Saturday, 21 November 2015


Good morning.   Firstly Thank You for all your kind words about how Calum  dealt and coped with his friends loss, he can be a pain at times but deep down he is very thoughtful and kind, and seeing how he is just 11 he's doing ok.  Andrew has dealt with what he saw, by saying he will look for Millie's star in the sky.   He is 7 and he finds his own way.
Samuels, dad, mum and his twin brother were very taken aback by the support Tammy, Derek and the boys have shown.

Today I am showing 3 of my little cut down bags, I have taken a table at Beths school Christmas fair so I have to get things done, plus I thought I wouldn't get asked to do many gifts this year, I think I will take that back.  These I will sell with and without goodies.  I have orders for a good few already from out with the school, so if they don't sell they will be used.

The tutorial for these little bags are on my blog on the 1st May this year. Very simple and not hard to make as long as you own the X Cut die.

Off to get some more put together.

Oh I want to show you these

Now these I found in Home Bargains they are described as " Nail Art Dotting Tools" 

As you can see they are like the craft ones? Difference you get the set of 4 for 99p big difference in cost from the craft ones, so if you need more look for these, even if it's just from the grand children to use!

Hope it's not to cold and wet where you are, here the sun is out but it rather chilly.

Thank you again.



  1. Hi Hazel
    Oooooh, what a bargain. Must have a look in our local HB. Great bags. Just a nice size for treats.
    Lovely sunny day here, washing out in the breeze but my, its nippy. We had snow last night lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  2. Super little bags Hazel. We don't have Ho,me Bargains - wonder where the nearest is? We woke up to snow this morning for goodness sake!!!!! Fortunately the sun is now shining ( though bitterly cold) so it should soon be gone. Hugs Christine xx

  3. Great little bags Hazel especially for the Christmas season for those little extras. Many thanks for sharing your bargain find they really look so useful.
    We are having sunshine here but oh it really is chilly with a wind that is cutting.
    Margaret xxx

  4. Gorgeous bags Hazel. Love them. Hope you are keeping well. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Great Bags Sis, even better when you see them for real.
    Must have a look for those tools, you can ever have enough of that kind of thing.
    Patricia x

  6. great makes hazel and i love your find ... thanks for sharing cxx

  7. Gorgeous gift bags you have made again Hazel, no wonder you have orders for them.
    You have a bargain there for those embossing tools.
    Pam x

  8. Morning Hazel, great bags, hope the craft fair goes well. I've taken the plunge and have decided to do another fair on 4th Dec, this time in a junior school. Hopefully will 've better than my first one. Janice xxx

  9. Hi Hazel,
    a lot of different cards on show, pretty bags and bargain tools. Thank you for sharing. Hope Calum is alright, what a horrible thing to see, bless him.
    Warm hugs Maria xxx

  10. Hello Hazel,
    You make such gorgeous bags, and the fact that they make such lovely containers for the small cosmetic items is an added bonus. They will sell no trouble. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Callum is a credit to you all.
    Maureen xxx

  11. Hello Hazel,
    Beautiful little bags! They will sell like hot cakes I'm sure. It's such a lovely way to make an inexpensive gift seem more! What my Grandma used to call " a wee minding!" .
    Love Myra xxx

  12. Beautiful little bags Hazel, hope you are well, Kate x

  13. Oooo Hazel I might need to check this out. I am always loosing those tools.
    I love your bags too, I'm sure you'll do great at the fair.

    Hugs Erika. x

  14. Hi Hazel lots to catch up on your bags a gorgeous but sadly haven't got the Xcut die but well done they look lovely.
    Hug's Lynda xx