Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Good afternoon.   Thank you for calling in to see if I have posted.                                                            I am sorry I haven't been around for a while again.  I haven't been  in the mood to do any thing.   I am hoping that making these 2 baskets will get me back on track to doing things.  These baskets are for the mum and her daughter that home board our dog Harris when ever we go away.  Due to the daughter expecting her first baby and her and her husband are having to live with her mum and dad while the planners do there normal thing of not passing the plans for their new home, which will be attached to mum and dad home , and their boarding licence doesn't allow them to home board with a baby in the house!   This baby will grow up with 5 dogs so how the odd ones staying over will make a difference goodness knows.  They can still groom and dog walk but not home board.  So these are a thank you for all the home boarding they have done over the 8 years that Harris has been  going.

I asked Ellie the daughter, if she was  starting buying things for baby, don't usualky like giving before baby is here, but she has been "gathering"  as she called it. Doesn't want to know what she is having, but happy to buy things. So I decided to make her a baby basket of goodies.

Mum I have given her pampering bits, she does so much and I think she doesn't think of hersef much. 

Nothing much, but enough just to say " Thank You" 

As I have said I am hoping that I might get back into doing things .  I need to get Christmas cards started.  

Thank you again for calling in.



  1. Nice to see you back Hazel with another lovely basket. Talk about beaurocracy gone mad!!!!!! Hugs Christine xx

  2. Hi Hazel, wondered where you'd got to and sorry to hear that you've not been feeling like doing much, I hope that changes soon for you, missed you both really.
    Anyway, your baskets as ever are just beautiful, and it's a lovely way to say thank you. The basket contents are so thoughfully put together.
    Keep well, Kate x

  3. Hello Hazel glad to see you post and can understand your feeling low only to well, hope life perks up soon.

    The baskets are lovely and will be really appreciated I am sure.

    Enjoy the day.
    Hazel c uk

  4. Hello Hazel,
    That is one very cute lion! Two lovely gifts beautifully presented! So nice to have you back blogging. You were missed!
    See you soon!
    Love Myra xxx

  5. hello hazel.it seems ages since i saw you in blogland. i hope you are okay. yyour baskets are beautiful. love them to bits! hugs rachel x

  6. Hello Hazel,
    Lovely to see you, and with two beautifully presented baskets. You always make them so gorgeous.
    Maureen xxx

  7. Great to see you Hazel and with such lovely baskets too xx

  8. Hello Sis,
    Great to see you back, might get there myself sometime soon.
    I just LOVE those baskets, both are amazing.
    That's one cute Lion
    Patricia x

  9. It's good to have you back Hazel I have been thinking of you and Patricia.
    I love both your basket, you always do a super job!
    I too have to start my Christmas cards. It's just a thought to get started!

    Hugs and happy crafting!

    Erika. x

  10. Great to see a post from you Hazel, sorry you are feeling down, hope you pick up soon.
    Two gorgeous gift baskets, what a lovely way to say thank you.
    Pam x

  11. Hello Hazel
    Wonderful to see you back I have really missed you. These are two really lovely and generous gifts you really have a wonderful way of wrapping a present, these look fantastic!
    Thank you for sharing these with us Hazel.
    With love
    Margaret xxx

  12. Evening Hazel what beautiful gifts they are gorgeous.
    I know what you mean about not been bothered I were not well last week and I just couldnt be bothered to do any crafting at all.
    I have had to make myself do something this week as I needed to make a card for my sister so I hope this gets me back in the mood.

    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  13. Lovely to see you post The baskets are brilliant and such a lovely way to say Thank You

  14. Hi Hazel, nice to see you back, with a lovely basket too. They are such a lovely gift to send. Janice xx

  15. So good to hear from you and enjoy a delightful post this afternoon. I MISS you & Patricia! This is just perfect & cuddly for a new baby, and how fortunate that they will be so close to the grandparents too. Lots of babysitters available (and lots of love & cuddles for Baby too). You are amazing with the way you pretty up essentials that will be needed in such a beautiful way. I hear you about the lack of MoJo...I've been in that same place...for way too long. Hope it improves! Big hugs & TFS

  16. Hi Hazel
    Lovely to see you back.
    Wonderfully thoughtful gifts for Harris's minders.
    The NEC won't be the same without the Scottish Posse.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  17. Hi hazel.
    Nice to see u posting again. I miss u lol
    I love ur little pamper basket and I think ur right the moms to be do forget about themselves. My friends have been like that!
    I know what it's like to feel down and can't be bothered but I know I can get crafting again once my arm gets back to normal after my boob op! I'm sure u will pick back up again!!
    Miss ur sister Patricia too x

  18. Hi Hazel,
    wonderful to see you posting your wonderful creations yet again.
    I love your wonderful baskets you make, as they must bring such joy to those that receive them.
    You are a very talented lady, as I am very hopeless packing anything up in a tidy fashion so it looks good.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  19. Very thoughtful gifts, Hazel, perfect thank you gifts. Take good care! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

    Love and hugs

  20. What a wonderful gift Hazel, glad to see you posting.

    Hugs Diane

  21. What a wonderful gift Hazel, glad to see you posting.

    Hugs Diane

  22. Another two beautiful baskets Hazel, you always do such a great job with them. A perfect baby one and then a lovely pamper, I'm sure they'll be really appreciated.
    Hope you and Patricia are both ok?
    I've missed seeing both your makes. Still I shall probably slow down now in the run up to Christmas as I pick up more hours at work. Bar humbug!

    Hugs Erika. x