Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Good morning, at least it's a nice looking one but still very cold?  After yesterday's hail, snow and rain anything is better. 

Sorry again it's been days since I have posted anything, this working less hours isnt giving me any more time that's for sure!!!  I think it's because I know I have the time so I just don't rush.  
I have made a couple of cards but I have just to finish them off , can't fine my heat gun so that I can emboss my sentiments, I think one of my off spring has borrowed it, but of course they haven't!!! 

Anyway Beths school is having a summer fair and I am going to helping wrap things to make them look better, and I offered ( how stupid was that) to put some small things into big gifts.  The holiday goodies is my donation to the raffle, so I have got it done and dusted as one would say?   I decided the holiday essentials would be a good one as even if you don't go away it's all useful!!!  I have cellophane it all up but it did not photograph very well.  At least you get the idea, I normally would put a beach bag in to, but to be honest I couldn't find one I like, so that's it.  

I have so much on in the next couple of months and I know the fair is the end of May, but the way time is flying past I think I would struggle if I left things till the last minute.  I am still doing invitation, nearly there and I tell you what I wont be doing any more that's for sure!!!  

Well my new I pad has arrived so the fun will begin!  I will get SIL Derek to transferr things off this one on to my nice new one.  This one is 3 years old and has been well used.  Yes to think this time 3 years ago I had just had my operation and it was the start of a journey I didn't know what the out come could be!!!    Thankfully it's been ok and I am positive that it will carry I being that way.

I am off to get my BP checked, so just keeping calm.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on June and Sams cards, they both loved them and the fact that I had sent them both separately.  Sam has a good few chemo treatments to have and we will be there to support them both.

Right off to the health centre.

Hazel xxx 

Monday, 20 April 2015


This card is the one I made for June.   Again "Just because"  but in side I have stamped the sentiment

                                                       " It takes time to grow an old friend"

She is an old friend of 37 years, and phones me every Sunday when possible, I often phone her first, but 9 out of 10 it's June that gets in first.

I don't want her feeling  left out, a lot of attention is on Sam at the minute, and yes it has to be as he is going through a tough time - it's the unknown at the moment!  They didn't think his tumour was as large as it was and of course only thought he would need a small amount of chemo.   As it is he is having quite a lot.    So it will be tough on them both, June can drive but she has lost confidence and feels she is better not to endanger any others plus herself getting behind the wheel.  Of course Sam is not allowed to drive at the moment due to him not being 100%.  So life is very much on hold.   Daughter and son-inlaw having to take them places.   Me I say it's just pay back for all the years they were taxi service to them.

7x7 card
Sue Wilson  :- Diagonals - Love Hearts
Heartfelt Creations. :-Aster die
Heartfelt.Creation. :-  Posy Patch leaves
Sue Wilson  :- vine leaves
Spellbinders Dotty folder.
Backing Paper :- The Works

I bought the diagonal die weeks ago and just didn't get round to using it, plus I wasn't sure how it would work, but Sue had a video last week showing how you could use it.   No stopping after that - I had to play to see if it did work, so this is my first card using it properly.  I can see it being like my striplets and will get used a lot.

Thank you for your comments,I do love reading them and do appreciate everyone of them.                  I am hoping that their cards will just show we are thinking of them.
If it wasn't so far we would visit, but Grantham is just to far from here.

It's back to working a full week for me this week!   I will miss all the free time, but saying that I don't work the time in between dropping the girls off at school and picking them up.

Have a good day and take care.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 19 April 2015


" JUST BECAUSE"    This is a very plain simple card to let my friends husband, Tammy God father know we are all thinking of him as he starts his chemo on Wednesday.  He had his radiotherpy before his operation for Bowel Cancer which he has had a few hiccups along the way, but is now making good progress.   He has a long road still to go with his chemo, but with positive thoughts he will be ok.     He is cheerful and in a good frame of mind so he will be fine. 

This is 7x7 card that I have just cut a frame and put over the checked card, added the sentiment and a few buttons to take the plainness away.  
I have made one for my friend which I will show another day!  
 I haven't been working apart from one one last week which worked in my favour as I ended up with a water infection, thankfully the doctor gave we antibiotics so I am fine again. A day or two feeling as if my energy had gone walk abouts.  

Thank you for all your comments on my wedding card.
To think I was just playing to see what it would look like, I am sometimes better doing that than having to make one to a theme.

Have a good day, what ever you may be doing, I am only doing pick up today, I am enjoying these odd few hours now and again.

Hazel xxx 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Good morning.  Please can anyone tell me where yesterday went???  I wasn't at work even!  I have no idea where time went.   Granted our younger sister Fiona called in and we had a good catch up chat for a couple of hours, then I went to meet daughter Tammy half way between here and Perth, Calum wanted his friend to stop over and of coarse they couldn't find the air bed.  So mum to the rescue.  I lent them the Z bed.    No point of her going and trying to find the air bed in the loft, so sure as eggs are eggs something would have been wrong with it.

