Monday, 11 May 2015


A quick post I wasn't going to show these, then thought why not!!!    Tammy asked Patricia if she could have this set of the bag and shoes.   Then it was mum can you wrap them up putting these products with them.   So this is what I came up with.

When Beth was making up her party bags the nail polishes she put in them came in a really strong box, well me being me thought I might just be able to use it!!! 
Well with a piece of card glued over the top and the writing, this is what I came up with. Very difficult to wrap but at least it's all together. 

Thank you for your comments on the invites, they are different, but that is why I was asked if I could help and make them.   Very much a Leo thing, they do like being different. 
Well I am off back to putting some more invites together.  

Hazel xxx 


  1. Hazel,
    I am not surprised Tammy asked you to step in, you really do take present wrapping to a different level. I wouldn't have known where to start wrapping Patricia's gorgeous bag and shoes.
    Are you available for hire around about Christmas please?
    Love and hugs
    Saba xxxx

  2. Wow Hazel this looks fantastic and your wedding invitations are so very beautiful indeed something for all the guests to treasure.
    Margaret xx

  3. Hi Hazel these are absolutely stunning I love the hand bag and the shoe is gorgeous. I would love to receive a gift like this as the wrapping is as lovely as gift it's self.
    Debs xx
    {Debs Cards}

  4. Hi Hazel,
    stunning professional wrapping done. Love the handbag and shoes (I have given up) Hugs Maria xx

  5. Well Sis, you have done a remarkable job of wrapping the Bag & Shoes. I keep looking at sets I have here wondering what to do with them.
    Good for you, you always come up "trumps" when it comes to wrapping.
    Patricia x

  6. Pretty idea As you say it keeps them all together I throw boxes away I must keep more of them to up cycle Hope doing the invites isn't too laborious

  7. Hello Hazel, these accessories are just gorgeous and what a fabulous gift to get. Great idea to use the box to put them in, hugs Kate x

  8. Gorgeous shoes & bag and they look fabulous wrapped up.


  9. Such a beautiful way to wrap up a gorgeous gift.
    Sue xx

  10. awesome shoes/bag and fabulous wrapping Hazel - you are so very clever! Hugs rachel x

  11. Hi Hazel,
    you are a wiz at wrapping up things.
    You do such a wonderful job of it.
    Mine would look so messy.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  12. This gift wrapping looks fab and what a fantastic gift to receive - two very talented sisters xx GailT xx

  13. Wow, you do this so well.....a fabulous gift to receive, somebody's gonna be so happy!
    hugs Jo x

  14. Beautiful gift wrapping Hazel, fabulous gift to receive.

  15. I have just commented on Patricia's blog about these shoes and bags, I think they're fantastic and you've both done such a super job and for such a great cause. I only wish I lived nearer as I would definitely have some.
    Another perfect personalised gift idea. x

    Hugs Erika.

  16. Hi Hazel such a beautiful gift your wrapping is gorgeous love the bag & shoes hugs Lynda xx

  17. Hi Hazel
    Just Stunning I'm Hoping To Gain Some Tips From You On Your Terrific
    Wrapping When We Go To The Retreat
    Love And Hugs
    From Sam xxx

  18. Hi Hazel,
    I thought I'd left a post, obviously not!! These are gorgeous and you and Patricia make a spectacular team.
    Maureen xx

  19. Hi Hazel
    Superb wrapping as always. Will be a shame to open it when its done so well.
    Terrific set by your big sis too.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  20. Wonderful wrapping as always Hazel. It's often good to save the boxes you think you will be able to use for other things. I was going to throw away a box today that had had my Calcium tablets in. It's quite a big box for tablets so I unstuck it send flattened it out and then decided it would make a good shape gift bag. It just firs an A4 Sheet.

  21. Oh my post seems yo have gone missing. Oh well better start again. Your wrapping is superb as usual Hazel. I took a box apart today as I thought it would make a gift bag. It fits on A4 card very well so will give it a try.

  22. Your family is so lucky to have your skills to command. A brilliant save of the packaging box, and what a beautiful way to present the gift bag. It's quite awesome the way you've done it, and someone is fortunate to receive some goodies presented this way! TFS & Hugs. Happy wkend.

  23. Hi Hazel
    I've just nipped across from looking at Patricias blog. Loving the handbags. I love how you've wrapped them. A very talented pair of ladies.

  24. These are fabulous - so are so good with your gift sets and wrapping,So sorry I haven't been by this week or so, life has gotten in the way of blogging lately... Hugs Carole Z X

  25. Hi Hazel
    Your wrapping is fantastic, I wouldn't know where to start.

    Your Invitations are beautiful and so totally personal.

    Hope you are all well, Take care, talk soon

    Big Hugs

    Tina XX

  26. Wow, Hazel, it's absolutely fabulous, a super lovely girly gift!

    Love and hugs