Monday, 31 August 2015


Firstly thank you for all your comment on Beths card, she will be so made up with them when I show her tomorrow.
Tonight I am just going to show you photographs of Patricia and I meeting with Jess Watson and Norah McPhee, they don't have blogs but both comment on Sue Wilsons and I think a few others including Patricia and mine.  We have met once before which was as long as today's - over 4 hours, again we all said we should have brought cushions with us. We met at Stirling Mills store resturant.  Oh the staff and customers must have wondered what was going on with all the laughing and chattering that's was going on.

Jess, Patricia, Norah and myself

Patricia with Norah, in the foreground next to the cup is the box Patricia had made and filled with goodies 

Now this is the stunning card made by Norah, whom we had to tell off as she kept saying she wasn't as good as the rest of us.  Believe you me its is far better than I can make. It was so beautifully made. 
She has written a beautiful message inside, but Norah's writing is so small that it wouldn't show up if I photographed it. 

I was going to wait to show these photographs but I just wanted to let it be seen that, if you get asked to meet up with another crafter that you chat to on there or yours blogs, go for it as I have to say Patricia and I have met up and made so many lovely friends by just saying " yes let's do it" 

Well that's it for just now, I have made a few cards over the last few days but until they are sent and received I can't show them.  

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 29 August 2015


Good morning.   It's a lovely one at the moment. So here's hoping it lasts.
I would like to welcome Barb, to my blog.  Also thank you to everyone for your lovely comments on my Wedding Card.  I do like white on white, hopefully the happy couple liked it too.
Today I am showing you the card Beth made all by herself from the bits of card and things that  I have given to her.  Some things have come from my sister Patricia also.  I didn't know that Beth was going to make this card until I got a little call for help from her, she was in a panic incase she hadn't put it together well enough to give to Gillian and Andrew.

Here is what she made:-

Card made from pieces of card, a topper and sentiment all for things that weren't wanted by Patricia and I.    That Beth has in her box.

Only mistake was she didn't put in an insert, the one thing I have always told her to do, but apart from that I think she did very well.    She made another beautiful wedding card on Friday when her and I had some one to one time together.   Mum had asked if I could pick Beth up and spend some time with her, as she is missing me.  They have had a bit of a hard time with Beth - tears and paddy throwing.  BETHS way of dealing with hurt and upset.  I didn't mind one bit going and getting her, I had said to mum that I would do that for a few weeks, but oh no she just said Beth would be fine.  I am picking her up from school on Tuesday, they are away to a wedding in France and I am off on my weeks holiday with Patricia. So it will be about three weeks before we see one another.  Anna was happy to see me too.  I also think mum as realised that she should have listened and let me do the once a week pick up.   We forgot to photograph the one we made on Friday,  but she has text me saying can we undo the ribbon on the box and take photos on Tuesday when I am there, I have let her know we will do that,  two new length of ribbon is no problem, we wrapped the card in tulle and tied it with ribbon
so we will just replace it also.

That's all for today, I hope you all have a good day what ever you are doing.  Me I have to complete my beer cake ready to hand over before I go away.

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Good morning, sorry I haven't posted again for days, but I just don't know where the days are going. I thought being retired ( yes I have finally done it ). I would have more time, NO!!!  The days are rushing by.

I was asked yesterday  to make a Wedding Card for Friday.   No hurry!!!   Any way i was asked to make it plain, not fussy so this is what I made.

kept it simple.  A 7x7 prefold card, the poppy embossing folder was one that my daughter Gillian bought for me and it didn't have a name on it, the congratulations stamp is from a " forever friends" set of wedding stamps.   Ribbon from my stash.  I did stamp " On Your Wedding Day" on the inside, forgot to photograph it. I have got out of the habit of photographing every stage.

