Thursday, 26 March 2015


Got a text yesterday from Lesley my boss asking if I would like to make the "thank you "cards for the speakers at today's meeting?   Yes no problem male or female?  No answer, so went ahead and made both, kept them simple as I didn't have much time and needed to get them finished for when I was going to get Beth.  Whom by the way said to say "THANK YOU" for all your lovely comments about her design of her party invites.  She so enjoyed herself.

Any way my cards.

Sorry photos not very good as the sun was a bit bright and then I noticed I had smugged the thank you. So it was a quick restamp and cut on again.  But you can see what I did very quickly.

I embossed the male one on the White card with a spotty/dotty SB folder, the navy card is SW Art Deco one.   The " thank you" is one I have had for a very long time, but felt it was right for a male card.    The female one is pearlised card for the card itself, SW striplet and backing paper from one of the "works" pads of 12x12. The " thank you" stamp is a LOTV one.  Very simple but works.  Lesley was pleased with them, and seeing how it took her till after I had finished them to let me know what she needed, I am glad I just went ahead.  I had a gift to make, and yes I forgot to photo that after I had to hush to change the "thank you".   It was just a little wicker basket with 6 individual mini shower gels, this gift was for the Young lady who had helped Lesley set up things for the meeting.

Well it's time for me to be off to get Beth.   Have flowers and a card to drop off on route.  Then to the post office .  All go Beth has to be back into school as again by 5.45pm they are doing another preformance of " Joseph " they have done very well having put on two shows already.   Anna is off show jumping.   With mum being away all day and dad in Edinburgh it's a late one for me.  

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Good morning.  Well I was still in weekend mode yesterday, and today I have been working looking after Beth, she was car sick yesterday going back to school after doing her piano exam, and of coarse the 48 hour rule still comes into effect for car sickness to, so she has had a great day off.   She rode Patch her pony, then cleaned out his stable and got it ready for tonight.   Then we came back here at her request so she could make her party invites!!!  Now when you ask her what she would like to do for her birthday the answer  is " Sky driving" now those who Beth know she has no fear, needless to say she want be doing that.  She knew I had bought a horse head die and wanted to use that so we cut the card ( she held the end of the handle) , I showed her what to do and off she went.  She watches, listens, asks if she has got it right what I had told her.   She asked why you embossed showed her the before and after. Oh yes that's much better.   She thought it was only the likes of Sue Wilson dies that you had to emboss.

Any way here we go lots of photos
First the die cutting

Inking her stamp

Score and fold  

Rounding the corners

All finished, she was so proud of herself

Card is white hammered, horse head is from Marie Anna dies, stamp used is from " stamping all day"
And cut with an Xcut die 

I think I will get her to come and give me a hand making more thank you cards for Gillian.

She would like to stay off tomorrow as  well, but was told no way. Plus she got to go to vaulting to night so back to school for her .

Thank you everyone Patricia and I did enjoy ourselves.

Just noticed I put good morning can't get back in to change it, this I pad is heading to be retired.

Take care 
Hazel xxx

Monday, 23 March 2015


Good afternoon, thank you for calling in.   I am sorry I havent been around! I have been busy plus been away with sister Patricia to Belfast for the weekend.   Great weekend had by us both and it was lovely meeting with Oriel, Patricia's school friend from primary days.  I was always with Patricia when we were little and so of course I played with Oriel and her sisters too. 

Just thought I'd show a couple of photos I took of the views we saw when Oriel took us on a little road round near there farm.   Beautiful day and stunning scenery.     I real Irish weekend of hospitality with yummy food and company.   

Hopefully I will be back to blogging, have to put my craft stuff back in place had to clear it so Patricia could get to bed.  

Take care.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 13 March 2015


Good morning. Can you believe it's Friday again?  Where the week gone?
I would like to welcome my 2 new followers that have joined, now I am sorry I only noticed that I was up to 55 last night, so sorry if you joined a few days ago? I can't work out who you are, but I have a feeling it's friends from Sandra's ( Cotswold crafter) blog.  Can't get the link thing to work, sorry.
Today it's again time to show an oldie,  I  thought I'd show another one of my beer cakes this is the one I did for Derek my son-inlaw.

