Friday, 14 August 2015


Not my Birthdsy just cards from friends.   These ladies don't have blogs, yet they produce the most stunning cards.

 My gorgeous card from Maureen, and in the beautiful box below, the card was wrapped in tissue
                                                               and tried with blue ribbon and a wonder dazzle

 This stunning card was a thank you one from Shelia  ( Ginger) who again comments on other blogs.
Another  card from  Jess Watson, Jess doesn't have a blog but comments.

Now this wonderful angel is from Maureen, she is so cute, I know Maureen's husband couldn't understand why she was making these, but isn't that men they can't understand anything we crafters do through out the year?  If we left everything to the last minute we wouldn't get anything finished.
Me I just love her and she is sharing a hook with my Christmas heart at the moment, I couldn't leave her in her box that would be unkind, plus others won't see her. 

I feel blessed to have such good friends, some I have meet others I haven't but still feel I have I know them so well. 

The start of my project

A few more bits added - long way to go yet. 

Thank you again for coming in to have a look.   I am looking after grandsons over at theirs while mum works ( she had forgotten to book them in to out of school club) so granny to the rescue. 

                            Sorry for the photo heavy post.
                              Hazel xxx


  1. Gorgeous cards Hazel. Oops, Happy Belated Birthday from me. Senior moment. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. the cards look wonderful Hazel - sorry if I missed your birthday - hope you had fun! The beer cake looks like its starting to fall into place - don't forget the beer lol!!! Hugs rachel x

  3. Oh Hazel the cards a gorgeous from MAUREEN,SHEILA & JESS &
    MAUREEN'S Angel is so lovely haw sweet of her.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  4. Hello Hazel, you deserve to get cards from your friends. You and Patricia are "lush". Is your project the start of the F1 Motor Bike Cake??? If it's not - I'm stumped. xxx

  5. Didn't know it was your birthday, but happy birthday to you. Hope you had a good day. Janice xxx

  6. Good evening Sis, love all your beautiful cards. We have both been very lucky lately! I really should show all mine as well. I have my stunning cards, from Sheila, Maureen and of course my beautiful Angel plus a few other cards. Might just do that over the weekend.
    Patricia x

  7. Beautiful birthday cards to receive Hazel, stunning work from your blog friends.
    your project looks interesting!!!
    Hugs Pam x

  8. Hi Hazel, oh all the cards and box are just wonderful and the Angel from our Angel is very cute , we have some great crafter's in and around the cafe'. Hope you enjoyed your day with the boy's.
    love and hugs Maria xxx

    1. oops sorry your biker cake will be amazing ! xx

  9. Looking forwards to seeing your biker cake.
    You've got some lovely cards there too.
    The angel is very cute too.
    Enjoy your weekend, hugs Erika. x

  10. Aren't they gorgeous They are very talented ladies I can't quite picture the biker beer cake yet....

  11. Beautiful cards, Gorgeous box and awesome angel! What a lovely array! Interesting start to the "project" . Love Myra xxx

  12. Hi Hazel
    How lovely to get "just because" cards from your friends.
    The cake looks like its coming along nicely.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  13. Hello Hazel, beautiful cards to receive, and just because. I too love when a card drops through the letter box.
    It's amazing how many very talented people create but don't have a blog, thank you for sharing these, hugs Kate x

  14. Hi hazel.
    All the cards are georgeous. I especially loved the one from Sheila ginger.
    Would u ask her from me which dies those are? I'd love to get them!! thank you xx

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