Monday, 6 July 2015


Good afternoon, as the title says " it's a quick card".  I forgot it was my future son- in laws birthday today, naughty me.   Been very busy sorting out our spare room / my craft room, oh what a guddle and its seems to be getting in an even bigger one?

My card is a 7x7 one.
Papers are from my " works" 12x12 vintage pad.
LOTV image
Hand written sentiment
Tools from stash ( found when moving things)

Very simple and as I said very quick, feel really bad that I nearly forgot.


This post will be the last for a wee while, I am for one going to be very busy with visitors, looking after the girls a couple of times in the holidays and Gillian's & Andrews wedding.  Also after Patricia's blog being targeted, I feel I wont now be unable to say what I want without it causing hurt to Patricia and friends.   It's a sad day that you can not  write down how you feel and put things into perspective about things, that some people can cause hurt to others by it.

I thank each and everyone of you who have been their for me over the last couple of years, the support you gave me when life dealt me with cancer.  I WILL BE BACK,!!after the September when things get back to normal hopefully.  I wont like big sister has said let these folk WIN that's for sure.    Someone commented on Patricia's blog saying its " Harassment" or as I will say" Cyber Bullying". It is a crime, but unfortunately it goes on, I never thought it would happen here, but I have been told by my neighbour who is a detective that it's very common, but being dealt with too.

I will still be commenting as much as I can, card making and gift baskets are taking a back seat, stock has all been put away to make the room more liveable for our visitor,   She will still share the room with lots of craft stuff, it will be all neat and tidy, poor stuff won't no what to do it's never tidy!!.,

Take care.

Hazel xxx


  1. Hi Hazel

    Oh, my. First Patricia, now you too chuck.
    This person is spitefulness personified and I'm a great believer in Karma.
    Perhaps a visit from the Police might stop the culprit from doing this to anyone else.
    Wishing you and the family happy days with the wedding and holding you to your promise to return soon.
    Yours, sadly.
    Ang x

    1. Thank you Ang, I will be back. My craft room is being packed away to make room for our Canadian visitor, so I wont be able to do much and I had planned a break, this just brought it forward. Hazel x

    2. So sorry Hazel
      Completely forgot to say how terrific your card was, I was so cross about the situation that you and Patricia find yourselves in.
      Its a fab card for the guys and you'd better not forget Andrew's birthday next year or the Mother in Law jokes will be terrible lol!
      Take care both.
      Still sad.
      Ang x

  2. Firstly a lovely card Hazel and I always think how blessed we are to be able to create a masterpiece when required!! I had a feeling you would join your Sister and can only say that I will miss you and hope that you won't stay away too long. Until then stay out of mischief!! xx

    1. Sarah, thank you. Yes I was taking a break in the next week, but this just brought it forward. My sister is my best friend and it's time like this you need your friends too. We will not let them WIN. Life is to short to let's them get under your skin, that's for sure. I treasure every day as I gift. Hazel x

  3. Your card is fabulous Hazel, I love the image.
    I was so shocked to read on Patricia's blog about her blog being targeted. It makes me so sad and angry that such lovely people can be hurt by someone in such a way.
    It sounds like you have a busy time ahead. I wish you all the best with the Wedding and hope to see you posting again when things settle down.
    Take care, Sue xx

  4. a wonderful card Hazel - and I'm so sad that we'll be losing you in blogland for a while too but I think its lovely that you're supporting your sister. Big hugs to you and all the best with the wedding and your visitors xx

  5. Rachel , thank you. I will be back, they haven't won I just will not them hurt my friends or my sister. I will be so busy I won't have time to do any craft. I have turned down so many orders lately, as I hate to let people down. xxx

  6. Hazel, I am so very sorry that you will be leaving your blog for a while. I was shocked when I read on Patricia's blog what has happened. I think you are doing the right thing but blog land has lost two wonderful blogs and all because there is some spiteful evil person out there who delights in hurting others. I hope they feel proud of themselves for causing such upset and I hope it comes back to them threefold.
    Your card for Andrew is lovely, enjoy your visitors, all the best for the wedding, looking forward to seeing you back here in the future.
    Love and hugs Saba xxx

  7. Brilliant card & you certainly wouldn't know it was "last minute ". Have left a message on Patricias blog-I'm so upset for you both & hope the vile, evil person behind the cyber bullying gets what they deserve. Have a great break & have fun with your visitors .