Derek is a great music fan, and especially Jethro Tull, so it was only right I did something special on his cake to do with this.  For those who have followed me for as long as I have had my blog will know this went down a storm with Derek .  The whole thing apart from the beers sit in the glass cabinet in the front room.    He still talks about his great night.  Tammy had also arranged for the young band called " Blackwolf" to come and sing.

I love the challenge of these gifts, really.   Ok my brain does go into overdrive while thinking how to put the design together.
Any way that's it for today, I most make a move or it will lunch time and time to go get Anna from school.   The good thing about it being Friday is I don't work the weekend.
Take care, and again thank you for all your kind comments on my little gift bag.  

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Good afternoon, I did hope to post this this morning, but Google had other ideas.  I had that stupid error thing come up again, I tried signing out, then signing in again,  as that worked the last time. But it wouldn't let me sign out.  Anyway I left it and tried again and yes it's worked. 
I had a quick bag to make for a new baby, just a simple gift, I put in a little knitted white cardigan and some scratch mitts.   Putting it in a bag, just makes it more special I think anyway.  
LOTV image, Anna-Marie spotty card, for back ground and name letters and ribbon.  Thank goodness these XCut gift bags make up very quickly.   Think I will see what I can do for a little baby girl with an " Izzy Bag".   Some play time needed for that. 

Off soon to get Beth, she usually plays net ball after school so I don't need to go till later, but it's not on so bang goes that.  Anna getting the bus, seeing how I had to go and take her to kinross this morning, then on to Beth's school 50 miles round trip, so I am not doing that this afternoon again!!! 

Thank you every one for your lovely comments on my bag and card.  They are all appreciated and I love reading them, the " Izzy Bag" isn't difficult just fiddly, but you should have a go.  Tammy has put her order in for teachers gifts for the summer break.  Nothing like giving mum time??? 

Most go thank you for calling in .

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Good afternoon.    So far we are having a lovely day.  After the awful day yesterday, with gale force winds it does feel spring like - BUT tomorrow is another awful day . Washing out dried and back in side, not ironed as I don't have time that will be done in the morning.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my card. Today I am showing a card made with the other border die I bought on Saturday.  I have made it into a Mothers Day Card the boys can give it to their mum.   My little "IZZY BAG" is my first attempt, very easy, but will play about to see what else I can  do.     I used pearlised card for both the card and bag, plus some Anna- Marie spotty card.

 Sorry I seem to have cut the photo off at the bag side, but you get the look.  

Right I am off to get ready to go pick up Beth from school, where has the day gone??? It's vaulting tonight, so it's home a quick snack then back out again.  

I hope every one is well if not here are some (((((hugs))))).

Take care when out and about.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 9 March 2015


I would say good afternoon, but it's the most miserable one here, lights on as its so dark.  Well as my title says its a card made from one of my new dies.

This card is just one I made up to see how my Sue Wilson DELPHINUS die from the Gemini set. Would turn out like.
It's cuts a dream, and I can see it getting a lot of use its gorgeous even if I say it myself? 
I cut it first into a A4 piece of pearlised  card then embossed it from just above the die cut. I cut it again out from Anna-Marie Leaf Green card ( it's the first time I have used this make of card, it won't be the last) I then off set the green at the back of the White card.  It's a tri fold card.   I then put a lenght of green ribbon round and tied a faux bow.  ( had to take instruction from big sis) I had messaged her a picture not knowing if ribbon and a bow was right, she suggested this style where I had to ask " what do you mean"  I am still learning something each day.  I haven't put a sentiment as it was just a card to see what I could do, I will pop in it my box and a sentiment can still be added.

