Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Good morning, at least it's a nice looking one but still very cold?  After yesterday's hail, snow and rain anything is better. 

Sorry again it's been days since I have posted anything, this working less hours isnt giving me any more time that's for sure!!!  I think it's because I know I have the time so I just don't rush.  
I have made a couple of cards but I have just to finish them off , can't fine my heat gun so that I can emboss my sentiments, I think one of my off spring has borrowed it, but of course they haven't!!! 

Anyway Beths school is having a summer fair and I am going to helping wrap things to make them look better, and I offered ( how stupid was that) to put some small things into big gifts.  The holiday goodies is my donation to the raffle, so I have got it done and dusted as one would say?   I decided the holiday essentials would be a good one as even if you don't go away it's all useful!!!  I have cellophane it all up but it did not photograph very well.  At least you get the idea, I normally would put a beach bag in to, but to be honest I couldn't find one I like, so that's it.  

I have so much on in the next couple of months and I know the fair is the end of May, but the way time is flying past I think I would struggle if I left things till the last minute.  I am still doing invitation, nearly there and I tell you what I wont be doing any more that's for sure!!!  

Well my new I pad has arrived so the fun will begin!  I will get SIL Derek to transferr things off this one on to my nice new one.  This one is 3 years old and has been well used.  Yes to think this time 3 years ago I had just had my operation and it was the start of a journey I didn't know what the out come could be!!!    Thankfully it's been ok and I am positive that it will carry I being that way.

I am off to get my BP checked, so just keeping calm.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on June and Sams cards, they both loved them and the fact that I had sent them both separately.  Sam has a good few chemo treatments to have and we will be there to support them both.

Right off to the health centre.

Hazel xxx 


  1. Oh Hazel what a fantastic idea, you never fail to amaze a really good idea for school sales I will use it if you don't mind, thank you.
    Time I am convinced has speeded up, I keep saying 'stop the world while I catch up' where does the time go?
    Have fun and less frustration with your new I pad.
    Take care
    With love
    Margaret xxx

  2. I'll try again, first message has gone into "cyber space"
    See you managed to get your bags after all.
    Hazel that is a FANTASTIC prize there is "oodles" of "stuff" in there.
    Will you buy me some tickets please.
    Time definitely is going faster ...... it definitely IS!!!!!
    Patricia x

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  4. Hi Hazel,

    Fabulous prizes and you have bagged them up well. Congratulations on it being three years, well done, here's to the next three. I know what you mean about more time so don't have to rush, I hate rushing anything.

    Have a nice restful day.

    Love & Hugs
    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Hi Hazel, hope your BP test goes ok?
    Love your raffle prizes, so useful and a super idea.
    Re embossing, did you know that you can hold your paper over the top of your toaster, it works too. I used a toaster before I purchased my first heat gun, just watch your fingers and don't rest it on, hover!
    Good luck with the new ipad, haven't ventured there yet although my boys both have. I prefer the old main frame!

    Have a super Tuesday, hugs Erika. x

  6. Great idea for raffle prizes Good on you for the last three years Well done I know what you mean about time It's a bit like me when I worked in our town centre I'd think "I can go shopping tomorrow" and that tomorrow never came!

  7. I love the idea of holiday essentials as a raffle prize Hazel, really thoughtul xx

  8. Hi Hazel,
    What a brilliant idea and, as you say, even if you're not going away the things will come in useful.
    Love Maureen xx

  9. Hello Hazel, hope all is well with your BP.
    Fabulous bags and so very useful, they will go down well.
    Perishing cold here, I'm back to winter woollies and fur lined boots, hugs Kate x

  10. Hi Hazel you have been missed and it's nice to know that you are ok.
    And I like your gifts that you have made. I bet you will not be doing any more invites for a while lol.
    weve had a wonderful sunny day and then it snowed and the sun was still shining. xxx
    Debs xx
    {Debs Cards}

  11. Fabulous idea for a raffle prize`s Hazel, beautiful gifts.

  12. Brilliant idea for a Raffle prize Hazel. Wish I had time to just create, but time is not on my radar at the moment as you know. Take Care. Hugs Rita xxxx

  13. fabulous prizes you have made up Hazel - they look brilliant! I wish we could use you for our school fairs!!! Lol! Hugs rachel x

  14. Hi Hazel,
    What an absolutely great selection of prizes and everything is so useful! As you rightly said - useful at home or on holiday. Thanks for sharing your super ideas.
    Love Myra xxx

  15. You are such a busy lady, and how kind & generous of you to still take time to think of others as you have been doing. These little gift treats are perfect & so thoughtful for a raffle. I hope your girls appreciate you as you deserve! Best wishes to your friend that the chemo goes uneventfully. So glad that you are able to be there & supporting them. It means the world to the patient I know. TFS & Hugs.

  16. What generous and useful raffles prizes - hopefully your BP reading was okay and yiu managed to keep 'Calm & Carry on' isn't it amazing when you look back over time and think this time last year or this time two/three years ago and think how far you have come or how things have changed - we never know what life is going to throw at us but probably as well we don't - you keep 'Carrying On' and doing as well as you are xx GailT xx

  17. HI Hazel, what a great idea for a raffle gift, a real winner of an idea! Hugs Carole Z X

  18. Hi Hazel,
    these are so very useful for holidaying, and just so you know where things are.
    I bet they will be so pleased to have them.
    Isn't it funny how when you have more time the less gets done.
    This is what happens when you retire, you think I will have plenty of time to do lots, when in reality you slow down so much that not a lot gets done.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  19. Hi Hazel

    I have just popped in to say sorry I haven't been visiting blogs as often as I should do. but you hit the nail on the head , the more free time you have you seem to fill it with other things even though you think it will give you more time to craft. Never ends up that way, does it. Your cards have been beautiful, I really like your just because card.

    Talk soon, Take Care Big Hugs

    Tina XX

  20. Hi Hazel,what useful gifts,I'm sure they will go down a treat
    Well done. It's strange when you presumably got more time you seem to get less done. Take care Hug's Lynda xx

  21. Hi Hazel
    Well, with the paracetemol, diarrhoea pills and toothbrush, it could be a Friday night pack for Patricia lol!. . . . . .Don't tell her I said that lol!
    Crickey, do I Pads only last 3 years? Jeepers!
    Time does indeed fly, even when you're not chasing your tail.
    Can't wait to see these invites after all your hard work.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  22. Good idea Hazel. They look very good. I am sure they will be appreciated by whoever wins them.

  23. Great idea ,Hazel, for raffles etc. will think of doing that.
    Wendy xx

  24. Ho Hazel. What a fantastic idea to put a Summer Holiday theme into your gift for the school (NO excuses for frazzeled skin or lobster impressions) !! I bet the finished gift wrapping will look so beach like, it will make you want to get to the beach asap : )

    Have a good bank holiday weekend everyone.
    Lancashire Steph xxx