  8. Hi Hazel

    I know I haven't been on your blog for a while, but was totally shocked to read what was going on, and really sad that you won't be on the blog for sometime. It really saddens me when these reprobates get away with hurting genuine people like you & Patricia. I hope you don't stay away too long.

    Big Hugs Hazel
    Tina XX

  9. Sorry to hear this Hazel. Hope it won't stop us chatting. Love today's card. I have that pad of paper from the Works. Haven't used it yet. Shame they haven't got anymore of those pads.

  10. Evening Hazel what a beautiful card and I will really miss you as you and Patricia have been very supportive when I first started blogging you were me first follower. I can remember it now it were a sunday Afternoon and I were over the moon that I had a follower. And you have been there ever since. I must have missed all this with Patricia blog. You have my email address if you want to chat.

    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  11. Hazel, really sorry to read about Patricia and yourself not blogging for a while, will miss visiting you both and your creations and chats.. You both take care.
    Fabulous card, love this image.
    Hugs Pam x

  12. I cannot get over how nasty some people can be I won't to Patricia's blog and said how upset and angry I am I will miss visiting you Yours and Patricia's are one if the firsts I visited apart from SW and JL! You both take care By the way today's card is lovely and I hope wedding goes well too Have a fantastic day and try and forget all this nastiness xxxxx

  13. Sorry that something nasty is going on Hazel. I know you are going to bu busy for a while, so put the blog out of your minds for a while. Your real friends and followers will all understand and be there for you at a future date.
    Meantime, relax and look forward to the wedding.
    A big cuddle for you

  14. Hi Hazel
    Just had to find your blog to offer you my support and what a lovely blog I have been missing. It is so sad Patricia has been targeted and understand your need to support her but also your special reasons for having a break, the build up to the wedding will be a very busy time. Sending you lots of love and a big hug my dear blog friend.
    Love Diane xxxx

  15. Hi Hazel,
    What a sad day that two lovely ladies have to step aside, even for a while, because of some nasty bully! Hazel I never thought I'd be part of a blog and I started with only SW but I've made so many lovely friends and you are one of them. We'll still keep in touch but I'm sorry this has happened. I just can't understand how anyone gets any pleasure or satisfaction out of upsetting others.
    You are going to have a really busy few weeks. Glad you got the spare room sorted out!
    Take care, my dear,
    Lots of love, Myra xxx

  16. Hazel, I used to have a guest room which I crafted in but unfortunately there was no room for a double bed after a while, I then got a sofa bed, then there was no room for that. You can see where I'm going can't you?
    Now I struggle to get in it and craft!
    I love your man card, I am also terrible at remembering family birthdays, you'd think we'd be better when we make cards too?
    I love the LOTV image and the plaid background.
    It is such a shame to hear about Patricia's problems with her blog. Mine got hacked a while back and I got tonnes of anonymous comments, I don't even read them,! (Some people have too much time on their hands!)
    Take care and enjoy the summer I look forwards to hearing what you've been up to in the Autumn. Don't forget to keep taking the pics.

    Hugs Erika. x

  17. Hi Hazel your card is great love the colours & your topper is lovely a wonderful man card.
    I'm so sorry for Patricia & now you Hazel you wouldn't think you would get bullied on a craft blog I will miss you both. Hope your visitors are pleased you have sorted your Guddle out for them. You are definitely going to be very busy. Hazel when is the wedding.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  18. Hi Hazel I am just starting to look at both blogs yours and your sisters and thought what beautiful cards you both make and how lovely it is to be so close. You both don't deserve what this person is up to and the hurt it is causing.Wishing you both a great summer and you Hazel a beautiful wedding to enjoy. Hope to see your blog soon again. Take care ,a blog friend ,Jane B.