Now I am hoping that today won't be the same?  I am not working again so I really would like to get some more deep cleaning done,  or another sort out of  my gift basket things!!!

Beth loved her card.  Her words " it's eptic" but hazel the horses head should have been a bit more forward?  But I don't mind as you don't do horses and you thought of what I would like and that's the most important thing!!!   What more could I ask for?  I took her tuesday to get school shoes - no luck, but she did get her  Converse High Tops that I said she could have from us as her gift, so one happy bunny.

So thank you for all your comments on her card.

 Today's card started as one I was playing with to see what I could do for a wedding card.   I had it sat on my work tray and Fiona asked if she could have it or one like it for her girls dance teacher who is getting married, well what could I say ???  So off I went and made up a box, got the tissue sorted out and yes I didn't photo it!  Luckly I had taken a photo of it before to see how it would photo and I had to do a bit of sorting on it, bits needed a bit more glue which was done but of coarse not re photographed.  But at least you can see what it was like?

Card size.                :- 8x8
Die cut.                   :-  Sue Wilson Striplet Collection Regal Die
Embossing folder.   :-  Sue Wilson Art Deco
Sentiment.               :- Sizzx's
Lilic Card.              . :- Papermania
Ribbon and pearls.   :- from stash

Thank you for calling in.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 13 April 2015


Good morning, sorry I haven't been around much and have not blogged for over a week.  I had time off work while the family were away skiing.  So I decided I would just take some time out too.  I have been doing things in the house ie kitchen cupboards, wardrobe and drawer clearing things like that.  Going and meeting up with Patricia and meeting friends.  It was so nice not to clock watch.  
I should be back into work today, but mummy is at home and the girls are having a quiet day so I am not needed.  I am fine with that as this is what I wanted when I stepped back. 

It was Beths birthday on Friday, I was intending to do a photo frame up for her, but due to husband buying a new printer and I haven't worked out how it works and he isn't in the mood to show or help me with my project it will have to wait for another day?   Her card is made up with some of the die cuts I was to use on her frame.   Horses being one of her loves and what she choose for her invites I thought I'd use them to look like they were racing.    Just a very easy put together card. 

Dot folder.    :-     Embossalicious 
Horse heads  :-     Marianna designs createables animals 
Border die.    : -    Perseus from the Gemini collection
Stamp.        .  :-     Justrite
Flowers.        :-      Bought ones 

The other thing I have been busy with is making the wedding invites for Gillians friend.   They are all cut and ready for Alice to come to make her mind up as to what she wants me to put on her insert.  Once she does that it will be all go to get them made up.  

Thank you for all your lovely comment on my card.   I love seeing what I can do with a die.  The more uses the more value for money.   

Right off to get a wash on and get some housework done, might get some crafting done later.   

Take care.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 5 April 2015


As my title says it's all in the " Sentiment" .   I bought this stamp from  Inkylicious when I went to the SECC last month.   I just decided  I wanted to use it  so I made this card.   

Papers:- " The Works" these papers are 12x12 and they were selling at £3.   Can't seem to get them now.

Dies:- Sue Wilson Striplet Regal Die Set. (It cuts a dream) and Vinery finishing touches
                               California collection - San Francisco.
            Heart felt creations poppy pose to make the not very good flower.  ( hate glue on my fingers) 

Sentiment:- Inkylicious

Thank you for all your comments on my scrapbook page, as I said I must get back into it.   But it's just time.  As my sister Patricia would say "the time  Thief "has been busy.  

I am off until a week Monday, which I am not sure what I will be doing?   It will all depend on the weather.  As for yourselves enjoy what you have planned and take care doing it.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 3 April 2015


A Happy " Good Easter Friday". To you all.  Thank you for calling in to my blog, I am sorry I haven't been a very good blogger lately, no other excuse except life just gets in the way at times, and talking of time who keeps stealing some of mine???    Off work till a week Monday so I hope to get some things made to post up on here.    I have been busy making up MORE evening invites for Gillian and Andrews wedding party.   All Andrews fault?    He started a new job a few weeks ago and feels he would like to invite some of his co workers to the evening party.  Also you know what it's like you think you have remembered everyone then you have these light bulb moments in the middle of the night??? So it was a case of " mum can you please ". So that's them done.    But on doing them my GC just got to the stage that I was waiting for it go " BANG".  Handle so stiff I could hardly turn it and very scary noises coming from it too.  So an early birthday gift from husband of a new Teal GC. Which is fab as I don't need to put the plates through so many times to get things to cut, and the handle turns so easily!!!

Any way it's a scrapbooking page.    I must get back into doing more.    I want so much to do a book for Gillian and Andrew.

Where has time gone it only seems like yesterday we were out at the park having fun?
Our little grandchildren Andrew and Lauren weren't born then.
Now I have all my beautiful dies etc I could go wild with designs.  
Right I am off to get some house work done.
Have a good day and a lovely weekend, we will hope the weather gets better.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post I love reading them all.

Hazel xxx