Friday, 19 June 2015


These are my X Cut gift bag die cut down, which I have shown before.   I have made I handle change.  I have 12 of these to make.  So 6 down 6 to go!    I am loving the light coloured ones I picked up this card the other day, couldnt think what it would make up like but I am really pleased with it so will pop back and get some more.  I got it from our "Deer Centre" that's just along the road, it has one of these stands where you can fill a box for £5.50.    These are to be filled with home made sweeties.  ( most of the die cut inserts are cut from scraps of the pearlised card left from the wedding cards - nothing wasted.)  

Thank you for the comments on the little knits, now I have to say I don't knit them.  Yes I do knit but my friend ( Tammy's) God mum knits these for me, that's her craft.  She is now 74 but still can't be without her knitting.  I will pass on your comments when she phones.  I just wouldn't be be able to do knitting on up of everything else that I try to do.  

Anna, came out of her Voila exam very cross with herself. As she had made a mistake with the scales and a small wobble on the site reading.  Told her not to get upset as it wouldn't change things, but to take it on board and deal with it.   Still cross when I picked her up from school, but agreed that yes she has to spend more time on these things, so that's the main thing she has learnt that.  Now it's the wait to see if she has passed or not, this is the child that has always got merits and distinctions in her piano exams, and that's what is hurting her I think.  

Off now to tidy up and run Mr Dyson round. Then it's go get Anna from school and take her to piano lesson.    
Thank you for calling in.

Hazel xxx


  1. Well Sis, these are fantastic. Loving that cream card and the different handle.
    Patricia x

  2. These look fab Hazel, very sellable too, xxx

  3. Whoa Hazel, these are wonderful, you are certainly a dab hand at the bags. It's just a pity you couldn't make these in soft leather - I'd buy one or two!!!
    Maureen xxx

  4. Hazel I love love love your little bags really beautiful.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  5. These are gorgeous Hazel and what a lovely way to use up scraps too.xx I did wonder when I saw the knits just where you found the time!! How wonderful that your friend still loves knitting and gets enjoyment from it - I hope I'm still crafting at that age xx have a wonderful weekend xx GailT xx

  6. These are gorgeous Hazel, love the colours & the die cut inserts. Hope you have a lovely weekend!
    hugs Jo x

  7. WOW! They're gorgeous Love that light colour too I'm confused re "Deer Centre" Am I missing a cryptic message? How lovely that your friend still loves her knitting I've always got something on the go Knitting always takes priority over housework!

    1. Karen the "deer centre". Is a park of "deer". And wild life. visitors centre type of place it's 5 minutes from my house and I forget others do t know these places. Sorry. Hazel x

  8. These are gorgeous Hazel, I love the design and the die cut inserts look beautiful.
    I hope you have a good weekend.
    Sue xx

  9. Love these bags, they are gorgeous. Must try this out with my die.


  10. Clever take on the X Cut bags Hazel. The filigree die cut infill looks great. Christine x

  11. These bags are fantastic Hazel, look lovely with the lace insert, I also like th light color.
    Pam x

  12. these bags are gorgeous Hazel - so very delicate and pretty xx

  13. These bags are gorgeous Hazel. Did make one after you posted in a May but will have to do some more. Think I have some over from the craft session so will use these. Scarlett will want something for her teacher so will get her to make one with me and am going to show her how yo do the Japanese flowers Patricia did. Beth's pendant is lovely. She should be proud of it.

  14. More lovely boxes Hazel. I love both light and dark ones.
    As for the kids I think sometimes they can put too much pressure on themselves nowadays. We however seemed to be none the wiser! (Well I wasn't!)

    Have a super weekend, hugs Erika. x

  15. Hello Hazel, love your wee bags, so sweet and great to be able to ring the changes with the die.
    I hope Anna passes her exam, as Erika says too much pressure, but just as long as she learns from it, hugs Kate x

  16. Hi Hazel
    What beauties these are, especially with that filigree section.
    Like Gail, I did wonder where on earth you had time for knitting and everything else lol!
    Have a great weekend chuck.
    Ang x

  17. Love these bags Patricia I take it they are die cut. Do hope your summer weather improves as I also hope our winter cold goes away. However the peas and carrots that I have planted continue to grow despite the cold. I couldn't put the vegie peelings in the compost bin yesterday as the lid was frozen. Happy days.
    Margaret M

  18. Fabulous bags Hazel so sweet looking too
    Margaret xxx

  19. Wonderful bags Hazel ! Love them all
    hugs Maria xx

  20. Love your little bags Hazel, great colours too, hugs Carole Z X