Saturday, 29 August 2015


Good morning.   It's a lovely one at the moment. So here's hoping it lasts.
I would like to welcome Barb, to my blog.  Also thank you to everyone for your lovely comments on my Wedding Card.  I do like white on white, hopefully the happy couple liked it too.
Today I am showing you the card Beth made all by herself from the bits of card and things that  I have given to her.  Some things have come from my sister Patricia also.  I didn't know that Beth was going to make this card until I got a little call for help from her, she was in a panic incase she hadn't put it together well enough to give to Gillian and Andrew.

Here is what she made:-

Card made from pieces of card, a topper and sentiment all for things that weren't wanted by Patricia and I.    That Beth has in her box.

Only mistake was she didn't put in an insert, the one thing I have always told her to do, but apart from that I think she did very well.    She made another beautiful wedding card on Friday when her and I had some one to one time together.   Mum had asked if I could pick Beth up and spend some time with her, as she is missing me.  They have had a bit of a hard time with Beth - tears and paddy throwing.  BETHS way of dealing with hurt and upset.  I didn't mind one bit going and getting her, I had said to mum that I would do that for a few weeks, but oh no she just said Beth would be fine.  I am picking her up from school on Tuesday, they are away to a wedding in France and I am off on my weeks holiday with Patricia. So it will be about three weeks before we see one another.  Anna was happy to see me too.  I also think mum as realised that she should have listened and let me do the once a week pick up.   We forgot to photograph the one we made on Friday,  but she has text me saying can we undo the ribbon on the box and take photos on Tuesday when I am there, I have let her know we will do that,  two new length of ribbon is no problem, we wrapped the card in tulle and tied it with ribbon
so we will just replace it also.

That's all for today, I hope you all have a good day what ever you are doing.  Me I have to complete my beer cake ready to hand over before I go away.

Hazel xxx


  1. Good morning Sis,
    A beautiful card, it's amazing what she has made from "bits" we did not want.
    Maybe we should look closer at things we pop in those bags!!!
    Have good day, great to see the sun shining
    Patricia x

  2. Beth's card is gorgeous, a very stylish design!
    Sue xx

  3. Well done to Beth, super card. Janice xxx

  4. She has done a wonderful job, xxxx

  5. Hi hazel.
    That's so pretty. I bet she was so chuffed with it. Xx

  6. Hi Hazel Beth has done a great job there, I'll let you into a secret I very rarely do inserts either.
    Looking forwards to seeing the other card too.

    I wish I had my parents nearer to pick up the kids now and again, especially on the occasions when hubby has been away for a while.
    It would be great to have that extra support.

    Hope you are having a super weekend?
    Hugs and happy crafting, Erika. x

  7. It's a lovely card and I'm sure it was loved by the newly weds, hugs Kate x

  8. Beautiful card from Beth, I'm sure she will be pleased to see it featured on your blog.


  9. Beth's card is a real winner and all from things you and Patricia gave her hopefully she'll settle down soon I suppose you (we) knew she wouldn't like it I think children love routine and it must have been a huge wrench for her too
    Your card is classic and stylish

  10. Beautiful card from Beth Hazel, it takes me as long to find and print a sentiment/verse as making the card..
    Hugs Pam x

  11. Hello Hazel,
    Beth has made a lovely card and she must feel so proud. I'm looking forward to seeing the other one.
    Love Maureen xxx

  12. Loving Beth's card Hazel!I'm so sorry to have been 'missing' lately,I've decided to write one post today and then I am taking a month off from blogging, I need to recharge my batteries, so apologies in advance for not commenting much for the next month, I will be back, hugs Carole Z X

  13. Hazel, you tell Beth that she has done a fabulous job
    and she is better then me in making cards already.
    Well done Beth!
    hugs Maria xxx

  14. Hello Hazel, what a beautiful card Beth has made, please tell her very well done, it looks very professional and I am sure Gillian and Andrew will treasure it.
    Hugs Saba xxx

  15. Hi Hazel
    You have taught her well for Beth to create such a lovely card.
    She is is good company as I rarely put an insert in my cards (slap my wrist lol!)
    Its lovely that she misses you so much,
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  16. Hi Hazel. Please tell Beth that I think her card is beautiful and that I am looking forward to seeing the other one.
    It was obvious that the girls will need to see you, why are some parents so thoughtless about their childrens feelings? Take care x

  17. Hi Hazel wow BETH'S card is brilliant well done,she is going to be a wonderful card making star.hope she keeps it up.
    Hug's Lynda xx