Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Good afternoon.  I am sorry I haven't been round for a while, just life getting in the way.  I seem to have more time when I worked full time.  
Thank you for all your lovely comments on the wrapped bag and shoes, I do appreciate every one of them. 
Today it's a birthday card I made quickly for Tammy to give to her MIL.  As Tammy said nothing fussy and no point of putting lots of word on as MIL doesn't see that well, so I thought if I used things that she could feel would be better.  Tammy describled the colours etc to her. It's was well received.
I used Sue Wilson die, now I have let Patricia borrow this die so I can't go get the name, the leaves are a mix of Sue Wilson and heart felt creations, also the aster flower is by them.  The happy birthday is one I had stamped but hadn't used and it fitted in with this card so it's now used. 
As I said it was made very quickly.

I think a mentioned that Beth was off last week to the Windsor Horse Show as part of the Shetland pony racing team.  Well she had a fantastic time, got a couple of first, second, forth and a disqualification and fell off, unhurt.  Thought the Kings Troop and Household Cavalry were amazing, told me the Queen had seen her race, Prince Edward had come to talk to them, plus the Queen great grandchildren.  All in all had a ball.

Beth on the left.  All go you can kind of feel the speed they are traveling at.

Next bit of excitement at their house was the arrival of this little lot, 12 in total, mum has her wings full as one might say.  She seem a really good mum so here's hoping they more hens than cockerals.

Well that's it for another few days, thank you for calling in to see what I have. Posted. Off now to do more ironing it's ok it drying it's the iron never seem to be off today.  

Hazel xxx


  1. This is so very pretty Hazel.Lovely striplet die too. Sounds a sif Beth had a fantastic day all round! Hugs Christine xx

  2. a beautiful card Hazel and great photos - thanks for sharing! Hugs Rachel xx

  3. Hi Hazel, gorgeous card, love your design, simple design but very elegant.
    Beth certainly had a super time.
    Love the mother and chicks, hugs Kate x

  4. Lovely card Hazel. nice pics too, xxx

  5. Brilliant card Sis, love it. Great colours and design.
    Beth looks she's going at a fair speed there. Wow!! that Chucky Hen will definitely be busy feeding and keeping that lot under control.
    Patricia x

  6. Beautiful card Hazel and fab photos too xx like you I used to make MIL cards that were more 'touchy/feely' as she didn't have very good eyesight and Robin used to describe them and the colours to her xx know what you mean about time - I'm working more hours now but seem to get more done!! Well most of the time - how does that work!!!! xx GailT xx

  7. Afternoon Hazel, great card, love that die, I might have mentioned that before.
    It looks like Beth has had a super time, what a great experience for her.
    Great picture of the wee chucks.

    Hope you got the ironing sorted?
    Happy crafting, hugs Erika. x

  8. Hi hazel,
    what a very wonderful creation.
    I really like the dies used, and of course the colour is pink my fave.
    Well done to Beth.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Hazel, again this is just lovely. The SW strip die is so pretty (and I haven't gotten one of those 'slanted' ones as yet!) Your flower is impressive, and how thoughtful of you to make it so 'touchable' for the lady who doesn't see so well. She will be so pleased, and the colors are very feminine too. Enjoyed seeing the pictures as well. Gosh, these kids are so fearless, not to mention skilled athletes too. I'd be terrified. Good for Beth in bringing home some wins. Bet it was a thrill to see the Royals. TFS & Hugs

  10. Beautiful card Hazel It sounds like Beth had a great time and what a fantastic photo The chucks look so sweet

  11. Hi Hazel it's nice to hear from you and I love this card it not too fussy and it's a lovely design.
    And Congratulations to Beth I bet she were thrilled with her wins.
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  12. Such a beautiful tactile card for someone with visual impairment. Thank you for sharing those fabulous pictures too. Racing before the queen, what an achievement!! xx

  13. Your card is beautiful Hazel. I love the elegant design and delicate colours.
    Well done to Beth, it sounds like has a wonderful time.
    Sue xx

