Sunday, 31 May 2015


Good morning every one who has called or just looking in today?  Just more pictures of our travels?
We have left Lake Lousie and are now at Vernon, which lies in the middle valley between the two sets of the Rockies.  We were here just for one night visiting one of Charlies half sisters, we went out and had a meal, it was lovely to see them again.

The evening before we left Lake Louise we went out for a drive, it's was a beautiful evening that was to nice to waste sitting in doors.  Yet again we saw another black bear like the one earlier but this one was a big one!
Then just along a bit we came upon these two Dear!
They stayed for a while just watching us.
This next photo is of us leaving this morning and what a gorgeous day it started out being.

We stopped at Rogers pass, the last we stopped here it was that cold my I pad froze and didn't work for a couple of hours, we sat on a bench watching this little chap for ages? 
He was so cute and just wasn't bothered. 
Last ( I bet you are glad)  is what to me could be Lake Windermere at home, this is Mara Lake 

Well that's all for today, we are on the move again later on today. We are heading over the Rockies to Vancouver, for a couple of days.  
Thank you for all your lovely comments, 
I am off to get things packed up ready for setting off.
Take care
Hazel xxx 

Saturday, 30 May 2015


Good morning, it's early evening here in Lake Louise.  We have had another great day, we didn't do what we really wanted to do and that was to go and have after noon tea at Lake Louise it's self, to busy and not our thing when you can't move for people.  We went for a drive I to the Banff Nstional Park, we weren't going any where special, we took a road off went to see where it took us, nothing much so we turned round and headed back after about 3/4 of an hour - slow driving in the park. Took this photo which I think show the ruggedness of these mountains?

I do often wonder what went through the minds of the first men and women who came upon these mountains???  Nothing but foot power to get them over these, no maps or GPS to guide them!!!

On our return journey I notuce something black moving at the side of the road in front of us!  Yes another Bear?

Now he was in really good conditions and just carry on eating his greens.  We were lucky as there was a pull in place just across the road from him, we were the only ones there to begin with so no one to disturb him!

My last photo is of Lake Moraine, we visited this in October 13 and I did think the lake would be full seeing how much snow is still around, but sadly it is quiet empty.

Still beautiful but empty for this time of year!! 

I do wonder how long it will be before these places will be gone?

This is the photo I took 18 months ago in October.

Any way thank you once again for calling in to see what we have seen to day - sorry yesterday, I do appreciate you giving up our time.  I hope you all have a lovely day, and I hope if your weather is better than I believe it's been has these past few days.  

Hazel xxx

Friday, 29 May 2015


Well folks we have had a great day out.   It started here with pouring rain!  That's me putting it mildly, but I do believe it's been horrible at home too.   Anyway we decided by 10 am it's was looking like it was clearing up so we got our selves ready and into the car, we headed to the Jasper Nstional Park, as we wanted to see places that we saw in October 2013, that would look different at this time of the year plus we had to pay 50 dollars for the park pas while we were here, so why not use it.

Some of you who have known me since we were last here will know we/I were disappointed we didn't see much wild life especially a bear , well today we did!!!  We thought an accident had happened as their were cars and buses all over the road , it turned out that they had seen a bear? But rather than pull to the sides they just blocked the road, lucky for us there was a tour bus in front of us and he made them move as he wanted through, I bet his passengers weren't happy they mussed the bear???

Up close and personal as one would say, I was so glad my I pad was in the side pocket of the door!!!

Then we came upon these mountain sheep/ goat type animals again very close, like please don't scratch the car? 

We went to the ice fields, oh boy it's is so much small than 18 months ago.still buses take walkers up the walk to near the top.

Now this beauty, we saw yesterday and Charlie just had to take a photo of it!  It was some truck, the young man who owned it was very proud of his unit and didn't mind it being photographed, now Charlie did say he wouldn't mind driving it??  By the way it had cost the lad 1000 dollars to have it washed and polished the day before, and boy all that crome will have taken some work. 

We are off tomorrow to do the two lakes here.  Lake Louise we didn't do the last time as we couldn't get near it for tour buses and cars, so we are so hoping we can tomorrow, and if possible we would love to have afternoon tea at the hotel at the lake edge, if we do it will take photos. 
Thank you for all your lovely comments I do appreciate them all. 

