Sunday, 28 June 2015


Good afternoon, I hope you are all well, and enjoying a relaxing afternoon?   It's turned out to be a nice day here, thank goodness as over night we had some terrible down pours.

Today's card I made for Andrew, Gillian's partners step mum, Margaret had another Stoke a couple of weeks ago, I didn't want to put " Get Well" as she isn't really ill just incapacitated by her Stoke, she is getting there, and hopefully they will transfer her to our local cottage hospital, which will make it easier for Andrews dad to visit each day, he has to rely on Andrew or his sister taking him to Dundee.

Thank you for you lovely comments about Rebecca's card, she did like it, and thankfully she liked the clothes we had given her, and of course the extra gift of money.  Little LAUREN was funny, she is just starting school after the summer, but can count money very well, telling Rebecca that she still has much more than her. Oh aren't sisters just so nice to one another???

Patricia and I had a lovely meal out in Edinburgh last night with Gillian and her friends, they are a great bunch and it was lovely to see, some who went to college with her over 23 years ago, they have matured since then but the friendship is still as strong.  Yes a great night had by all. Next it's the wedding, it will be here before we know it.  This week it's going and getting Charlie fitted for his kilt, we are just hiring, it will be lovely seeing the men all dressed in their outfits.

8x8 pre folded card
Regal striplet by Sue Wilson
Butterfly by Sue Wilson
Wild Rose corner die
All the coloured card is from my bit box.

I bought the Wild Rose die a few weeks ago and just used it, cut beautifully, do like others in this range.

Off now to just relax, for how long? Well that's another matter, I do have a basket of ironing that's shouting to be done.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 27 June 2015


Good morning, and thank you for calling in.   Also thank you for all your comments on my little man bag.   They don't hold an awful lot, but the thought counts more than the amount of goodies I think.
Off out to meet big sister at Perth today, then it's off down to Edinburgh to go to Gillian's meal for her night out, Patricia and I are only doing the meal side of it, we will leave the younger ones to party.
We are going in to Edinburgh early so we can have a look round the shops, I will see if there is something different for Rebecca, it was her 9th birthday yesterday, but oh boy she is hard to choose for?   Her clothes style isn't my thoughts on what a 9 year old should wear or to that matter put together, but what was I like at that age? Then again we didn't have that many clothes to pick from.
So hopefully I will find something, she is having a money gift as well.

A very simple card, the image is I think LOTV. It was one I got from Patricia a long time ago, and I thought it might just about cover that age group were they aren't little any more but not grown up either?
8x8 per folded card,
Purple backing papers are from a "Works" pad of 12x12 - great card to work with, such a pity they wouldn't get more in.
Silver a piece from bit box, most have been left over from Christmas,
Very easy to make, so hopefully she will like it.

Most go and get things done, like a load of washing seeing how it's a nice day, will instruct husband to peg it out when finished and put another load in.   To have a magic fairy would be lovely, I always think my boss is lucky, she works but that's it.   Her house is cleaned, washing and ironing all done, cooking done for her, shoping delivered to the house and put away by others.  How lovely is that???

Thank you once again for calling in.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 25 June 2015


I thought I would show you that done in dark card and adding just the word "Tools" and making something like a lock etc.  you can turn the cut down gift bag into one for a man.    Tammy needed one for a young man who is helping out at the school, so this is the one I made.   Sorry guess who forgot to take a proper photograph?  This was the one I sent to ask Tammy if it would do! But it lets you see what can be done. 

All the gift bags are made and Tammy collected them earlier, so another project done.  Have had to refuse a good few orders for gifts as of late, I just haven't got the time.  I would just get myself snow under and that's not going to happen this years.   I have said "sorry NO."    What with ?Gillian's wedding and sister in law coming to stay, I have enough to do.  

Off now to get the insert into grand daughters birthday card, she is 9 tomorrow, can't get this one wrong?    Then I will tidy some of the bits in the spare room.

I hope you are all correct and Calum's teacher will like her gift, it so difficult at times to know what to give, that doesn't cost a fortune. Not that one begrudges teachers a gift, it can just become an expense.   

Thank you as always for all your comments I do appreciate every one of them.  I do try and get round to everyone's blog, but sometimes life just takes over or crafting.  

