Sunday, 8 March 2015


Good morning.   Thank you for calling in today to see what I am up to?   Also thank you to everyone who left comments on my last post.    Sorry I haven't been posting for a week, I have been busy, but not that busy I just don't know where the time has gone?
The girls granny came up on Friday as planned, she has decided that the " scum bag" is not ruling her life, good on her is what I told her.   It turns out that she knows the person according to the police, but at this moment they can't tell her whom it is.  Now in my eyes that's all wrong?   If they have been caught then she should be told to put her mind at rest.   But as she said they will likely get a slap on the wrist and told " you were naughty don't do it again"  but as we all know that does not happen.

Any way as the title says SECC buys, Patricia and I went yesterday, what a let down!!!  Thank goodness we were doing it on the cheap as one would say.  We went on the bus from Perth using our bus passes, Patricia got the tickets off her tesco vouchers so that's what I mean by cheap.   We did get a taxi to the SECC and back as the weather was horrible.   The show? Well one hall only usually two. Every thing squeezed in with not much room.  Very little traders and demos, but to add to this they were mixed in with ther other crafts that are usually in a hall of their own, so it was a bit mish mash and hard to find things, when you did the places like Samuel,Taylor were a lot smaller stands than normal.   Yes I still bought bits, you actually felt sorry for them as they clearly were not busy, no queuing to pay for you goods and time to chat to them, they won't be back just the generally comment.  It's a pity.   I also felt sorry for those who had paid out to go.

Here is my purchases.

The only thing that's on there that I didn't buy at the show was the Sue Wilson striplet in the middle but I bought that on Thursday from Adrian's ( Poles Apart) Cupar.  And I have to say it is a dream to use.  You can't really see everything that well, but in there is some Anna-Marie card to, like I need more card but I do like the baby pink and blue and there are a few baby cards to do for orders that Tammy has put in.

Right I am going to make a move and get some washing on as it looks like we just might get a good day.

Take care.

Hazel xxx


  1. Good morning Hazel It sound like it wasn't a good show and that a shame. I'm now jealous that you got lots of crafting goodie.
    On the car front Hazel we got it back a week ago and if's fine up to now fingers crossed.
    I had a phone call from Nissan head office and I told them that I were disappointed with the service and he gave me is number and if I have anymore problem ive just to ring him.
    Have a nice day and chat later.
    Debs xx
    {Debs Cards– my personal blog}

  2. Hi Hazel.
    As I said on my blog last night, I am so disappointed for you, your pay more tan enough money to get into these 'bigger' shows, so you expect a good selection of craft stalls!
    One thing that makes Ally Pally more enjoyable is that there are no 'miracle whizz' oven clean stands or someone pushing you to join the 'Heritage' society, it's not what we go to craft shows for, the food stand are usually mega expensive too!
    I don't know how small companies like 'inkyliscious' can afford, the show, hotels and travel expenses! Was the older lady doing the demos this time? At Farnborough it was a young girl with pink hair doing it and I didn't find her as inspirational as the older lady, but they do have an amazing range of stamps don't they, the verses on them make you go all goosebumpy!
    Have you used the ink dusters before Hazel? If not you will love them, I find them easier than a blending tool!
    Enjoy playing with your stash!
    See you in the crazy cafe hopefully!
    Love and hugs
    Sandra xxxx

  3. Sorry you had such a disappointing trip Hazel. AT least you managed some nice goodies out of it. Hugs Christine xx

  4. Looks like you bought a little more than Patricia, what a let down when you so look forward to it, xxx

  5. Hope your new stash makes up for your disappointing trip Hazel, they do look very nice
    hugs Jo x

  6. Hi Hazel,
    Sorry you're day out was a bit disappointing but at least you got some lovely goodies! Look forward to seeing what you create with them.
    Sounds like a typical Glasgow day weather wise as well!
    Haven't checked in for a week as been away but I loved your ready made thank you cards! I do like to have a little stash of cards - just in case!
    Have a peaceful Sunday,
    Love Myra xx

  7. Sorry the show was disappointing yesterday. At least you have some things to play with. I am going to try to cut some dies with the GC today. Need to make a Sympathy cArd. Don't like doing them but needs must so will have a go if not will have to buy one tomorrow. Hope to see you later in the cafe.

  8. Fabulous new goodies, sorry to hear that the trip was a bit disappointing, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the new stash.

    Love and hugs

  9. Your craft goodies look interesting, such a shame about the show-sounds like a real dissapointment.


  10. Good afternoon Sis, you bought a lot more than me. No wonder your bags were heavier than mine!!!
    Show was not so good but as always we managed to have a good time.

    Patricia x

  11. Hi Hazel
    Aha! Patricia got the Perseus and you got Cygnus. I got the Cygnus last week and it cuts a dream.
    Shame about the stalls but you have got some great stash there and Patricia's company is priceless.
    Enjoy playing.
    Ang x

  12. Oh Hazel so sorry that the show was not up to expectations but at least you were able to find some things. to think I was considering going but as the weather was so bad I decided not to go and went to younger daughters instead to alter more curtains for her at her new house, she is getting sorted bless her she is still on cloud nine!
    Margaret corgi owner

  13. Hi hazel.
    I stopped gointo the secc shows 4 years ago. As I found them disappointing. I'm only 40 mins away by train herein Kilmarnock.
    So my reckoning was by the time I buy ticket £6.50 for train then the £7 to get into show plus £10 lunch/ coffee that's £23 almost that's could spend on craft goodies. Plus my birthday is at the same time so now I just get my hubby to run me out to Hillington not far from Braehead to my fav craft store craftworld and treat myself or a wee online shopping spree.
    Yeah I know I maybe miss out on newness/demos but hey ho u canny have everything. U should've swung by mine for a cuppa an a blether lol xx

    1. Tracy you were so right to go to craft world instead. We might have to arrange a meet up at some point even if it's at craft world. Hazel x

    2. That would be so cool I'd like that.
      Would have to sort out my hubby or my friend to drive me there as I don't like driving much lol xx

  14. Hi Hazel, great new stuff, the inkylicious stamps are brilliant and ink up and stamp beautifully.
    Pity the exhibition didn''t come up to scratch, hugs Kate x

  15. hiya Hazel - sorry the show was a disappointment - but you look like you got some lovely new goodies to play with. Enjoy them. Hugs Rachel x

  16. Hi Hazel, sorry you and Patricia had a disappointed show, a few Blogger have said the same, will not be going next year..
    Least you have a few goodies to play with.

  17. Hi Hazel what a shame about the craft show but you look as though you have purchased some lovely things - a relief to know that the police have caught the culprit but like you say he/she will probably be sent on there way with a 'slapped wrist and a flea in there ear' xx GailT xx

  18. A real shame about the show Hazel but I bet you still enjoyed your day out with Patricia. Susan x

  19. I'm glad I didn't take the day off work then! Not that I could have.
    Mind you I love all your purchases especially the dies, of course.
    I hope granny is ok and good for her by staying positive.
    Washing machine going here too but weather not so good.

    Have a good Monday, hugs Erika.

  20. Hi Hazel,
    sorry i haven't commented we have had a very busy weekend plus
    still lots of internet trouble,Sorry you & Patrica didn't think the show was very good such a shame. You did manage to get some lovely goodies.
    Hugs Lynda xx