Thursday, 28 May 2015


Sorry to have been absent for a few days but as you see by the photos we are in Canada again?
This time I have seen an Elk!   When we were here in the October we didn't see any.
Didn't get delay this time flight left a few minutes late but arrived 40 minutes early this side, was glad to be getting off at Calgary and not having another hours flight to Vancouver.  We are staying at Lake Louise for 4 days then will make our way across to Vancouver and the island like the last time.

Not to good a photo of the Elk, but couldn't get out of the car to take it, I just love the wee Chipmonk,  he sat on that rock eating his dandelion head.  Wasn't bothered at all 
We have just been to Banff to have a look around, we took the back road so very little traffic which was lovely, plus you are in the national park so you have to drive slow incase animals are on the road. 
Weather a bit showery at times but on the whole it stayed dry and was 13c.
Going off to the old railway station restaurant for dinner later on.  
I think tomorrow we will head towards Jasper, won't go there as such, just that when we came from Jasoer the last time we found some lovely places with beautiful water falls so we want to go back in see them at this time of the year with the water flowing faster. 

Any way must go get myself ready to go out.
Thank you for calling in. 
Hazel xxx


  1. Good morning Sis, brilliant pictures, beautiful scenery. Did have to LOOK for the Elk, I did find him. Love the wee Chipmunk, they are so cute I love watching them.
    Remember to keep your eyes open for the Mountie. Only problem is you don't see them in "Full Regalia" that often. That might be a problem, I know for certain it would have to be the "full walla" for Maureen!!

    Raining here at the moment but it is early!!!
    You and Charlie have a great day.
    Patricia x

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos Hazel.
    It sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    hugs Sue xx

  3. Stunning pics Hazel, enjoy. xxxx

  4. Hi Hazel,
    Fabulous photos, oh I do wish I was there, it's cruel to torment us!! Have a wonderful time. Are you singing "Stout Hearted Men" as you drive along? lol
    Love to you and poor Charlie ha ha.
    Maureen xxxx

  5. Fab photos The little chipmunk looks so sweet and a lot tinier than I imagined

  6. Oh I SO jealous Hazel, it's on my bucket list but whether I get is another matter. Your photos are stunning and that wee chipmunk is so cute.
    Have a super time, hugs Erika. x

  7. Hi Hazel,
    Gorgeous photos! The chipmunks are so cute and can be quite tame almost!
    Have a great time !
    Lots of love, Myra xxx

  8. Afternoon Hazel thank you for sharing these with us today, can't wait to see more of your snaps!! What a cute Chipmunk!! xx

  9. Hello Hazel, pleased your arrived safely without all the delays of last year.
    Great photos, and the wee chipmunk is so cute. You're travelling through some beautiful scenery too, so envious. Have a great day tomorrow, hugs Kate x

  10. Hello Hazel
    Fabulous photos. Well done for spotting the Elk, but it's the chipmunk all the way for me. I want one!!! Have a lovely time.
    Saba xxxx

  11. Fab photos Hazel, love chipmunks! Have a great time, hugs Carole Z xx

  12. awww hazel - you lucky lady - it all looks so amazing! Very big hugs Rachel x

  13. Fantastic views of the wonderful country yes I did eventually find the elk!
    The chipmunk was really lovely, hope you both have a great time, don't forget to keep a look out for a Mountie for Maureen!! Safe journey may thanks again for the email.
    Margaret xx

  14. Hi Hazel, just popped in to look at your holiday photos. WOW they are FAB. I would so love to visit Canada. Please if you have time, post some more of these fantastic views. Thank you. LOL xx

  15. Hi Hazel,
    nice photos, cute chipmunk. Have a nice time
    and drive carefully. Hey Mountie, giddyup !
    Maria xx

  16. Wow, Hazel it looks fab and the scenery is spectacular, we visited Canada about six years ago and did a coach tour which was called the 'Wildlife of British Colombia' and it was absolutely fantastic - we loved it xx enjoy the rest of your trip and keep us up-to-date with your fab photos xx GailT xx

  17. Hazel what a wonderful holiday your having lucky you love the little chipmunk so sweet i did spot the Elk. WonderfulI photos thanks for sharing
    Hug's Lynda xx