Enjoy your day.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 22 June 2015


Calum, ( grandson) teacher is leaving to go travelling for three months. So Tammy decided to give her a fun useful gift.  This is what we decided on.  It all apart from the " Skin So Softly" bottle and the " micro pore " tape. All fitted in to the "Izzy" bag.   The little cards are 4x4 with bits from my bit box to decorate them.   A nice pen that can be kept after everything has gone.

I didn't make the "Izzy" bag and shoes.  Patricia made them.  So I can't take credit. I have another one of the bag and shoe sets to make up, but the bag will just contain cards and a pen, still have to think what can go in the shoes.  A little hand cream and something else like that I think.

Thank you for your comments on my little gift bags, they are so easy to make up. 4x4 cards fit in them by the way.  So would make a simple little gift for someone who still loves to send notlets even.

Off to pack up things from the chest of drawers that I keep the baby things for making up my baskets, every thing has to be stored away so that Charlies sister can have the drawers to use when she comes to stay.
I hope your weather is better than ours, it's very cold and raining here.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 19 June 2015


I thought I would show you Beths pendant that she made for her teacher as her gift.  She wanted it to be a tear drop so I made that for her, and what colours, I got told it has to go with what she wears.  So this is how it turned out.    To think they break up for summer holidays in just two weeks time, yet we haven't even got any nice summer weather.   They got their report card last night,  she sat in the back of the car and read it.  ( ours were in sealed envelopes and did we dare open it NO) anyway she started - oh BAD, BAD, BAD. Why I asked?  I have nothing but very goods all the way down.  Why's that bad?  " I most be boring!!!  How can that be, well a lot have got can try harder, don't try hard enough, and most do better on theirs.  Well these children haven't been working and have been day dreaming I think, was my reply.   Well that's what I mean she comes out with " as I listen!!! "  oh changed days.  She has reached the level that as long as they reach that by P7 ( 12years old ) or by the time they go to high school.  She has 2 years to go.  I only hope she doesn't get bored? They will hopefully will challenge her.     It was the same with Anna.

Thank you for all your comments on my little bags, they are fun to make.  If you have the die have a go.  I put the instructions up on my blog back on the    1st May.  I now have found if you score using your score boards from the handle to where the long length stops where you join the sides it comes over easier to front, were I have hot glued the Velcro dots to hold it closed.  These will have sweets, but you can still fits mini products in, I am going to have a go at making some little card from my bit box to go in one.
Was hoping for a quite weekend, but it looks like I am going to helping Gillian with something instead.   So fun, fun, fun.

Hazel xxx


These are my X Cut gift bag die cut down, which I have shown before.   I have made I handle change.  I have 12 of these to make.  So 6 down 6 to go!    I am loving the light coloured ones I picked up this card the other day, couldnt think what it would make up like but I am really pleased with it so will pop back and get some more.  I got it from our "Deer Centre" that's just along the road, it has one of these stands where you can fill a box for £5.50.    These are to be filled with home made sweeties.  ( most of the die cut inserts are cut from scraps of the pearlised card left from the wedding cards - nothing wasted.)  

Thank you for the comments on the little knits, now I have to say I don't knit them.  Yes I do knit but my friend ( Tammy's) God mum knits these for me, that's her craft.  She is now 74 but still can't be without her knitting.  I will pass on your comments when she phones.  I just wouldn't be be able to do knitting on up of everything else that I try to do.  

Anna, came out of her Voila exam very cross with herself. As she had made a mistake with the scales and a small wobble on the site reading.  Told her not to get upset as it wouldn't change things, but to take it on board and deal with it.   Still cross when I picked her up from school, but agreed that yes she has to spend more time on these things, so that's the main thing she has learnt that.  Now it's the wait to see if she has passed or not, this is the child that has always got merits and distinctions in her piano exams, and that's what is hurting her I think.  

Off now to tidy up and run Mr Dyson round. Then it's go get Anna from school and take her to piano lesson.    
Thank you for calling in.

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Good morning and thank you for calling in to see what I have been up too?  Back at work so not much I am afraid!!!   I can't believe we have been back a week either.  Now when I memtioned I had an order for Canada of baby cardigans along with the baby card I showed, some asked to see the little knitted cardigans, so that's what I am showing today.