Thank you for all your kind comments on my gift of Thank You cards, Tammys godparents loved them and we're grateful for them as they had rather a lot of folk to thank.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 16 August 2015


Good morning, and thank you for calling in to see what I have been making?  Nothing exciting, just some more little cards.  Not for Gillian & Andrew this time.  These are a gift for Tammys god parents who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this coming Saturday.   They don't want gifts, but I feel this very simple gift will be useful.   So 30 cards later they are all boxed up and ready for us to take with us on Saturday. Tammy and I are use going to fly down on Saturday back Sunday.

 These. 10  I have left plain, they can be used as thank you cards or for any occasion.  With a hand written message inside.
 10 with " just to say" sentiment banners ( flat for posting).  Again can be used for any occasion.

10 bright cheery ones with " just to say" using LOTV stamp and a big thank you stamped inside. 

As I said nothing exciting but useful, and I don't feel I have gone empty handed.

I have got to get on with the next part of my beer cake over the next few days, it hopefully will start to take shape, I have a picture of what I want it to look like in my head, so here's hopeing it works 

Don't know if I will be back to work this week or not, I might find out today.  I am not ment to be but I have heard that so many times as of late.  Girls are expecting me to be there.  I will always be around if needed, I just hope it's not on a daily bases. 

Thank you once again for your comments, some of you thought it had been my birthday - NO!  They were cards from friends who were saying thank you and just a general card, which I think is lovely to receive.  Some times that unexpected card through the post is just lovely to get. 

Have a good day

Hazel xxx

Friday, 14 August 2015


Not my Birthdsy just cards from friends.   These ladies don't have blogs, yet they produce the most stunning cards.

 My gorgeous card from Maureen, and in the beautiful box below, the card was wrapped in tissue
                                                               and tried with blue ribbon and a wonder dazzle

 This stunning card was a thank you one from Shelia  ( Ginger) who again comments on other blogs.
Another  card from  Jess Watson, Jess doesn't have a blog but comments.

Now this wonderful angel is from Maureen, she is so cute, I know Maureen's husband couldn't understand why she was making these, but isn't that men they can't understand anything we crafters do through out the year?  If we left everything to the last minute we wouldn't get anything finished.
Me I just love her and she is sharing a hook with my Christmas heart at the moment, I couldn't leave her in her box that would be unkind, plus others won't see her. 

I feel blessed to have such good friends, some I have meet others I haven't but still feel I have I know them so well. 

The start of my project

A few more bits added - long way to go yet. 

Thank you again for coming in to have a look.   I am looking after grandsons over at theirs while mum works ( she had forgotten to book them in to out of school club) so granny to the rescue. 

                            Sorry for the photo heavy post.
                              Hazel xxx

Thursday, 13 August 2015


No card again but just sharing a couple of photos of our meet up with another blog friend Maureen Killen.   Maureen doesn't have a blog of her own, but I know she comments on a good few of your blogs.   Patricia and I have known Maureen for less than a year, and were to meet up with her a few weeks earlier, but sadly as she was getting ready to leave to get her train she got the most dreaded news we don't won't to hear and that was that her brother had a heart attack, and unfortunately he did not survive.   Yesterday I am sure brought back that terrible Morning.   Patricia and I meet her off her train and it was like just meeting a friend we had known for a very long time, (we have found that with all you lovely ladies we have meet up with in person. ).
We went across to Jenners and sat there chatting and having lunch etc, not all craft talk at all just about everything.  Then we went across Priness street to where there were lovely craft stalls had a good look around and picked up some tips and sucessions for things to make.  As all crafters do at these things.

"Please not " its tips and suggestions not sucessions as printed, can't get my iPad to go back to change it

Checking out the wears

Deep in conversation 

Having fun

You can see Edinburgh was so busy, we did feel it was more like London with the volume of people.

I will share the beautiful gift and card I received from Maureen tomorrow with two more beautiful cards I have received from blog friends in the last few days.  
A great day was had by us all.  