  14. Such a pretty card Hazel, very elegant - super photos too! Hugs Carole Z xx

  15. Gorgeous birthday card Hazel, love the color and design.
    Fabulous photos, thank you for sharing..

  16. Hi Hazel,
    Such a pretty card, it's pink and in my eyes if it's pink it perfect!
    Beth looks fearless, well done to her, you must be so proud.
    A Cockrel, don't remind me, I had enough of one certain cockerel at 4am at the weekend. Lovely photo though.
    Love and hugs
    Saba xxx

  17. Hi Hazel,
    A very lovely card, I like it !
    Great photo of Beth in her elements :-) the chicks are cute too (oh Saba)tihi
    hugs Maria xx

  18. Hiya Hazel.
    I just want to say how pretty this card is, you have really changed how I feel about Sue's new diagional striplet dies. I wasn't so keen, but now I've seen it used on your lovely card, im starting to think that maybe I should add it to husby's list he asked for of the Sue dies I have and those I'd like to own for birthday, C.mas, Valentine and anniversary (what makes you think I only ever ask for dies as gift's) lol.
    Have a good Wednesday Hazel and all that visit today.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  19. Hello Hazel,
    This is so pretty, and perfect for anyone with limited eyesight as the different textures will be evident to them.
    The photos are great. Beth is so fearless, you wouldn't get me up there, never mind jumping over anything! The Hen will have her time cut out looking after 12. It took me all my time to look after 1 lol.
    Maureen xx

    1. Maureen she is, will jump double that height when on Patch her own pony. Has always said she would like to be a Vet or s jockey.
      Hazel x

  20. Hi Hazel,
    What a lovely card! I love this diagonal and you encouraged me to buy it! I really like your flower and foliage too.
    The photo of Beth is great and you can feel the determination and speed.
    Love the photo of the hen and her brood too! She's got her claws full!
    We had two mallards visit us this morning! Quite funny really - did manage to get a photo.
    Love Myra xxx

    1. Myra, is a lovely die to work with. Beth would race all the time, she is one of these children who is eith doing cartwheels, handstands or vaulting on and off her vaulting barrel. Hazel x

  21. Hi Hazel

    Such a beautiful card. I have this die but still not used it, thank you for the inspiration to get it out and use it.

    My goodness those ponies must have been going at such a speed to make their maines look like that. Pass on my congratulations on all her awards. Well done Beth!

    Lovely piccies of the little chooky eggs, I would love some more chooks, but Paul say's NO! Hey Ho.

    Talk soon
    Big Hugs

    Tina XX

  22. Hi Hazel
    Oh wow what a really elegant card and does not look like a quickie at all it is so very crisp clean and beautiful, the flowers are divine.
    What a great picture of Beth please give her my congratulations on such a wonderful achievement and after all that travelling to get down there too. So pleased she had no ill effects from her fall, I know she will have been wearing a body protector too but she did well not to hurt anything especially the speed they would be going!
    Love those little chicks, hope there are no foxes near by.
    Margaret xx

  23. Hi Hazel
    Beautifully tactile card and thoughtful of you to make it so. The diagonal die looks splendid.
    Well done to Beth and also to Momma Chook. . . . . both busy gals lol!
    This work mularky does get in the way of fun doesn't it lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  24. Hazel, my 2 diagonal SW dies came today. Now I have to google how to use them! Thanks for all this SW enabling. You & your sister are just _Bad_! Hugs

  25. I know this Is a bit late to comment but this is a lovely card. I think the dies always look better when you see a card made with them. Good picture of Beth and the chicks. Congratulate Beth for me please. They will miss you when you are away.

  26. I know this Is a bit late to comment but this is a lovely card. I think the dies always look better when you see a card made with them. Good picture of Beth and the chicks. Congratulate Beth for me please. They will miss you when you are away.

  27. Hi hazel.
    Love ur card. Right up my street. I've not got any of the diagonals yet but I'll get some eventually. Ur wee chickies are so cute!!!!