Thursday, 3 December 2015


Thank you for coming in here to see what I have been up to!   I do appreciate your comments on what I do.  The Hamper met with approval.  Thank goodness I dread the day when someone wants these things changed, as unwrapping would be a pain.
Yesterday I sat and filled 80 after eight chocolate holders,I have to admit I felt slightly sick as I had eaten a couple while doing them - no ones fault but my own.  I then tied them up in 4 with some bakers twine.  I have a few more to do today for the fair tomorrow night.  If they don't sell it will mean a few less to make for going to the chemo unit.

Now I mentioned that I had made covers for the £1 size box of Maltessers?  Now bear in mind I didn't think this up. I had seen it on You Tube!   If you go on and put Maltesser box cover using your punch board it will come up with a few.  I used the one by Pootles, she has some brilliant makes using her envelope board.,,   Here is my ones.

Some of mine wrapped up 

They fit in nearly

Fold in and stick down with a bit of  Sellotape or even better one of the dots
I ran out of. 

A length of ribbon and a little sentiment that's it, a nice gift to hand over.

Now this the sentiment on this one isn't stuck down I will do one in the  Burgundy ink, this is just to show.

That's it for today. Go look on site or you tube the maltesser box.
Lots of great makes have fun, remember it's just a sheet of card or paper! 

Hazel xxx


  1. Absolutely brilliant Sis, I found it on "Poodles" and have done a few. It makes a simple box of Malteesers look a great gift.
    Patricia X

  2. Great Hazel. I have done this a few times myself when I saw her YouTube post. My great nephew Sébastien adores Maltesers so ideal for him - mind you the characteristic rattle doesn't make for a surprise ... lol! Hugs Christine xx

  3. These look fabulous, think I could manage this...maybe!


  4. Brilliant hazel. Janice xxx

  5. What a fabulous way of jazzing up some yummies!! She does some fabulous boxes and bags on Pootles xx

  6. Hello Hazel,
    You are a star. I got some boxes of Maltesers today to do this, and have the after eights to start filling my little wrappings. Thanks again for the inspiration.
    love Maureen xxx

  7. Super idea Hazel, makes a £1 box of chocs special, Kate x

  8. These look fabulous Hazel, great idea, thank you for the inspiration.
    Pam x

  9. Hazel what a lovely idea, it really dresses up a box of Malteasers.
    A super job.

    Hugs Erika. x

  10. Great Hazel. Mine sold well last Sunday. That was the After Eight. Your are a little different to mine but not much.

  11. Hi Hazel
    Another box of treats that wouldn't make it out of our house lol!
    Great wrapping idea.
    Hope the stall went well.
    Ang x

  12. Hazel, I do hope by now you are tucked up in bed and fast asleep! You have worked so hard!
    These look great and I will be borrowing this idea,
    I'll toole off to look at Pootles!!
    Love Myra xxxx
    PS Hope you had a sell out! Xx

  13. Hi Hazel brilliant your so clever with all your wrappings ideas they are great
    love this one will have a go thanks.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  14. Hi Hazel, trying to catch up after my weekend away. So many things have happened and I love your wrapping presents and must have a look at this box. You and Patricia are super box makers !
    hugs Maria xxx

  15. GM you have been busy and all if your makes are brilliant They should sell really easily having been away I am so so behind I had all these plans - boxes, Patricia's shoes, AE wrappers, advent calendars, knitting and not one thing started! I'm still making this years cards Ho hum! Note to self - don't have a summer holiday in Nov/Dec and start making stuff earlier in the year! I hope sales go well

  16. Hi hazel. Ur always up to something aren't u?? Lol. These look lovely however if I were to try that the contents would be erm eaten before I could wrap em!! Lol xx