Well that's me for today I will be having a play with some more of my goodies over the next few days, but first I have 10 more evening invites to make, I knew I should have made the 60 they first said.  

Take care and for those who aren't to good there is some ((((((hugs)))))) 

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 8 March 2015


Good morning.   Thank you for calling in today to see what I am up to?   Also thank you to everyone who left comments on my last post.    Sorry I haven't been posting for a week, I have been busy, but not that busy I just don't know where the time has gone?
The girls granny came up on Friday as planned, she has decided that the " scum bag" is not ruling her life, good on her is what I told her.   It turns out that she knows the person according to the police, but at this moment they can't tell her whom it is.  Now in my eyes that's all wrong?   If they have been caught then she should be told to put her mind at rest.   But as she said they will likely get a slap on the wrist and told " you were naughty don't do it again"  but as we all know that does not happen.

Any way as the title says SECC buys, Patricia and I went yesterday, what a let down!!!  Thank goodness we were doing it on the cheap as one would say.  We went on the bus from Perth using our bus passes, Patricia got the tickets off her tesco vouchers so that's what I mean by cheap.   We did get a taxi to the SECC and back as the weather was horrible.   The show? Well one hall only usually two. Every thing squeezed in with not much room.  Very little traders and demos, but to add to this they were mixed in with ther other crafts that are usually in a hall of their own, so it was a bit mish mash and hard to find things, when you did the places like Samuel,Taylor were a lot smaller stands than normal.   Yes I still bought bits, you actually felt sorry for them as they clearly were not busy, no queuing to pay for you goods and time to chat to them, they won't be back just the generally comment.  It's a pity.   I also felt sorry for those who had paid out to go.

Here is my purchases.

The only thing that's on there that I didn't buy at the show was the Sue Wilson striplet in the middle but I bought that on Thursday from Adrian's ( Poles Apart) Cupar.  And I have to say it is a dream to use.  You can't really see everything that well, but in there is some Anna-Marie card to, like I need more card but I do like the baby pink and blue and there are a few baby cards to do for orders that Tammy has put in.

Right I am going to make a move and get some washing on as it looks like we just might get a good day.

Take care.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Good afternoon.  Welcome and thank you for taking the time to come in and see what I have been up to.    Well I am glad to report that all the day and evening invites are complete, Gillian came yesterday and put the last of the day time together. I was the helper main job putting on the foam pads and peeling the backs off, ou forget how long that takes.   I also had to die cut a couple of bits an oops moment happened.   I was left to " waff" as Gillian put it putting the cards in tissue then into their boxes, I cut the labels for these this morning so that's another little job off the list, now the two of them can get the labels written up.     Gillian wants to have thank you cards at the ready, some little simple ones and then others.   She has a lot of patients whom she knows will give them cards, they aren't allowed to take gifts from there NHS patients. So these little cards are enough to just give thank them for there card.   Gillian and Andrew don't want gifts as they are just happy for friends to come to their party and bring their own drink ( hall liecence costs an arm and a leg)   They will supply soft drinks

Very simple cards made out of waste card from a " First Eddition" pad of 12x12. The heart die is from a set by Die'sire and the "Thank You " stamp is from Stamping Up. I got nine 4x4 cards from an A3 sheet of hammered white card, so very inexpensive, I also had a load of 4x4 envelopes in my box so lots of things used up.  
Tammy just phoned I had sent her a photo of these and she has put her order in for some of these  with "Happy Birthday" " Thank You" and " Just For You" 
As she said just right to keep in the drawer for those times when you have forgotten to get ones made.
So I think that will be a little project for a rainy day???  

Now Beth said to say thank you for all you kind comments, mummy loved her card, Anna decided on looking at Beth's again her card was the " Pitts" as she put it so she got me to put one together for her.

This one was made from one of the pads of card from "The Work" it's lovely to work with.  Just a little 5x5 card, very simply made.
Well I better make a move, we are all ( the whole family) out for High Tea later so I will have to go and find something to wear.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Hazel xxx