Saturday, 9 May 2015


Good morning.   Not a very nice looking one at the moment we will hope it brightens up later.
Thank you for calling in to see what I have posted today, I do appreciate you doing so and leaving your comments.   Yes Lauren is a sweetie, but like all children she has her moments???  She looks even sweeter when her hair is washed and brushed!  She has the habit of keep brushing it back with her hands, which I my add aren't slways CLEAN,  her hair is very fine so that doesn't help as clips etc just fall out.  Yes we are blessed with four beautiful grand children.

Today I am showing a card Beth made last night.   Well she phoned me at around 6pm.  Oh boy she had her "knickers in a twist "  as one would say.  Why? She couldn't find the die cut that she had stamped and cut earlier at mine.  What was she going to do???  My answer " Beth you have a birthday stamp and a ink pad go make one". But that wasn't the real problem, it was because she couldn't die cut it - using scissors not the same.  She did ask if she could have my old GC and some dies so she could have it at her house.  I don't think so as it would end up among the other stuff in the office.  No she will learn to think of other ways.   Any way this is her card.

Her choice of what was going to be used, only thing is I cut two grey horse shoes ( they looked to Beth to be better than silver coloured card ones) she took a white one to just incase  it would look better, ( I have to watch my stock with her)  I see she decided to use it instead of one of the grey ones!!   Never mind she did it on her own with not even me being there?  She was pleased that her sentiment turned out ok and she photographed her card and sent it to my I pad.  These children are so into doing the techno things.  I told her I would put it on my blog as it was so lovely.  I am now in the middle of making her a new goodie box of die cuts etc.

Her card            :- a 5x5 prefolded one
Backing card.    :- first editions Family Ties
Die cuts.            :- Marie Anne
Stamp.               :- early learning centre.

Well not much on the books for today, I am looking after grandsons next weekend so this weekend I intend to do very little.  
Have a good weekend what ever you are doing

Hazel xxx


  1. Love, love, love it, a brilliant card.
    Another Crafter in the making I see
    Patricia x

  2. Wow Hazel what a wonderful card that Beth as made it looks like she's taking after her grandma lol. I love the colours she as used and her design is wonderful. Congratulations Beth well done xx

    Debs xxx

  3. Beautiful card made by Beth Hazel, she has a good teacher lol!

    Have a great weekend.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. Beth's card is brilliant and reflects her interests - she had a good teacher xx have your chilled down weekend xx GailT xx

  5. Beth have made a lovely card, well done her.
    yes it sound like you have to hold on to your crafts
    or they might disappear lol Nice she like crafting.
    hugs Maria x

  6. Well Done Beth!
    What a lovely card. I like the dottie card and the horse and shoes!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Love Myra xxx

  7. She did a great job...but she's had a great teacher!! xx

  8. Well done Beth She has a great teacher and grandma Did she choose the backing paper - great choice I wouldn't have thought to use a spotted paper with horses but it so works

  9. Karen, Beth choose it all she goes in to my craft room and looks through my stock. She is 10 but oh boy she knows what she's wants. Hazel x

  10. Well, who would have guessed she was a horse lover eh? ... lol! She's done a great job though. Hugs Christine xx

  11. Hello Hazel, Beth's card is fabulous, great colours and the dies are brilliant, she has done well, hugs Kate x

  12. Beth has made a lovely card. Congratulate her for me please. I think I will have to cut Scarlett some dies. Meant to do it to put in her birthday box but ran out of time in the end. I wrapped her presents in 'Frozen' wrapping paper. She took it off and screwed it up. Then retrieved it and was flattening it. Said I should save this and cut the pictures out to make a card. (A true crafter). I told her not to worry as I had the rest of the roll at home. Don't think many 7 yr olds would think like that. :-)

  13. Brenda, Scarlett is like Beth, they just get so much pleasure from crafting? Bless her for looking at her wrapping paper ad thinking that she can use the pictures on cards. A true crafter oh yes!!., I got the XCut die that has Happy birthday etc. so I have cut some out to put in Beths box. I can see me making a lot of use of this die set. Hazel x

  14. What a fabulous card Beth has created Hazel, True crafter!! bet you feel so proud..

  15. Hi Hazel,
    By, she's had a great teacher. Beth, this is fab. I love the background paper as it really makes all the elements "pop". The stamping of the Happy Birthday is first class too.
    Hazel, you'll definitely have to keep an eye on your "stash"!!!!
    Enjoy your "laid back" weekend. I had to laugh at Lauren pushing her hair back with dirty hands. I'm sue Zoe thinks the only time you should wash your hands is if you've been to the toilet!!!
    Love Maureen xx

  16. She did a great job, it's a gorgeous card, Hazel. She has a very talented teacher :)

    Love and hugs

  17. Oh bless her Hazel - she has made a really great card that spotty paper really makes the horse and horseshoes stand out. Brilliant choice. Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  18. Oh bless her Hazel - she has made a really great card that spotty paper really makes the horse and horseshoes stand out. Brilliant choice. Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  19. Hi Beth. What a brilliant card you have made. You've used everything so well together, everything matches and the proportions are spot on, great job. Your friend will love it. Carry on the good work.
    Lancashire Steph : ) xx

  20. Hi Hazel
    What a great card. You have taught your pupil well.
    Mind you, sounds like they're out to get your equipment as well as your time lol!
    Have a great week.
    Ang x

  21. Morning Hazel another lovely make by Beth, I agree with you a box of die cut goodies is the way to go.
    Great horsey card. Love the gingham background too.

    Hugs Erika. x