Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Good morning, and thank you for all your lovely comments on my "Beer Cake" 
Which was loved, Kev as I said is a big child at heart.  So he loved it.

Yesterday I had to make up a Raffle prize.  It's for a fund raiser for " Motovate" which does great work with children who have different level of  motor skills.  Like everything there isn't the funding available, Tammy younger daughter has given a voucher entitling the winner to getting 40 items of ironing done, with a pick up and drop off service included.  So of course mum had to make the voucher holder.

My basket shows that you can make three nice products a bit more special a gift.  My basket is from Home Bargains and are a good buy at now only £1.99, a hand towel, flannel, cellophane wrap and ribbon.

I have been playing with some new very narrow border embossing folders that I bought, from running them through the GC  I decided to see what they would look like just to make very simple cards.

Ok I will need to add little sentiments, but for flat posting I think they don't look to bad.  
They are small 4x6 ins cards, the folders are by " Darice" 

That's all for today, thank you for looking in and seeing what I have been doing, at the moment not a lot, I am still adjusting to not looking after Beth and Anna.   I must admit I am enjoying not clock watching, and dropping them and picking from school.

Take care what ever you are doing.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 18 September 2015


One finished "Beer Cake"   It's finally  done and dusted, there was a change in when it was required so I left finishing it until I got back off holiday.   I ended up using Playmobil and Lego toys, Kevin is a big kid at heart and these things will appeal to him.   Now I just hope it meets the criteria of the order. 

16ins square cake board,  road is black sand paper, gravel and brick papers  are from a model shop, box holds six small beers,  and as I said motor bikes are from " playmobil" bricks  tyres and fence.  " "lego " ribbon round the edge is from stash and it came from " IKEA" 

Well holiday over for another year, and after 8 days of lovely sun shine it's back to British weather and warm clothes.   I don't sun worship and sit in the shade and have factor 50 on all the time, yet I have a bit of colour , not tanned just a slight colouring.   We were lucky as the owner has his villa in the grounds near the quiet pool so we were able to lie all the time in the shade of  the villa.   Oh these silly people who bake themselves.   I was so glad just to have some heat to my bones. 

Went and picked Beth up from school tonight as requested by her before I went away on holiday, big smiles and a lovely load of hugs.   Been requested to pick her up next week, mum is away next week and Beth asked if I could pick her up as its bad enough me not being there but worse as mum will be away too, so of course I said yes.  Anna was being reserved with her hugs tonight as she has a friend staying, so that was understandable.  

That's it for just now, I have a few things to do so hopefully I will be able to do a few posts.  
Thank you for calling in.

Hazel xxx 

Monday, 14 September 2015


Yes! Big sister Patricia and I are out in Turkey at our favour place ( Dalyan) 

It's very hot! not September temps at all!!!  Up in the mid 30c
So we are glad of this lovely shaded area.

As usual the cleaning ladies do their amazing art with the towels.

So sorry if I haven't been visiting your blogs to leave a comment.   The wifi isnt That  good here this year, I think so many are using it. 
Anyway I just wanted you to know why I haven't been around, I should be back to commenting normally next week. 
Oh I have just noticed I have a new follower but, due to the weak signal I can see whom. Welcome anyway it's lovely of you to join my little blog.

Thank you to everyone who left comments on my "oldies Friday " that gift bag die is by X Cut its brilliant, I was lucky and was given it as a gift, I have used it so many times.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Good morning, thank you for popping in to see what I have posted today.   It's "Oldie Friday" once again.  Where has the week gone to?

Today I am showing some gift bags I made last June, I think these were for teachers gifts.

I just love using my XCut die, it quick and easy to put together, and you can decorate them or just leave them plain.   If i mind right these contained mini products.  They hold a few.

Thank you for all the lovely comments that were left on my engagement card, I was going to show the second one I made, but remembered it was Friday, so I will keep that card for another post.

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Good evening..  I found who my 60th followers is its Hazel C UK.  She doesn't have a blog, but that doesn't matter as everyone is welcome on here.  Thank you Hazel for clearing that up.

Beth again says " Thank You " for all the comments on her card she made for her cousin.  They left tonight to stay in the hotel for the night as they have a very early flight to France,  in the morning. It will be a long day for them as their flight gets in 4 hours before their train leaves, then they have a bit of a drive.

I had an order for some engagement cards today, so I thought I would show the first one.  I was asked to make them simple, so this is what I did for this one.

5x7 card made with Pearlised card and Navy PMD card.
Marianne  foliage die.

                                       Insert verse is off a small plaque I found in Homebase.

Hopefully I have made it simple enough.

I have to get the others made before the weekend, I am trying to get housework,up to date along with the ironing so that by Monday I can go away with Patricia knowing everything is done.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Good evening,  I have just noticed I am up to 60 followers, can't work out whom the  latest one is, but who ever you are, you are very welcome.  Beth said to thank everyone of you for your kind comments.   She was so made up this afternoon when reading them.  We managed to unwrap the cousin card so here it is.

Sorry not the best of photos as I had to use my phone and the card was still in the box, I should have taken it out.

It all wrapped up in tulle and tied with organza ribbon.
The photo of the box all tied up didn't photo well at all so we will just miss that out. 

Now we just have to hope and pray that they remember to take it with them. 
Girls still not happy about there dresses, and to be honest I can see why!!! 

Well over at Perth looking after grand sons why mum and dad are away at a concert. So it's home work now and then showers and bed.  

That's all for now.  Didn't have a good day as our Toyota is back in the garage, we are having so much problems with the filters that are now in Diesel cars.  Today all the lights to do with the 4 wheel drive and anti-skid lights came on along with the engine block one. 
It's all to do with them taking things out to sort the filter problem.  Goodness knows what will go wrong next.   The funny thing is that the mechanic (who looked like he was just out of school )asked me if I did much driving in it, well you can imagine what I told him. Seeing how some weeks I did over 250miles.  Do we have to travel hundreds of miles every day now???  Why sell cars that have to do that.  Our Toyota is an urban cruiser, which I pointed out to him means it's designed for town driving too. 

Hazel xxx