Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Good afternoon.   Thank you for calling in to see if I have posted.                                                            I am sorry I haven't been around for a while again.  I haven't been  in the mood to do any thing.   I am hoping that making these 2 baskets will get me back on track to doing things.  These baskets are for the mum and her daughter that home board our dog Harris when ever we go away.  Due to the daughter expecting her first baby and her and her husband are having to live with her mum and dad while the planners do there normal thing of not passing the plans for their new home, which will be attached to mum and dad home , and their boarding licence doesn't allow them to home board with a baby in the house!   This baby will grow up with 5 dogs so how the odd ones staying over will make a difference goodness knows.  They can still groom and dog walk but not home board.  So these are a thank you for all the home boarding they have done over the 8 years that Harris has been  going.

I asked Ellie the daughter, if she was  starting buying things for baby, don't usualky like giving before baby is here, but she has been "gathering"  as she called it. Doesn't want to know what she is having, but happy to buy things. So I decided to make her a baby basket of goodies.

Mum I have given her pampering bits, she does so much and I think she doesn't think of hersef much. 

Nothing much, but enough just to say " Thank You" 

As I have said I am hoping that I might get back into doing things .  I need to get Christmas cards started.  

Thank you again for calling in.