  19. Hi Hazel,
    oh I am so sorry to read this, and you will missed to.
    I know you have a very busy time coming up from what you have said, but please don't let this person win in their horridness, as they would have triumphed, but I can understand that you and your lovely sister need to take time to get over this.
    Wonderful masculine creation today, and I love your fab designing of this.
    I bet he was so pleased with it.
    By the way congrats on you win on Sue's blog last week.
    Love and big hugs form my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  20. Super little card here Hazel - although not so little ... lol! I'm not surprised you too are going AWOL for a while. We'll look forward to your return! Hope all goes well with the wedding and all your visitors! Big hugs Christine xx

  21. Hello Hazel, I'm just so shocked by this, though I shouldn't be really, but sad that we will be loosing you too, but I know you have loads to do at home.
    Your card is lovely, I adore these images and the tartan paper is just the job,
    Cheerio for now, Big Hugs Kate x

  22. Hazel such a sad day when one horrid and poisonous person can cause so much upset to such wonderful kind people as yourself and Patricia, but as the saying goes what goes around comes around, and I hope it does so in a double dose.
    Your card for Andrew is perfect, like you I love Lili of the Valley images.
    So looking forward to your return I will miss popping to see you.
    With lots of love
    Margaret xxx

  23. HI Hazel, I've not been on here for a few days so I don't know what's happened, but it's awful to think someone has caused so much upset. Have a good summer with your family, we'll be here when you come back, sending hugs Carole Z X

  24. First of all Hazel I will comment on your creation as this is what we set up our blogs for - to give and receive inspiration for all things crafty and your card is delightful - I love this image it is just soooo cute!!
    Back to the other issue - it just beggars belief that someone has the wherewithal to know how to invade another persons blog - I am not sure what has happened but realise something is terribly wrong as just been onto Patricias blog to comment - I hope this person can be traced if they have left a comment but as I have said on Sis's blog you have to feel sorry for them as they must be such sad/lonely individuals if this is how they spend their day and how their mind works!! I hope you are okay and please don't let this upset you too much as this person does not deserve a minute more of anyone's thoughts other than if they can be traced and let the relative authorities know about them xx enjoy your break with your visitors and the wedding and anything else you do before you come back to blogland xx take care xx GailT xx

  25. Hi Hazel, Love your card, and the tartan plaid goes so nicely with the sweet image. I will miss seeing your wonderful posts, but you have to do what life brings. We all understand that. I don't know what happened on Patricia's blog, but guessed that something went amiss. That's such a despicable thing for her to have to face, as I love reading her adventures (and your joint adventures!). I hope the problem can get straightened away, so that both of you can get back in the community to share your wonderful skills with us. You take care, and have a wonderful summer. Big hugs to both of you, and hope to still be around when you get back to blogging. Hope it all gets cleared up. TFS

  26. Hazel, thanks for all your visits & support. Hope things are going smoothly and I know you are keeping busy. Hugs & have a nice wkend.

  27. Hi Hazel, sorry I haven't commented before, but I couldn't find you. Then by accident touched my full profile and the list of blogs appeared!!! Lovely card. Will try and follow you more often. Janice xxx

  28. Hi Hazel

    Enjoy your summer break.

    I am so sorry to have read yours and Patricia's blog .. .. but like the good Sister's you are, you will support each other and battle your way through together.

    I don't know what has happened but am saddened that something or someone has hurt two very genuine people and spoilt a beautiful part of blogland.

    Take care.

    Is that spare room tidy now?!?!?

    Love Jules xx

  29. Hello Hazel,
    I just wanted to say that we miss you, but understand.
    Love Maureen xxx