Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Good morning and thank you for calling in to see what I have been up too?  Back at work so not much I am afraid!!!   I can't believe we have been back a week either.  Now when I memtioned I had an order for Canada of baby cardigans along with the baby card I showed, some asked to see the little knitted cardigans, so that's what I am showing today.

Three little new baby ones, I don't press these till they are needed, and the ones for Canada are already away in the post, these are from stock.

I don't have a blue one of this one, this style is being knitted at the moment in the baby blue. It's for later as they say in Canada " The Fall"   So it will be sent when finished.

Thank you by the way for all your lovely comments on my " Happy Birthday" card. I don't know if I was forgiven for forgetting it was DIL birthday on the Friday ( still trying to find that day).

Right I am off to work, don't know how long I will be working for. New nanny being interviewed this weekend.     I will still be a big part of the girls lives, mum and dad not want any other way, and the girls aren't happy about me going , but they know I am going to be around. 

Again thank you for calling.

Hazel xxx 


  1. They're lovely Hazel I'm an avid knitter of baby garments as you may know from Sandra's blog I am waiting on news of three of my daughter's friends and what she'll "steal" from my stock!

  2. These are so beautiful Hazel.
    Sue xx

  3. Beautiful baby knits do wish there was a baby in our family I might even get out my needles again if there was. Have given up on getting any great grandchildren.
    Margaret M

  4. They are all gorgeous Hazel. xxx

  5. Hazel, they are beautiful, any baby would look a picture in theses. It's lovely knitting for babies, such little arms lol. When I used to knit for George, it was like knitting for an orangutan !!!
    Maureen xxx

  6. Brilliant knits Hazel, love them all.
    Where have all the years gone since I was knitting these for John Jnr.???
    Patricia x

  7. stunning baby cardigans Hazel - they look so pretty - take it easy! Big hugs rachel x

  8. Super cute cardis Hazel. My Grandma knitted lots for my boys which I still have. She also knitted for me and I still have a darling little dress that I was wearing in my first Birthday photos!! What a scary thought it will be 49 years old next February....eeek!! xx

  9. These are so beautiful Hazel, you are clever, keepsakes they are.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Hi Hazel,
    oh these are so gorgeous.
    Wonderfully knitted too.
    I can well remember when I used to knit a lot, but sadly it hurts me to knit now.
    I do knit some dish clothes now and again, but I can only do a few rows before I am in pain.
    It's so funny as it never troubles me to crochet so much.
    Maybe it's a different action.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. All these are gorgeous Hazel and brings back fond memories of when I used to knit for my little ones - a long time ago now xx GailT xx

  12. Hi Hazel
    Aw, these are absolutely darling. Don't know how you can make them so quickly but they are gorgeous.
    Oooh, didn't realise a new nanny was on the cards. Still, will hopefully give you more "Hazel time" .
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  13. Hello Hazel, what sweet little cardigans, I didn't realise you did lots of knitting, like your big sister a lady of many talents.
    i think it's so lovely to see a baby in handmade knitted garment and not baby gap or next, but then I'm a tad old fashioned, hugs Kate x

  14. Hi Hazel sorry they are all gorgeous.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  15. Hi Hazel, wonderful knitting with beautiful patterns and colors.

    I used to machine knit, I always used a Sisan steamer great for knit wear.
    hugs pam

  16. Hi Hazel.
    oh wow these little cardies are sooo cute !
    Never learned to knit so a bit envy for people
    who can Hugs Maria xx

  17. Beautiful knits Hazel, hugs Erika.

  18. Absolutely beautiful little jackets Hazel I love each and every one, there is nothing more lovely than seeing a little one in white.
    Margaret xxx

  19. These are so beautiful Hazel, hugs Carole Z X