You will likely all be asleep while I am writing this as it is only 5.30pm here and it turned out to be a beautiful day too, we are off out for tea soon. 

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Sorry to have been absent for a few days but as you see by the photos we are in Canada again?
This time I have seen an Elk!   When we were here in the October we didn't see any.
Didn't get delay this time flight left a few minutes late but arrived 40 minutes early this side, was glad to be getting off at Calgary and not having another hours flight to Vancouver.  We are staying at Lake Louise for 4 days then will make our way across to Vancouver and the island like the last time.

Not to good a photo of the Elk, but couldn't get out of the car to take it, I just love the wee Chipmonk,  he sat on that rock eating his dandelion head.  Wasn't bothered at all 
We have just been to Banff to have a look around, we took the back road so very little traffic which was lovely, plus you are in the national park so you have to drive slow incase animals are on the road. 
Weather a bit showery at times but on the whole it stayed dry and was 13c.
Going off to the old railway station restaurant for dinner later on.  
I think tomorrow we will head towards Jasper, won't go there as such, just that when we came from Jasoer the last time we found some lovely places with beautiful water falls so we want to go back in see them at this time of the year with the water flowing faster. 

Any way must go get myself ready to go out.
Thank you for calling in. 
Hazel xxx

Friday, 22 May 2015


It's Friday again, another week gone, yet I have no idea where the time has gone!!!  I haven't posted an " Oldie Friday" for a few weeks, so I thought I'd get back into posting again.
Today's is a wedding card I did around this time last year.

On this card I let the Die'sire die do the work.  I am sure the papers were papermania and ribbon from my stash.

Beth said to thank every one of you for your congratulations you left for her.  She is giving a power point presentation at school today about her time.  10 years old and doing a power point, I wouldn't know where to start.
Thank you also from me for your comments on my card,  I think it's something that we have to think about when making cards for older people, and really any one who has eye sight problems, just that bit of raised embossing or a flower that can be touched and felt.  We do take things for granted.

Any way I am off to make up 30 boxes, these are bought ones that just mean making up, nothing hard.

Do take care, and have a good weekend.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Good afternoon.  I am sorry I haven't been round for a while, just life getting in the way.  I seem to have more time when I worked full time.  
Thank you for all your lovely comments on the wrapped bag and shoes, I do appreciate every one of them. 
Today it's a birthday card I made quickly for Tammy to give to her MIL.  As Tammy said nothing fussy and no point of putting lots of word on as MIL doesn't see that well, so I thought if I used things that she could feel would be better.  Tammy describled the colours etc to her. It's was well received.
I used Sue Wilson die, now I have let Patricia borrow this die so I can't go get the name, the leaves are a mix of Sue Wilson and heart felt creations, also the aster flower is by them.  The happy birthday is one I had stamped but hadn't used and it fitted in with this card so it's now used. 
As I said it was made very quickly.

I think a mentioned that Beth was off last week to the Windsor Horse Show as part of the Shetland pony racing team.  Well she had a fantastic time, got a couple of first, second, forth and a disqualification and fell off, unhurt.  Thought the Kings Troop and Household Cavalry were amazing, told me the Queen had seen her race, Prince Edward had come to talk to them, plus the Queen great grandchildren.  All in all had a ball.

Beth on the left.  All go you can kind of feel the speed they are traveling at.

Next bit of excitement at their house was the arrival of this little lot, 12 in total, mum has her wings full as one might say.  She seem a really good mum so here's hoping they more hens than cockerals.

Well that's it for another few days, thank you for calling in to see what I have. Posted. Off now to do more ironing it's ok it drying it's the iron never seem to be off today.  

Hazel xxx

Monday, 11 May 2015


A quick post I wasn't going to show these, then thought why not!!!    Tammy asked Patricia if she could have this set of the bag and shoes.   Then it was mum can you wrap them up putting these products with them.   So this is what I came up with.

