Friday, 29 May 2015


Well folks we have had a great day out.   It started here with pouring rain!  That's me putting it mildly, but I do believe it's been horrible at home too.   Anyway we decided by 10 am it's was looking like it was clearing up so we got our selves ready and into the car, we headed to the Jasper Nstional Park, as we wanted to see places that we saw in October 2013, that would look different at this time of the year plus we had to pay 50 dollars for the park pas while we were here, so why not use it.

Some of you who have known me since we were last here will know we/I were disappointed we didn't see much wild life especially a bear , well today we did!!!  We thought an accident had happened as their were cars and buses all over the road , it turned out that they had seen a bear? But rather than pull to the sides they just blocked the road, lucky for us there was a tour bus in front of us and he made them move as he wanted through, I bet his passengers weren't happy they mussed the bear???

Up close and personal as one would say, I was so glad my I pad was in the side pocket of the door!!!

Then we came upon these mountain sheep/ goat type animals again very close, like please don't scratch the car? 

We went to the ice fields, oh boy it's is so much small than 18 months ago.still buses take walkers up the walk to near the top.

Now this beauty, we saw yesterday and Charlie just had to take a photo of it!  It was some truck, the young man who owned it was very proud of his unit and didn't mind it being photographed, now Charlie did say he wouldn't mind driving it??  By the way it had cost the lad 1000 dollars to have it washed and polished the day before, and boy all that crome will have taken some work. 

We are off tomorrow to do the two lakes here.  Lake Louise we didn't do the last time as we couldn't get near it for tour buses and cars, so we are so hoping we can tomorrow, and if possible we would love to have afternoon tea at the hotel at the lake edge, if we do it will take photos. 
Thank you for all your lovely comments I do appreciate them all. 

You will likely all be asleep while I am writing this as it is only 5.30pm here and it turned out to be a beautiful day too, we are off out for tea soon. 

Hazel xxx


  1. Hi Hazel! I'm here! It's almost 1 am! What super photos and lovely memories! I'm with you all the way as I loved our visit in 2009! Can't believe it's actually 7 years ago - seems like yesterday,! Thanks for reminding me.
    Lots of love, Myra xxx

    1. PS! The only place we saw bears was up Grouse Mountain ! Xx

  2. I am still here as well. Looks lovely Hazel. Enjoy.

  3. Hello Sis, Wow! what an amazing day you guys have had.
    A real LIVE Bear, never saw them when I was there.
    Your photos are brilliant, love the Truck. There are some fantastic ones, it's the beautiful Chrome work that shines, I like to see.
    Have a great day tomorrow.
    Patricia x

  4. Wow Hazel, you really are getting up close and personal to the local wildlife!
    Some fantastic photos Hazel!
    Have an amazing day at the lakes xx
    Sandra xxx

  5. Again, wonderful pics. Love the truck, I took loads of pics when I was in USA as my son was s truck driver then. xxx

  6. Hi Hazel,

    WOW! Beautiful images of Canada, I hope you get to see everything you want to and enjoy it, weather does not really matter when you are in places like this you make the most of it don't you?

    Have a great time

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Wow Hazel what wonderful photo's I bet you were thrilled to see them.
    I went to big bear in America and I sore a bear they are so wonderful.
    enjoy your holiday.
    Debs xx
    {Debs Cards}

  8. That really is up close and personal Hazel!! More lovely snaps, it's like we are there with you!! Keep 'em coming!! xx

  9. Wow Hazel a bear! And what a picture, I wonder what you did first, lock the car doors or grab your I pad. You sound like you are having an amazing time. Thank you for taking the time out to share your adventure with us.
    Love Saba xxx

  10. Did you get yourself a bearhug, wow what a amazing feeling to be so close! Your pictures are great, hope the weather improving some for you .
    Take care, hugs to you both
    Maria xx

  11. Thanks Hazel for sharing you fab photos again, it makes me want to revisit and I know the OH wouldn't need any persuasion xx GailT xx

  12. Hi Hazel
    Just breaking myself in to blogging again and seeing your title, did wonder at you had seen a bare what? Then realised it was BEAR lol!
    Glad you are getting to see the things you didn't last time.
    Have a super trip.

  13. More fantastic photos My son who was a zoo keeper would have been so envious Hope the weather continues to improve

  14. Absolutely fabulous Hazel I trust you did not give the bear a hug! The ice fields look amazing and wow that really is some truck! Thank you so much for sharing your holiday with us all.
    With love
    Margaret xx

  15. Wow Hazel,how wonderful the ice fields look & tha is one amazing truck. The best picture for me is of the Bear he looks like he wants & cuddle.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  16. Oh Hazel, you look like you are having a ball.
    A bear! Scary. Love the truck though. Great photographs.
    Hugs Erika. x

  17. Hi Hazel, I'm catching up so working backwards through your posts...what a wonderful time you are having,thanks for sharing your pics! Hugs Carole Z X