled out, he was swabbed and tested for loads of things yesterday, to see what's the matter with him. He is now full of the cold on top of the sickness, high temp and rash.   As for granny she is feeling better.  
Well one wee boy is needing a cuddle.  

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Good morning!  I hope you are all well?   Thank you for coming in to see what I have been up to again!   This was a card for a friend whose birthday was last week so I can show it.

Again I have used my tartan embossed prefolded card and the tartan papers - just love them!
I cut the outer edge of my heraldic die first in pale lilic then again the whole die in the tartan, I glued the pale lilic flat unto the card the foam mounted the tartan outer up, then placed the centre down in the   hollow if you know what I mean?   I then cut the Sue Wilson ribbon and large bow in the tartan then the small bow in the pale lilic.   Again a simple card.  Just seem how marked my back board is I have a feeling that's the old one.

Well my cold took hold well and truely and I ended up being in bed most of wednesday feeling very rough, but last night I went to bed having rub good old fashioned Vicks vapour rub on my back, chest and the soles of my feet which I cover with socks and had a good nights sleep getting up in the morning feeling so much better.  Nothing to beat the old  remedies!!!

Yesterday Beth came here after school to start making a card for mummy's 50th at the end of the month, after much debate as to what card and colours to use she then had to choose what dies to use, she managed to get some cut out, so I will see how far we get on next week, we might have to fit in another after school day, as they are going away skiing so it has to be finished.  I will show it when she has finished it.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Good morning.   I hope you are all safe and no storm damage.  We are ok, but OMG! We had it bad over night, and we are on the east coast!    I hate to think how those on the west have faired?

Thank you for your comments on my 50th card.  I do love reading them all.  Today is a card I made for Andrew grandson to give to one of his many girl friends at school.  Lexi  sent Andrew two invites for her party, and when Tammy asked her dad was one meant for someone else? The answer was NO! She wanted to make sure he would come.    He went but decided girls party's are not fun.  Oh how that might change???

I made this card with a LOTV image ( which I discovered yesterday they have discontinued the coloured art pads back in January) I hope they replace them with something else.  Apart from that the other bits came from my bit box.  The special friend die cut I used from another scrap of the back ground paper, the heart was from the box I put spare die cuts into. How many times do we cut something out then think NO! That's not going to work, so in it goes to the box.  The little plastic flowers were from a bag of buttons they I got when I was making pendants and button necklaces.

Nothing going on here todsy, it's s case of staying in and keeping warm and safe.  I hope you do the same.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 30 January 2016


Firstly thank you for all your lovely comments on my wedding card. I do appreciate them all.

Well I don't know what weather you all woke up to this morning?  We woke up to the white stuff, which is still coming down thick and fast.   Yes it looks lovely, but not when you have it.  It's no more than a few inches at the moment, but if it keeps come down it will be a good thick layer.  So its a stay in doors day for us.

My card to day is me getting cards that are needed, done and ready for posting.  It's a very simple one as the person receiving it doesn't do fussy!!!

It's an 8x8 prefolded card.
Teal card is crafters  companion.
Memory Box 50
Sue Wilson  -   Diagonals - love hearts die.
XCut best wishes.

As I said a simple card.

Have a few other cards to get done for next month,   Plus I have orders for baby baskets, just awaiting to see what is needed.  One is for twins, and the nice thing the couple want a surprise no opening and having a look before the big day.  The other is for a girl, but I don't like making them up to early if it can be helped.

Take care when out as the weather all over isn't great.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Good afternoon.  I am sorry I have been AWOL!!!  This weather is just getting me down, the lack of sunshine isn't doing me any good.   I think if we didn't have Harris we would be away somewhere warm. 

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last card, I have made a few more with those dies! But until they are received I can't show them.  This one is an order and I don't think the couple will see it on here. 
It's a 8x8 prefolded card, layered with card embossed using spellbinders dotty folder.  LOTV topper mounted on card that I cut the edge with on of Sue Wilson's edge dies. The packet from this one has gone walk abouts.  Then I Stamped the congratulations on a piece of card then just cut it out and foam mounted it.   I have kept it simple.

I just now hope it will be liked by the lady that has ordered it.

Thank you for calling in.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 11 January 2016


Good mornng , and thank you for all your lovely comments on my card, they are all appreciated.
The weather here isn't much better, today it's very cold and I have a feeling snow isn't that far away.

Today I have another gift basket.  This basket was order by my sister Patricia.   It's for her neighbour and friends new grandson , he was born 8 weeks early, he was just over 3lbs in weight.  So little prem  cardigans were required, thankfully my friend was able to come up with 3 little cardigans.
This is what I made.

I added a towel, burp cloth and a bib as well, things that even little ones need and these didn't matter how big or small they were. 

Off this morning to meet up with Patricia with this basket, it's been sat for nearly a week waiting for the weather to get better so I could deliver it.  Patricia hasn't been able to get out as her roads have been flooded no matter which way she went out of  her village. 

Right off to get myself ready. 
Hazel xxx 

Thursday, 7 January 2016


Good evening,   Not so good really as the weather here is  atrocious  We still have heavy rain.
Thank you for all your kind comments on my cards, they are much appreciated.

Tammy asked me to make a card for her good friend, she asked if I could use the two new dies I used on the cards I show the other day.   So this is what I did

The pre fold 8x8 card are ones I bought from my local craft shop ( McOyster Paper Crafts) they are pre embossed with a tartan design.  Loved these when I saw them before Christmas but get I couldn't justife the cost.   When I got gift vouchers to spend in the craft shops for Christmas I decided to treat myself.  I cut the die cuts out of tartan paper again from my favourite craft shop. These tartan papers are brilliant.   They are by craft style.

I cut the Sue Wildon heraldic die out. then using the inner frame out line I cut 1 in white and placed it behind the centre die cut, then foam padded that into the centre so it's raised.  I then cut a white and tartan outside frame from the Sue Wilson hearts of hearts putting one on top of the other, and the special friend was also cut out of the tartan.
Pearls from stash.

Well I started this post this morning with good morning, got interrupted so it was changed to afternoon!  Yes got interrupted again so that why it now posting this evening.

Stay save.
Hazel xxx

Monday, 4 January 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Oh I have again been a bad blogger.  Trouble is I didn't photo my Christmas cards.  The light wasn't good - still isn't plus I was making them getting them written and in to the envelopes as quick as I could be get them off in the post.  Gift bags were my other make and I have shown them so much.

Today I am showing two cards made from two new dies I got from Anna and Beth for Christmas.
I was very luck as I got four Sue Wilson ones all together.  I also got gift vouchers for my favourite craft shop in Cupar.

My cards are made out of parts of A3 card left from making Christmas cards, the back ground card is from Works 12x12 pad ( great value at £4). I cut out the Heraidic Square die from again left over card.  The same with the Hearts of Heart die overlaying the green on to the white and slightly off set. These two cards started off as me just playing to see how the dies cut and what I could do.  They turned out way better than I had planed so they are now in the box that Tammy can pick cards from.
Goes to show once again you need to use up those bits and pieces of card you have left over.

Well I for  one am glad things are getting back to normal, all this mad buying of food that folk were doing and will have wasted has gone until Easter.  Tesco have got Easter eggs on the shelves today.
The weather here is terrible, we are lucky and won't get flooded but there are so many who haven't been so lucky.  My heart goes out to them.  Here's hoping they will get help to get back into their homes as soon as poosilbe.

Now I am off to make some more cards from that box of bits.  I don't want to put it to one side, but will make up as many cards as I can.

Take care if you to drive on these water logged roads.

Hazel xxx