Friday, 3 April 2015


A Happy " Good Easter Friday". To you all.  Thank you for calling in to my blog, I am sorry I haven't been a very good blogger lately, no other excuse except life just gets in the way at times, and talking of time who keeps stealing some of mine???    Off work till a week Monday so I hope to get some things made to post up on here.    I have been busy making up MORE evening invites for Gillian and Andrews wedding party.   All Andrews fault?    He started a new job a few weeks ago and feels he would like to invite some of his co workers to the evening party.  Also you know what it's like you think you have remembered everyone then you have these light bulb moments in the middle of the night??? So it was a case of " mum can you please ". So that's them done.    But on doing them my GC just got to the stage that I was waiting for it go " BANG".  Handle so stiff I could hardly turn it and very scary noises coming from it too.  So an early birthday gift from husband of a new Teal GC. Which is fab as I don't need to put the plates through so many times to get things to cut, and the handle turns so easily!!!

Any way it's a scrapbooking page.    I must get back into doing more.    I want so much to do a book for Gillian and Andrew.

Where has time gone it only seems like yesterday we were out at the park having fun?
Our little grandchildren Andrew and Lauren weren't born then.
Now I have all my beautiful dies etc I could go wild with designs.  
Right I am off to get some house work done.
Have a good day and a lovely weekend, we will hope the weather gets better.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post I love reading them all.

Hazel xxx


  1. OMG!! Sis, does not seem so long since the kids were like that .... happy days!!
    Glad you likeing your new toy. Really feels so differnent from the Pink GC.
    Loving mine, the Enosser had been stuck to the back of the cupboard. That was total waste of money for me yet Elaine loves hers.

  2. Fabulous page Hazel. I hope you enjoy your time off sand manage to get some crafty time too. Lucky you to get the new GC. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. A wonderful page Hazel...I haven't done one for ages!! xx

  4. Beautiful page Hazel, I know how time runs away with you I have had a week off and only managed to get three cards done there was me hoping to get loads done lol! Enjoy your break.
    Not sure whether Sandra would have let you know, I'm sure she would have but I am leaving the get together in October as I am hoping to go to the NEC the following week, I would have loved to meet you all maybe next year we could do it again if you are up for it but don't wish to scare you wait to see how this one goes lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Hi Hazel,
    Nothing tells a story like a good scrapbook page. I loved the way you've got the slide pictures going so that they look as though they are actually sliding down the page. Fantastic.
    Got to agree with big Sis in that my e-bosser just lies under my desk and I never use it. In fact a neighbour borrowed it to try and I was quite annoyed when I got it back, as I had to find space for it again!!! How sad is that?
    love Maureen xx

  6. Hi Hazel no need to apologise as I think the time-thief as Patricia calls him/her is on the rampage this the scrap booking page and what a lovely present and keepsake too xx enjoy your time off and have a lovely Easter Weekend xx GailT xx

  7. Oh no not a GC death? On the upside I'd love the new teal one, so more my colour! Well jel!
    A great scrapbook page Hazel, love all the photographs. Thanks for sharing it with us today.
    Have a super Easter and here's to more crafting next week!

    Hugs Erika. x

  8. Hi hazel love ur page. Never tried scrap booking. Maybe someday.
    My calibur was coming apart at the sides an was rattling inside. Managed to send it back to a company who fixed it for free!! I did tell a small fib that it was within the year but it's 3 years old. Now it works way better as they used the new parts that go into the teal one lol. Happy days 😀 xx

  9. Hi Hazel,
    A lovely scrapbook page which leads the eye all round the page. It's lovely to these mementoes of memorable days! How quickly we forget and how quickly they grow up!
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your break from work!
    Love Myra xxxxx
    Ps I love my new teal GC too. Much better than the old one. X

  10. Tracy, my pink one went away for 10 weeks when it needed fixing, it came back and has been worked a lot with all the wedding invites, I have more to make and just didn't want it breaking down on we, Charlie will open it up and see what gone wrong and I will send to spellbinders for replacements bits if needed. Good for you getting them to do it after that length, mine was onky months all and they weren't to helpfull about repairing it. Hazel x

  11. Great scrapbook page. I'm already on my second G/C-pink unfortunately as I'd much prefer the teal colour but can't justify buying another as I have a cuttlebug & a room crammed with crafty stash !


  12. Lovely scrapbook page Hazel. Glad you have the new Teal GC. My machine is getting very stiff and like you think the handle will break at anytime. Think I will have to also have a new one. It's not doing my wrist any good using this one. Hope you enjoy your break.

  13. great page Hazel - sorry you've been busy - busy can be good though!!! Big hugs Rachel x

  14. Hi Hazel
    Time does fly when you look back at old pics doesn't it?
    You're preaching to the converted about not having blogging time. I'm desparately trying to catch up with commenting after doing a full week of 8.30 to 17.45-18.00 days and not much sleep due to Mr D's snorty sniffles!
    Hope you have a fab few days off and a Happy Easter.
    Ang x

    PS. . . . . .I took my GC apart a couple of weeks ago to clean it as it was leaving black oily bits everywhere. With all the screws tighter now, It does seem to be working better for now.x

  15. Lovely page It's interesting to hear about the GC versus the Ebosser Has anyone got the CutnBoss? A friend of mine is looking at replacing her BigShot - the small electric one We're hoping to try them all out at Ally Pally next week

    1. Hi Karen,my friend bought the Cutnboss from C& C had to send it back as it wouldent take the plates through. Then she bought another one from a web site & that one isn't working properly so sent that back too. I have a Ebosser & had no problem with it.

    2. Hazel your scrap book page is lovely
      Hug's Lynda xx

  16. Super page Hazel, I really need to get back into may photos, so little time! I was at the same stage with my GC, but I'd had it since they first came out, which seems years. I had the teal one for Christmas and like you and very pleased with it! Hugs Carole Z X