Saturday, 7 November 2015


Good afternoon, again I have to say sorry for being absent.    I was away last weekend at a craft retreat which was more chatting, laughing and just catching up with friends,  while away I picked up,a real nasty cold/flu like bug. I think it was from being on trains for  over 9 hours each way. which along with sore legs and back ( just normal for me these days) I ended up in bed till Wednesday when I turned the corner as they say.

I have been taking it easy and have put together a lot of my Christmas cards.  Today I have been playing making my cut down XCut gift bags and doing up baskets for Patricia to sell at her grandsons  Christmas fair next weekend.

These little gift bags hold mini products, you can't fit three in, I just am showing two little hand products that I had. My stock is out side in my new store room, it's pouting with rain so I am not going out to get any in, that can wait. 

Two little baskets with goodies.  
They don't photograph well in the cellophane but do look lovely I have used rich red ribbon to tie them up. 

If you want to know how to cut the bags down, I did a tutorial back on May the 1st on the blog.

Thank you for all your comments on my gift baskets, they were well received, I have to say I still do love making my baskets up over doing other craft things. 

Hazel xxx 


  1. Hi Hazel,
    what wonderful gift bags made with your XCut die.
    I love these they are sooooooooooooooooo! fab.
    Great baskets too, and I love Baylis andHharding products.
    So sorry to hear you have not been well, a bit of a come down after your craft thing I expect.
    I do hope you will soon be A1 again.
    Lots of crafty Get Well Wishes. Jenny L.

  2. Hello Hazel. Lovely to hear from you. Love your baskets and they are so beautifully wrapped too. Sorry to hear you were unwell, so hopefully you are on the road to recovery now. Best Wish to you and Patricia. X

  3. Beautiful gift boxes, you really are amazing creating these wonderful gifts.


  4. Thank you ladies, I will try and post more often. Hazel xxx

  5. Hello my friend,
    I did enjoy doing these so much at the Retreat. So much that I'm going to do some as little Christmas presents this year. I'm glad you are feeling much better, and it's nice to see you posting again.
    Maureen xx

  6. Hi Hazel, lovely to see a post from you, sorry you have been unwell.
    Fabulous make today! love your bags and beautiful baskets.
    Hope Patricia is well.
    pam x

  7. Hello Hazel, your little boxes are just lovely, Kate x

  8. Hi hazel. Lovely to see u back again. I see Patricia is back too!! Yay!! I miss u guys.
    I love seeing ur wee baskets. They really are pretty and fun too xx
    I really must get my bum into gear an try get some Xmas cards done. Although the way I've been feeling lately I'm just not in the mood to do much apart from tidying the craft room lol xx

  9. Lovely makes I nearly bought the X cut die today in The Range but the price £29.99 made me think again Now I wish I had Love the baskets too - where do you get your baskets from? Just seen someone say that Patricia is back Will pop along to hers now So glad you're feeling tons better

  10. Hi Hazel
    Great little boxes. So useful for stocking fillers.
    Hope you're 100% again soon.
    Ang x

  11. Hello Hazel,
    It's lovely to have you back!
    Your little gift bags and baskets are lovely and I too enjoyed making mine last weekend.
    I know you suffered but we did have fun too and it was so lovely to meet Patricia and you.
    Lots of love,
    Myra xxx

  12. Hello Hazel, wonderful to see you posting again.
    The gift bags are so lovely and of course you are the queen of baskets in my book.
    Delighted to know that you are feeling better after what amounted to more than a marathon travel by train.
    With love
    Margaret xxx