Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Good morning.  Well I was still in weekend mode yesterday, and today I have been working looking after Beth, she was car sick yesterday going back to school after doing her piano exam, and of coarse the 48 hour rule still comes into effect for car sickness to, so she has had a great day off.   She rode Patch her pony, then cleaned out his stable and got it ready for tonight.   Then we came back here at her request so she could make her party invites!!!  Now when you ask her what she would like to do for her birthday the answer  is " Sky driving" now those who Beth know she has no fear, needless to say she want be doing that.  She knew I had bought a horse head die and wanted to use that so we cut the card ( she held the end of the handle) , I showed her what to do and off she went.  She watches, listens, asks if she has got it right what I had told her.   She asked why you embossed showed her the before and after. Oh yes that's much better.   She thought it was only the likes of Sue Wilson dies that you had to emboss.

Any way here we go lots of photos
First the die cutting

Inking her stamp

Score and fold  

Rounding the corners

All finished, she was so proud of herself

Card is white hammered, horse head is from Marie Anna dies, stamp used is from " stamping all day"
And cut with an Xcut die 

I think I will get her to come and give me a hand making more thank you cards for Gillian.

She would like to stay off tomorrow as  well, but was told no way. Plus she got to go to vaulting to night so back to school for her .

Thank you everyone Patricia and I did enjoy ourselves.

Just noticed I put good morning can't get back in to change it, this I pad is heading to be retired.

Take care 
Hazel xxx


  1. These are wonderful cards - brilliant makes one and all - they'll be very well received! Hugs Rachel x

  2. Beth has made lovely invites. Glad you enjoyed your weekend away in Ireland.


  3. Hi Hazel
    Another crafter in the making. Those invites look terrific.
    Wondering what the 48 hour rule is. . . . . Sounds interesting lol!
    You'll be needing another holiday soon.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  4. Beautiful invites Hazel. But she certainly had a good teacher. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Morning love.
    At long last Ive caught up with all the beautiful makes i've missed and its been a pleasure. Your 'Izzy' bags are beautiful and Sue's new Greek border die looks like it was made for these little bags, one day I may just find the time to sit down and make one, some time never that is !!! Im so glad Ive been able to catch up Hazel, as you know I dont follow many blogs and dont have one myself (good job really) but life has been so busy over the past 2 - 3 weeks I know you understand. What lovely invites that greeted me this morning, I see another young crafter blooming, its so lovely to see they have interest at that age.
    Well I hope you have a lovely day whatever your plans, stay safe and happy today, keep doing what you're doing Hazel, its such a pleasure to follow your blog.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  6. Beth's invites look wonderful, I love the die cut horse head. It sounds like Beth is a quick learner!
    Sue xx

  7. Health and safety madness again! Beth's invites are brilliant what a good job she has done and I bet she is so proud to have made them herself. Susan x

  8. She must have had a great time making her own invites and feel very satisfied too because they are great. Hugs Christine xx

  9. She has made a fabulous job, under your tutelage, of course!! Must get that die!! xx

  10. Hi Hazel,
    The party invites are fab, and like Sarah, I'll have to get that die. It certainly is a case of less is more as these are so crisp and clean. Beth did a really good job - with just a little help. What make of stamp did you use?
    Maureen xx

  11. Hi Hazel, my youngest is always trying for a sick day as he knows he has to stay off 48 hours. Kids!
    I love Beth's invites, great CAS cards and perfect for a horse lover. It sounds as if she has had a super day off too.

    Hugs Erika. x

  12. A very talented young lady but then she has a good teacher - she has made fab & personalised invites xx GailT xx

  13. Beth's cards are lovely, I love the simplicity of them with the Horse's head die. Very creative girl, with a brilliant tutor of course, hope she's feeling better now, hugs Kate x

  14. Beth`s invites are beautiful, love the horse`s head die, very creative lady..

  15. Hi Hazel,
    Beth has made a fabulous job of those invites, what a clever young lady, she has some natural talent there! Maybe she could have made the Thank You Cards for Lesley, that would have saved you rushing! I am not keen on having to make cards in a hurry.
    Mind You Beth has had the best tutor when It comes to the card making skills!
    Love and Hugs

  16. Gosh Sis, how did I manage to miss this one??
    Brilliant work from Beth
    Patricia xxx

  17. Hi hazel
    My my my what cute invitations and a young crafter into the making too. Well done Beth!! X

  18. Beth is very talented, love the invites,hugs Carole Z X