Monday, 23 November 2015


Good afternoon.  Thank you for calling in to see what I have been up too?  

I have taken a table at Beths school Christmas fair as you know.  I have been making these little boxe, which will in my eyes make great table gift boxes or even just to put a little gift in?  I have had fun making these.  The bottom ones are made using big bits out of my bit box and odd sheets of card. The flowers and die cuts are again from my bit box. I love using up these bits and more so doing these. 

I have already got an order for 15.   These are for table gifts.  I am hoping they sell at the school. 
Off to make some more gift bags 

These are made from using the XCut pillow box die, very easy to use and you get 2 out of an A4 sheet of card 250 gms is good. 

Hope you are all well and thank you once again for all your lovely comments.




  1. Hello Hazel,
    These are great, and will make lovely gift boxes, or ideal for a couple of Patricia's truffles or Tablet, yum yum.
    Maureen xxx

  2. They look amazing when you see them all together like that.
    Maureen's right a few bit of Tablet would be good in them.
    Mmmm!! might need to borrow that Die.
    Patricia X

  3. Hi Hazel
    My goodness, you have been a busy girl. These will fly so I hope you're making lots.
    I cut 60 snowflakes, 20 reindeer and 20 Christmas trees to decorate the shop with last week. We'll have Crafters Elbow at this rate lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  4. Wow Hazel these are fabulous, they should go like hot cakes absolutely delightful, I do hope you are on to a winner and with an order for 15 I think you are!
    Margaret xxx

  5. Fabulous pillow boxes Hazel. They really do look great. Hugs Christine xx

  6. Fantastic pillow box`s Hazel, love your decoration on them..
    Pam x

  7. these are lovely Hazel - they ought to sell but I know from experience what it can be like! Fingers crossed for you x

  8. Wow-these look great. Fingers crossed you do well selling all your lovely crafty makes.


  9. Hi Hazel, great idea for selling in craft fairs. You're giving me some good ideas for when I do my craft fair. Janice xxx

  10. Lots of lovely ways to use up bits & snippets in such a creative use, and what diversity of styles you've got on these cute little gift boxes. You certainly have been busy, and good for this school to have your skills at their fair. Good luck with sales! Should be fantastic, as these are darling. TFS & Hugs

  11. I love your boxes Hazel and wish you well at the fair. We have our church Faur on Saturday along with our community choir. I have sorted out lots of handicraft that has been hanging around for awhile plus 8 snowflakes and some little pouches to put a coin in.

    Hazel c uk

  12. Hazel, your boxes are gorgeous! I love that idea and such a good way to use card which may not be your first choice - as well as favourites! Truffles, tablet, Maureen? Could be tricky! It's ok, for anyone concerned , she is my friend! Thanks Hazel! Xxxx

  13. Hi hazel.
    My oh my u are one busy lady. Must be great to be retired. Lol. I've only been off sick 7 weeks and made about 3 cards it's shocking but I've just not had the notion or the energy to do it.

  14. Wow these are gorgeous I love them Hazel. Still on catch up I need a 48hour day.
    Hug's Lynda xx