When Beth was making up her party bags the nail polishes she put in them came in a really strong box, well me being me thought I might just be able to use it!!! 
Well with a piece of card glued over the top and the writing, this is what I came up with. Very difficult to wrap but at least it's all together. 

Thank you for your comments on the invites, they are different, but that is why I was asked if I could help and make them.   Very much a Leo thing, they do like being different. 
Well I am off back to putting some more invites together.  

Hazel xxx 

Sunday, 10 May 2015


As  promised here is the day invitation, I have only just started to put them together, I still have to get the inserts.   Again all the bride to be own design.  I have just made them up.   Can you tell she loves her horses?  

Again  her choice.   She decided on the green horseshoe instead of a white one or any other colour.

They are simple in design, but it's making sure I have them right.   I would have loved for the inserts to have been done as I could have popped them in their tissue paper then in to the boxes.  But that isn't going to happened just yet, but at least I can get them made up.

Thank you for calling in to have a look, I will hopefully get them completed by the end of the week or if not the beginning of the following week.   I have had a few birthday cards to make as well, plus I was wanting to make some bit box cards up, so Anna could give them to her piano teacher Mary.  Mary spends so much time with Anna making sure she is going to get her grade 5.not that she think there will any problem on that front.    Anna in Mary eyes is a natural so of coarse she will give her a lot of time,  so seeing how Mary still writes letters and send cards we decided it would be a useful little gift.  Now if it had been Beth I would have given her the bit box and a few prefold cards and let get get on with it.  Anna she is s different kettle of fish and wouldn't do them.

Nothing much going on here, the weather has been miserable today.  Was going over to see Tammy as its her birthday today, but they decided to go for a walk with the boys up at Dunkeld then go and have lunch.   So there was no point of us travelling the 50 miles round trip if they were going to be back.   They have got the boys up to doing a 10 mile walk.   So depending on what walk they decide to do and the time it takes.

Well I am going off now to tidy the kitchen and then I am off to have a shower and get my pjs on.
Then it's feet up.

I will let Beth see all the lovely comments you have left her about her friends card, she will be made up.  I know she will read everyone and then reread them.

Hazel xxxx

Saturday, 9 May 2015


Good morning.   Not a very nice looking one at the moment we will hope it brightens up later.
Thank you for calling in to see what I have posted today, I do appreciate you doing so and leaving your comments.   Yes Lauren is a sweetie, but like all children she has her moments???  She looks even sweeter when her hair is washed and brushed!  She has the habit of keep brushing it back with her hands, which I my add aren't slways CLEAN,  her hair is very fine so that doesn't help as clips etc just fall out.  Yes we are blessed with four beautiful grand children.

Today I am showing a card Beth made last night.   Well she phoned me at around 6pm.  Oh boy she had her "knickers in a twist "  as one would say.  Why? She couldn't find the die cut that she had stamped and cut earlier at mine.  What was she going to do???  My answer " Beth you have a birthday stamp and a ink pad go make one". But that wasn't the real problem, it was because she couldn't die cut it - using scissors not the same.  She did ask if she could have my old GC and some dies so she could have it at her house.  I don't think so as it would end up among the other stuff in the office.  No she will learn to think of other ways.   Any way this is her card.

Her choice of what was going to be used, only thing is I cut two grey horse shoes ( they looked to Beth to be better than silver coloured card ones) she took a white one to just incase  it would look better, ( I have to watch my stock with her)  I see she decided to use it instead of one of the grey ones!!   Never mind she did it on her own with not even me being there?  She was pleased that her sentiment turned out ok and she photographed her card and sent it to my I pad.  These children are so into doing the techno things.  I told her I would put it on my blog as it was so lovely.  I am now in the middle of making her a new goodie box of die cuts etc.

Her card            :- a 5x5 prefolded one
Backing card.    :- first editions Family Ties
Die cuts.            :- Marie Anne
Stamp.               :- early learning centre.

Well not much on the books for today, I am looking after grandsons next weekend so this weekend I intend to do very little.  
Have a good weekend what ever you are doing

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 7 May 2015



Today is our little grand daughter Lauren's 5th birthday,   This LOTV image  just suites her she is a little sweetie.   She was born the day after the last election.  Will it be that on her 10th birthday we will be waking up to find out who is in power too???

