Sunday, 14 June 2015


Good morning.  Well I don't know what your weather is like?  But here in Fife it's very cold!  Cold to the point that we have put the heating on.  Where has the lovely weather gone to that we came home to.   To think this time a week ago, and that would have been in the early hours of the morning Vancouver time, we were having to have the fan going as it was so warm.

Now today's card is the one I made for Angela our daughter- in law.  It was her birthday Friday, we lost a day while flying home and I texted her on Saturday wishing her a "Happy Birthday". I got a prompt reply telling me that " she had a good day yesterday" oh slap on the wrist or what?   I texted back saying " oh sorry we seem to have lost a day" don't know if it went down ok or not.

Any way her card.

Pearlised card
Sue Wilson :- Delphinus die
Sue Wilson :- Butterflies die
X Cut :-          Happy Birthday die ( this comes in a packet with other useful dies)
The paper flower is cream, (but showing up more yellow. ).  It from my stash

I also wrapped this card in Tulle, I bought the Tulle in Walmart while away, oh how I wish I'd bought more than I did, 13metres for just over 5 dollars, £3.  How silly was I not to squeeze more in my case, but I have a sister- in law coming over in 6 weeks time and I am going to speak sweetly to her and see if she will bring some, seeing how I bought it in the Walmart near her.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my baby card, I have to say I wouldn't have thought of putting a striplet on if sister - in law hadnt seen it on an other card and asked me to use one.  I will do that again.  It's a case of live and learn.

Well that's all for today, I am back to work tomorrow doing pick up.   So that my holiday over.

Hazel xxx


  1. This card is absolutely delightful Hazel so vey beautiful, surely she will realise the reason it is just a tiny bit late this year and excuse you, but do make sure it is early next year!
    If you have not given her it yet just say as you hand it over, your birthday came, your birthday went, this is the card you should have been sent, and smile sweetly.
    Margaret xxx

  2. Gorgeous card Hazel. I'm sure she will have been so thrilled with her card that you will be forgiven! Hugs Christine xx

  3. Hi Hazel,
    This is lovely, so delicate and pretty - and beautifully presented. Surely your DIL will realise that you didn't miss her birthday deliberately.
    Maureen xxx

  4. beautiful make again Hazel and I love the tulle. lovely xx

  5. Brilliant card Sis, love the delicate colours and fantastic design.
    Patricia x

  6. Hi Hazel
    Soooooo pretty. I did wonder what the covering was on the second photo. Makes it look very special.
    I'd get your order in quick whilst there is room in SiLs case lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  7. Hi hazel.
    Beautiful card. I do love that butterfly!!!
    I'm not that great at makin the boxes yet for my cards but I am getting there lol
    My stash of due Wilson dies are forever getting bigger. My new poinsettia from her collection last year popped thru door yesterday. Hubby not seen it yet thank god or he would have hissy fit if I buy any more lol. Just waiting on her new Xmas launch in July to see what I want for this years cards x

  8. Such gorgeous card Hazel, your design is stunning and I love the delicate colours. So beautifully wrapped too.
    Sue xx

  9. Hi Hazel what a beautiful card and the colours are so pretty.
    Your design is wonderful.
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  10. What a beautiful card and i love the attention to detail in the packaging. Katy x x

  11. Gorgeous card Hazel, beautiful colors and love that butterfly.
    Pam x

  12. Another winner Hazel and the tulle, ribbon and rose wrap just make it even more special - i'm sure you will have redeemed yourself xx I did wonder if the shimmer on the second photo of yesterday's post was glitter card and it just didn't show up in the first photo but now realise it was the tulle - a lovely finishing touch xx GailT xx

  13. Hi Hazel

    Love your design, and covering with tulle, what a lovely finish to a card, stunning.

    Big Hugs

    Tina XX

  14. Stunning card and what a beautiful butterfly. Wouldn't mind some of that tulle. Love the way Sue uses it behind her floral displays. I have just bought my first Sue Wilson dies as my friend now has them in her shop so am ecstatic.
    Margaret M

  15. Oh you need more tulle it looks beautiful. Don't you wish we had Walmart and Jo anne's here too? They have such great stash at fab prices.

    Another great card, love the butterfly, and your strip die at the bottom. Perfect combo.

    Hugs Erika. x

  16. Hello Hazel, couldn't get on to your page to comment on this one last night, couldn't get on to a few of them, but here I am now.
    Stunning card, I love the border, it's gorgeous and the pretty pink colouring. lovely butterfly too.
    I'm sure Angela will love it, I know I would, hugs Kate x

  17. Hazel a beautiful card I love the butterfly ( you know me ) the border is gorgeous as is your whole card Stunning.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  18. Hazel, what a gorgeous card and beautifully wrapped in the tulle. Your DIL was a very lucky lady to receive this.
    Love and hugs
    Saba xxx

  19. Hi Hazel,
    I'm frantically trying to catch up! Your card for your DIL is really lovely and I may pinch the idea if I may! I love the butterfly as you know and the whole card is beautiful ! I love how you you have wrapped it so beautifully too.
    Love Myra xx

  20. Beautiful card Hazel but wasted on the recipient. I can see how to wrap the card in tulle now although you did give me very clear instructions. I might just pinch your card design for one of my cards if you don't mind.

  21. Clever clever stuff I love how you've used the Gemini die

  22. Hi Hazel,
    I loved the baby card, it's greeeeat! and this card is wonderful,
    love the way you have used the die and you have made Lynda
    very happy with that big,big butterfly tihi
    many hugs Maria xx

  23. Absolutely beautiful, I'm sure your daughter-in-law soon 'forgave' you (!) and was thrilled with this gorgeous card, hugs Carole Z X