Thursday, 4 June 2015


Good morning.   Sorry I haven't maybe been on to your blogs to comment much, I have been trying to catch up.   We were away on a bit of a road trip today it was only about 120 mile round trip but along very narrow winding roads and up and down steep bits, on our way to the west side of BC island to the Pacific Ocean and some Whale watching!!!   Oh we were lucky, ok the whales were a bit out but we could see them, little Spouts of water let us know where to look!  It's was a beautiful spot to be, down side would you believe they had a restaurants with balcony THAT WAS CLOSED!!!  Yes closed as no one wanted to run it???  How stupid is that??!  Thank goodness we has a flask of hot water and stuff to make a drink.   ( we found the last time we could go some miles and not find a coffee stop) so we took a flask this time, we have used it a few times.  Any way we then went on along the Coast to a light house out on the point, and walked the 5 km trail which was beautiful.

If you enlarge the photo just above here, to the left of the surf you will see a shape!  That's a whale, sorry couldn't get a better shot of it?

This monument was just by the beach, the inscription is beautiful!!! "
" They will never know the Beauty of this place, see the seasons change,
we owe to them, men and women who lie buried in the earth
 of foreign lands and the seven seas, dedicated to the memory of Canadians
who died overseas in the service of their country and so preserved our

Now can you see someone standing holding a stop sign on a busy A road to stop the traffic?  In Britain?   No Health and Safety here that's for sure!!! 

Now the last photograph is a sign for my friend Mauren, she asked me to bring her a "Mountie" back.  Haven't found one but saw she has a creek named after her, which I think is better than a " mountie" who won't  always be around, the Creek has and will be there for a long time!!! 

Well we are off out to meet up with another one of Charlies sisters for the evening.  Well I could be doing just to have some time to have a meal on our own, but that isn't going to happen, so I will just have to put up with it.

Take care, I will try and look in on those who have blogs when we come back in and I am in the wide awake club. 

Hazel xxx


  1. Such beautiful, breathtaking scenery Hazel, xxx

  2. Wow!! You are being really lucky with the wildlife Hazel!! xx

  3. Hi Hazel,
    Really beautiful photographs once again! The Pacific looks beautiful and I could see the whale! There will be no living with you know who now!! Ha ha .
    Enjoy today when you wake up !!, love Myra xxx

  4. Wow Hazel you lucky thing you are making me jealous what a beautiful photo of the Ocean.
    Have a lovely day and the sun is shinning here too.
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  5. Amazing images Hazel, looks so beautiful. Enjoy your time with friends and family, living so far away I guess you don't see them that often. Happy travels.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  6. Hello Sis,
    More STUNNING pictures, love them all.
    Wow!! Maureen will be delighted to have her name "in BIG print"
    You'll make others very envious ....... including ME!!!
    Happy Traveling
    Patricia x

  7. Love the pictures Hazel and Maureen has a creek named after here. She will be pleased.

  8. Wow Hazel yet more stunning pictures thank you, Patricia is right I for one am so envious!
    There will be no containing Maureen's delight now she has a creek named after her, you really know how to deliver big time I really must say!
    Keep on enjoying yourselves.
    With love
    Margaret xx

  9. Oh Hazel So stunning again I am so jealous!

  10. Fabulous Hazel, you look like you are having a whale of a time! Was that Charlie swimming in the first picture? Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
    A certain Lady is going to be thrilled with her Creek.
    Love Saba xxx

  11. Oh Hazel great photos, fancy not having a restaurant open in a spot like that?
    It looks beautiful and such a shame.
    Loved your last photo although I think Maureen would still prefer a Mountie, but then who wouldn't!!!*
    Hugs Erika. x

  12. Hi Hazel gorgeous pictures it looks beautiful,glad your enjoying yourself.
    Now Maureen will be celebrating her Creek with Baileys or
    Hug's Lynda xx

  13. Hi Hazel,
    Lovely pictures from your trip and you do make
    us all jealous. Maureen Creek, she does get all the names haha
    Have a safe continue journey,
    hugs Maria xx

  14. Hello Hazel, another batch of marvellous photos, breathtaking scenery. So pleased you got to see whales even if they were a bit out, hugs Kate x

  15. Hi Hazel,
    I'm late today as I've been so busy, but I must say that this is the BEST present I've ever had, and so unique. A creek, named after little old me!!!! Thank you for the stunning photographs, but especially that one. Mind you, I think naming the whale after me would be more appropriate ha ha. Keep on having a stunning time, and tell Charlie he's a star driving all those miles.
    Love Maureen (up the Creek) xxx

  16. Hi Hazel, wow stunning photos you are sharing of your trip..
    Thank you..
    Pam x

  17. Fab photos again Hazel and love the sentiment on the monument - we all need to sptske stock of our lives sometimes and realise just how lucky we are xx lucky Maureen - like you say a mounty is short lived a creek is forever xx keep enjoying xx GailT xx

  18. More beautiful photos Hazel, thank you for sharing, hugs Carole Z X