Lauren's card.      :- 7x7 pre fold card
                            :-  back ground paper ( first edition Dream catchers)
                            :-  LOTV image
                            :-  Happy Birthday stamp - just rite

The photo of Lauren was taken when she was trying on dresses, I do wish they had brushed her hair ( sore point with me )  but anyway she was in seventh heaven while trying on all the dresses?

Nothing much going on here today, just normal everyday things, which makes a change,  

Thank you for all your comments on the evening invitation.  As I said Gillian's friend choose what she wanted, I just made them up.   Then as a bride to be  she should have what she wants, not what on offer!  She still hasn't given me what she want to put on her inserts.   She is very laid back and I think she thinks " what's the hurry".  Maybe I will be lucky and get them soon, I don't think she realises that until they are put in I can't finish them?   No way could I do this as a business and I have told Gillian if any other friend asks the answer is " NO".

Have a good day what ever you are doing, hopefully the weather will stay nice.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 4 May 2015


Good morning,   Firstly I see I have two new followers?  Welcome to blog I will check to see who you are and if you have a bog I will pop over to see your work, I love seeing what others make and do.   I am in work early today, then I must get on and finish the day time invitations, I am awaiting the bride to be to let me know what is wants on the inserts, but I can get them made up to the point that it's just the inserts to be put in!

Ang Duck was asking to see what the invitation were like. Well I have photographed just 8 of them as 50 was rather hard to photograph.  Now these were a fair bit of work, 50 striplets to die cut to start with, then it was cutting the card them embossing it, cutting the backing papers and of course then putting them together.

The request for these was no fuss and no frills, she loved the regal striplet and that with Papermania Capsule Collection papers in pale green was her choice.  The day time invitations are gate fold ones. I will show them later.  She didn't even want evening invitation stamped on the front. In a way that was a blessing as it would have been a other die cut.

Thank you for all your kind comments on Beths gift bags, I don't know how they got on, I did message but haven't heard.   I will get told all about I know doubt on the way to school.

Right I'd better get a move on and get to work.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 2 May 2015


These are Beths party bags that she wanted me to cut out for her to make!  As you can see she has carried the Horse head theme from her invitations.   Her birthday was last month when they away skiing, so she is going off  today to do some water sports with her friends.   Now the weather for today is meant to be terrible - yes they will be wet anyway but oh boy it will be cold. Glad I am not going, I was so glad that we have a family afternoon get together for coffee and cake on. 
Any way she and her friends will have a good time, the young don't feel the cold.  

Yesterday  I was away with Tammy younger daughter having a head a neck massage, which was lovely the young girl took on board that I suffer from Polymyalgia and was gentle, my arms from the way I had to have them were sore but nothing to complain about.  Then we had an hours trip to the shops I had to get a cover for my new I pad.  Then it was off to the hotel to have afternoon tea.

As you can see it was lovely and very yummy!!.,  ate a bit to much but Hey Ho it's not every day you go out for afternoon tea.  So I had a lovely day.  

Thank you for your comments on my altered bag, To I think from one of Beths ones splitting I could see that just maybe I could make another bag using the XCut die.    For you who have the die, go have a play and make one, they are not that big but you can fit a couple of mini products or just some sweets in it.   
Off now to get some ironing done, it won't do itself and my ironing fairy is to busy with her ironing business to fit mine into.  I actually like ironing, but it would be lovely not to have to do it.  

Have a good day.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 1 May 2015


Sorry for the photo overload, working from my I pad isn't good with this amount of photos. I have tried for the last hour to crop them etc. 
Yesterday Beth asked if I would cut her 11 bags for her party. She with my help put them together will show tomorrow. But 1 split and I decided to see what I coukd do if I cut it down.  Result another gift bag. So thought I would pass it on. I know a lot of you have this die. 
Thank you for all your comments on my raffle prize, if the school can raise money I always like to donate, seeing it's summer - meant to be ( frost here again) I thought it would be a useful prize. 
I will finish here as its a long post. Have a good day what ever you are doing.

Hazel xxx