Monday, 14 September 2015


Yes! Big sister Patricia and I are out in Turkey at our favour place ( Dalyan) 

It's very hot! not September temps at all!!!  Up in the mid 30c
So we are glad of this lovely shaded area.

As usual the cleaning ladies do their amazing art with the towels.

So sorry if I haven't been visiting your blogs to leave a comment.   The wifi isnt That  good here this year, I think so many are using it. 
Anyway I just wanted you to know why I haven't been around, I should be back to commenting normally next week. 
Oh I have just noticed I have a new follower but, due to the weak signal I can see whom. Welcome anyway it's lovely of you to join my little blog.

Thank you to everyone who left comments on my "oldies Friday " that gift bag die is by X Cut its brilliant, I was lucky and was given it as a gift, I have used it so many times.

Hazel xxx


  1. Looks like you lucky ladies are having a lovely time I wish I were with you.
    The weather here is cold dark and wet so make the most of that lovely heat as you will will freeze when you get back home.
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  2. Hi hazel.
    Looks smashing. Would u mind sending some sun back home please.
    It's freezing here in killie today x

  3. Hi Hazel,
    so glad you are having a wonderful holiday.
    It looks gorgeous, and I'm not a Sun worshiper.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Looks beautiful Hazel, please send some sunshine here, cold and raining..
    Hugs Pam x

  5. Hi Hazel
    We've had a mini tornado and rain today so if you could possibly send a little sun and heat this way, it will be appreciated lol!
    Have a super time both.
    Ang x

  6. Oh wow I hope you two are having a ball, it looks like it from the photographs. Well green with envy!

    Hugs Erika. x

  7. Looks fabulous, hope you are both having a wonderful time and recharing your batteries, Kate x

  8. Hi Hazel, oh it looks wonderful ! We had a great time in the big apple but sooo hot as well and no pool to cool down in so maybe it will be Turkey next time....
    Have a fabulous time and try to bring some sun shine back if you can
    Many hugs to you and Patricia, Maria xx

  9. Looks like a heavenly place to vacation, with loads of warm sun, pretty scenery, and a cooling pool. What a lovely way for the staff to leave your bedlinens...So glad ya'll had a good time. TFS