Three little new baby ones, I don't press these till they are needed, and the ones for Canada are already away in the post, these are from stock.

I don't have a blue one of this one, this style is being knitted at the moment in the baby blue. It's for later as they say in Canada " The Fall"   So it will be sent when finished.

Thank you by the way for all your lovely comments on my " Happy Birthday" card. I don't know if I was forgiven for forgetting it was DIL birthday on the Friday ( still trying to find that day).

Right I am off to work, don't know how long I will be working for. New nanny being interviewed this weekend.     I will still be a big part of the girls lives, mum and dad not want any other way, and the girls aren't happy about me going , but they know I am going to be around. 

Again thank you for calling.

Hazel xxx 

Sunday, 14 June 2015


Good morning.  Well I don't know what your weather is like?  But here in Fife it's very cold!  Cold to the point that we have put the heating on.  Where has the lovely weather gone to that we came home to.   To think this time a week ago, and that would have been in the early hours of the morning Vancouver time, we were having to have the fan going as it was so warm.

Now today's card is the one I made for Angela our daughter- in law.  It was her birthday Friday, we lost a day while flying home and I texted her on Saturday wishing her a "Happy Birthday". I got a prompt reply telling me that " she had a good day yesterday" oh slap on the wrist or what?   I texted back saying " oh sorry we seem to have lost a day" don't know if it went down ok or not.

Any way her card.

Pearlised card
Sue Wilson :- Delphinus die
Sue Wilson :- Butterflies die
X Cut :-          Happy Birthday die ( this comes in a packet with other useful dies)
The paper flower is cream, (but showing up more yellow. ).  It from my stash

I also wrapped this card in Tulle, I bought the Tulle in Walmart while away, oh how I wish I'd bought more than I did, 13metres for just over 5 dollars, £3.  How silly was I not to squeeze more in my case, but I have a sister- in law coming over in 6 weeks time and I am going to speak sweetly to her and see if she will bring some, seeing how I bought it in the Walmart near her.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my baby card, I have to say I wouldn't have thought of putting a striplet on if sister - in law hadnt seen it on an other card and asked me to use one.  I will do that again.  It's a case of live and learn.

Well that's all for today, I am back to work tomorrow doing pick up.   So that my holiday over.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 13 June 2015


I got an order from my sister in law in Canada while we were there for a baby boy card and some baby cardigans.  The baby wasn't due for a couple of weeks, but he decided to come early on Monday , he weighed in at 7lbs 5 ozs so not little.  Anyway I thought I'd better get the card made so I could get the parcel off in the post.  
The request was for a card with the heart striplet and not a baby baby image. A few e-mails later bits and pieces sorted, then it was a case of putting it together, again e-mailed photo to get approvable! Approval given so it's now all ready to go off.

I off set the two circles slightly as when they were centred they didn't look right, I also off set the striplet too.

I put this in the centre 

All wrapped up in its box, sister in law isn't worried about the cost, she just wanted something different for this special arrival.  

Goodness knows what the whole lot will cost to post, but as I said she isn't worried so that helps. 

I just hope the parents appreciate the gift. 

Thank you for coming in and having a look.  

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Good morning.   Firstly thank you for all your lovely comments you left about my holiday photos.
We had a brilliant time and enjoyed every minute.  But have to say we were both glad to head for home on Tuesday.  Living out of suit cases isn't my idea of fun, we were staying in hotels and moving every other day nearly so you didn't have a chance to unpack.   Back to normality again, and of course it was washing and ironing for me.
Thought I would join in with Erika ( snappycrafts) showing an oldie. It doesn't have to be a card.
I have choosen to show one of my puppy gifts.  Have made a good few of these since I started back in 2009.  Lots of people don't have children but have a puppy so it's a a gift for their new baby!!.,

A box with a small dog blanket round it tied with a lead, inside a towel, toys, treats, poo bags and a brush.    Very simple to put together.