Thank you again for all your lovely comments on my nappy cake they are all appreciated. 
I have since discovered from telling you all I was to do a beer cake for a F1 fan. That it is motor. Bike racing he likes, so a bit of a change of plans, thankfully I had asked the person that order it which driver ther guy liked. To be told a name I did not recognise, no wonder, wrong F1, all sorted bike on order and on its way so I can get on with it. 


Sunday, 9 August 2015


Good afternoon folks, thank you for calling in to see what I have been doing?  Nothing exciting I may add, just starting to catch up with orders that I have for a few things in the next few weeks.  Thankfully none were needed before now.  First on my list is a Nappy Cake, haven't made one for a while, had to stop and think each stage and remember to make sure I had done it properly.

Was asked to put these items in, which I didntnmind as I love to see babies dressed properly and not in sleep suits all the time, I only hope September will be a good month weather wise.

 I used one of my basket rather than a box, the only down side you need to put 20 nappys round, and I hadn't enough so had to go get more.

Also requested was this toy as, the other nieces have had cakes and this was the toy on theirs, I think a little bit if  jealousy omight have been felt if it was different. 

All finished and ready to be delivered, I would rather wait till baby is here but not my place to say.
I think there is maybe a baby shower being held.  

Next order is a beer cake for a 40th birthday, the guy is into formula one and that's what the theme 
has to be, so thinking cap needs to be on.  A few light bulb moments I think in the middle of the night with this one? 

Thank you for all your comments on STAN, I have to go a see to him tomorrow, Gillian  brought him home last night, his mum was getting to attached to him, so mums owner felt it was easier if STAN went now, he has settled in, and the other two are ok with him to a point, so Gillian  has asked if I could just go make sure he is ok, and give him some time and cuddles, now that will be hard! Not!!! 
Anna and Beth would have loved to been here to see him, but they are on holiday.  

Well that's all. 


Friday, 7 August 2015


Today I am showing you one of the wedding gifts Andrew gave Gillian.  She got a give each day for 5 days, but STAN was her main one.

Isn't he cute??? 
I think she loves him more than the diamond earrings that she also got!!!  

He is only 6 weeks old so is still with his mummy,  I just hope the other 2 except him.  

This is the wedding card I made for Roberta  ( SIL) to give to Andrew & Gillian,  she choose all the bits, I did try and get her to put it together, but she said she just doesn't have the patience to fiddle with things,  I was so hoping she would enjoy doing it, as she doesn't have a hobby. 

She choose the LOTV image out of my new art pads that had just arrived, then Anna Marie card asking me if I could do a circle card, I used a paper doily as she wanted lace on it too, but she loved what I suggested.  I made a little stand on the back to help it stand. 

Thank you for all your lovely comments, I will try and post more often, life is getting back to normal again, I still have to put my craft room back together again, I do wish I could leave the bedroom as a bedroom, but needs must and I need to get everything back in as I have a nappy cake and two beer cakes to get done. 


Sunday, 2 August 2015


Just a very simple card for a little girl friend of grandson Andrew, he asked if I could make a card for him to give " his bestest friend" his words and please could it have lots of pink!  So this is what I csme up with.  Papers, well it's more card is from a first edition pad, LOTV image and the happy birthday is an XCut die.    He loved it.
I have a couple of more photos sorry!!.,  some of you have asked to see what I was wearing, but we haven't been able to get the photos from thurdays so I got a couple taken with my phine last night I had on the same dress.

Big sister Patricia and I. Oh I hate how the steroids have given me that moon face that they do, but I can't do anything about it.

I just thought I would share this one of at the back are my SILs from Canada, Patricia and my lovely friend Ann whom I have known for thirty years. 

And this one I think there is a lot of movement in this photo of them all dancing this is how the dance floor was all night, we had a fabulous time 

There will be a few sore heads and feet this morning, but I have to say no one was drunk, drunk. Gillian and Andrews friend sure know how to party.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my card and the photos.

Sorry I have noticed a couple of spelling mistakes but my I pad isn't letting me scroll down. 

Hazel xxx