Sunday, 16 August 2015


Good morning, and thank you for calling in to see what I have been making?  Nothing exciting, just some more little cards.  Not for Gillian & Andrew this time.  These are a gift for Tammys god parents who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this coming Saturday.   They don't want gifts, but I feel this very simple gift will be useful.   So 30 cards later they are all boxed up and ready for us to take with us on Saturday. Tammy and I are use going to fly down on Saturday back Sunday.

 These. 10  I have left plain, they can be used as thank you cards or for any occasion.  With a hand written message inside.
 10 with " just to say" sentiment banners ( flat for posting).  Again can be used for any occasion.

10 bright cheery ones with " just to say" using LOTV stamp and a big thank you stamped inside. 

As I said nothing exciting but useful, and I don't feel I have gone empty handed.

I have got to get on with the next part of my beer cake over the next few days, it hopefully will start to take shape, I have a picture of what I want it to look like in my head, so here's hopeing it works 

Don't know if I will be back to work this week or not, I might find out today.  I am not ment to be but I have heard that so many times as of late.  Girls are expecting me to be there.  I will always be around if needed, I just hope it's not on a daily bases. 

Thank you once again for your comments, some of you thought it had been my birthday - NO!  They were cards from friends who were saying thank you and just a general card, which I think is lovely to receive.  Some times that unexpected card through the post is just lovely to get. 

Have a good day

Hazel xxx


  1. Hi Hazel, they were such lovely cards that I thought it wad your birthday. What great friends you have that are kind enough to send a thank you card. Janice xxx

  2. Lovely cards Hazel, just right for 'no presents' people.
    My friend invited us to her 50th birthday with the invitation saying 'No presents required just your presence'
    Love 7 hugs Cheryl xxx

  3. They look great and so useful too, xxx

  4. I agree Hazel, even if your hosts say no gifts it doesn't seem right to arrive empty handed. I think you are spot on with these great cards! Hugs Christine xx

  5. Fabulous makes Hazel....such a thoughtful 'no gift', great idea.
    hugs Jo x

  6. Brilliant makes Hazel, perfect for a "no gifts" event.
    Good that they not just "thank you" cards. Cards for any occasion.
    Patricia x

  7. Gorgeous cards & what a lovely idea. You've guven me an idea- I might do sets of cards especially Christmas ones to sell at work. I could make them fairly plain/flat to keep the costs down. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!


  8. What a lovely idea Hazel for a gift. And the are all wonderfully designed.
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  9. Lovely cards Hazel and such a good idea.

  10. how nice that you got unexpected cards.... but no wonder when you give such lovely gifts xx

  11. Hazel they are all gorgeous! A brilliant gift ! An idea I may well borrow! Xxx

  12. Such a wonderful gift, Hazel, and very useful.

    Love and hugs

  13. These are lovely Hazel and such a thoughtful and useful gift too xx

  14. Hello Hazel,
    These are beautiful and such a good idea. One which I shall be borrowing!!

  15. Such a gorgeous set of cards Hazel, the designs are beautiful. A really thoughtful gift for you to make.
    Sue xx

  16. These are beautiful card designs Hazel, perfect gift so very useful.
    Hugs Pam x

  17. Hazel all your cards are gorgeous such brilliant idea for a gift.
    Hazel your So thoughtful
    Hug's Lynda xx

  18. What a lovely gift I love the embossing folders you have used too Lovely idea to do a variety

  19. Hi Hazel
    A thoughtful and useful gift that I'm sure will be appreciated.
    Have a safe trip and enjoy the party.
    Ang x

  20. Hi Hazel.
    Love all the cards and you have used some lovely EF's on them.
    Great gift for 'no present people'. You are a very kind person
    hugs Maria xx

  21. Hi Hazel, what a lovely idea. I love all the embossed cards and as you said, perfect for any occasion.
    I'm with you even if folk don't want a gift it is always nice to take something, and what better than a very useful batch of handmade cards?

    Hugs Erika. x

  22. Hi Hazel, these are just so lovely, and what a lovely idea for your friends. I'm a bit old fashioned as I like you like to give something, hugs Kate x

  23. Hi Hazel

    What a lovely thought .. .. and I love all the embossed ones very much!

    You have some beautiful embossing folders that's for sure.

    Many thanks for your lovely comments, especially the one regarding my "sad" card. I know exactly what you are saying and I am hoping the verse I put inside will have been comforting and up-lifting for the special people it was sent to.

    Enjoy the special celebration at the weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  24. Hi hazel
    Lovely wee cards. Can't go wrong with those like u said always handy to have xx

  25. Well I would certainly be excited to have a gift of this big box of simply lovely cards! Each set is just the simple embossed white ones. Each motif will be so useful, and I'm certain the recipients just loved them as much as I do. You're very thoughtful, as well as very talented with your card designs! TFS

  26. What a lovely idea. We have been invited to a 50th Anniversary and they said "no present". I might do this. It's a lovely idea. Barbxx

  27. This is really a wonderful post.