That's it for today, it's back to doing some more ironing for me.  Enjoy your day and the weekend, it's a pity that they are saying it's going to get cooler.  Have say I perfer the temperatures it has been since we got home, we were have it 20-32c at the end of our holiday, which was just a bit to hot for me.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 5 June 2015


Well folks I can't believe its Saturday already and that our trip is coming to an end soon.  We are back on the mainland tomorrow here. Its today for you!  We have managed to see a bit more of the Island and the weather has been wonderful even a bit to hot this afternoon.  We are staying at Port Alberni, which was once one of the biggest fish caning places here on. The island, but sadly like so many places it has been closed for years, there is still a harbour with private boats.  It's been lovely catching up with members of Charlies family.    We have managed to go off and do things by ourselves which has been good!!!  No whale watching or wild life today. Just some more scenic photographs!

I couldn't  get over the colour of the water, this was up high in the mountains

Yet they haven't had snow over here for two winters so many of the rivers and creeks are very low, 
They are getting worried as the weather has been so dry, the risk of fires is very worrying, 
And with low waters in these rivers and creeks fighting them is going to be very difficult. 

We stopped at this pull in place, I don't what or why folk have put pad locks on this bit of fencing?

Now, it's been a things while we have been here to try and find a " Mountie " for my friend Maureen, 
It's not been easy, we really haven't seen more than two Mounties the whole time we have been here, and they have been in their patrol cars. We did call in today to the harbour post, no Mounties there, it was the same at the station at Lake Louise? So when we saw this stand outside the community station, I just had to take a photograph! As I think this is as close to seeing one in full uniform as we will get! 

What's the bet we will see some now???  
That's all for now, thank you for leaving your lovely comments.  I might not be posting again until we are back home, as we are going to be busy, catching up with a friend of Charlies from when he was in the forces also more family members.  And then it will be home for us. 

Hazel xxx 

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Good morning.   Sorry I haven't maybe been on to your blogs to comment much, I have been trying to catch up.   We were away on a bit of a road trip today it was only about 120 mile round trip but along very narrow winding roads and up and down steep bits, on our way to the west side of BC island to the Pacific Ocean and some Whale watching!!!   Oh we were lucky, ok the whales were a bit out but we could see them, little Spouts of water let us know where to look!  It's was a beautiful spot to be, down side would you believe they had a restaurants with balcony THAT WAS CLOSED!!!  Yes closed as no one wanted to run it???  How stupid is that??!  Thank goodness we has a flask of hot water and stuff to make a drink.   ( we found the last time we could go some miles and not find a coffee stop) so we took a flask this time, we have used it a few times.  Any way we then went on along the Coast to a light house out on the point, and walked the 5 km trail which was beautiful.

If you enlarge the photo just above here, to the left of the surf you will see a shape!  That's a whale, sorry couldn't get a better shot of it?

This monument was just by the beach, the inscription is beautiful!!! "
" They will never know the Beauty of this place, see the seasons change,
we owe to them, men and women who lie buried in the earth
 of foreign lands and the seven seas, dedicated to the memory of Canadians
who died overseas in the service of their country and so preserved our

Now can you see someone standing holding a stop sign on a busy A road to stop the traffic?  In Britain?   No Health and Safety here that's for sure!!! 

Now the last photograph is a sign for my friend Mauren, she asked me to bring her a "Mountie" back.  Haven't found one but saw she has a creek named after her, which I think is better than a " mountie" who won't  always be around, the Creek has and will be there for a long time!!! 

Well we are off out to meet up with another one of Charlies sisters for the evening.  Well I could be doing just to have some time to have a meal on our own, but that isn't going to happen, so I will just have to put up with it.

Take care, I will try and look in on those who have blogs when we come back in and I am in the wide awake club. 

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Good morning.  Thank you firstly for all your lovely comments on my last post?   We are still enjoying our trip, we have been busy visiting Charlies family.  We have to try in fit a visit in to see most of them while here, 3 off the list, we had lunch with one and dinner with the other 2.  We are now over on the island, the last time we did the crossing to Victoria and spent a few days there, this time we travel further up the island on the ferry.  Really smooth crossing, but boring as you don't see anything except water.  Where as the trip to Victoria you go in and out of lots of little islands.

As you can see it was very calm, but not that nice s day!!!

Drove through Cathedral Gorge, now when we were here 18 months ago it was winter so today it looked so different, and oh boy they are some height!!!

Not know what we will do tomorrowm it all depends on the weather, but the coast looks a good place to visit. 

Right just had a message from sister in law to say they are on there way to see us, so better go make my self op look respectable.  

Hazel xxx