Saturday, 14 February 2015


Good afternoon.  I hope you are all well if not there is a basket full of ((((((hugs)))))) just help yourselves.   I want to welcome Tracy Stitt to my blog. Tracy is a fellow scottish crafter she doesnt have a blog but that does not matter,  all are welcome, it just means I can't go and see your work.

Well today I am showing a couple of raffle prizes that I have put together. We are off to a " Dinner Dance". That is to do with the Tayside Kidney Patients Assocation, we always support this due to our son having kidney problems that required him having two transplants and he has had a lot of support. He is now on the committee too.   So mum was asked to turn a few donated bits into nice gifts.  We always donate a few prizes as a family too.

Any way this is a couple of the donated sets changed into gives.

This gift set was donated

Put in a nice basket with a hand towel and a couple of flannels 

 Put some cellophane round and tie pretty ribbon and an little wooden heart, and you have a much nicer gift in my eyes.
Another one that was donated

Again I have taken the set apart and put it in to a basket, now the hand towel is pink but it is showing red and the flannel is looking a darker shade of purple.   With Mother's Day coming up maybe some mum will get this.

I have a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine done so far and I will show that later.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my " oldie". I do appreciate them.
Well I am off back to make up some more prizes.  I was falling out with myself over being so stupid that I had to take one apart and start again, so a break was needed.   Cellophane in the bin and cut ribbon in the jar for the school.  I will be more careful this time.

Hazel xxx


  1. As you say Hazel, the same gift looks so much better and more exclusive by just a few changes and additions. Somebody will be very pleased to win these gifts. Hugs Christine xx

  2. Beautiful gift wrapped raffle prizes Hazel. Enjoy the Dinner dance tonight, it will be good practice for the forthcoming wedding too. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Lovely gifts to start with but taken to another level with your additions and adornments and although you would be happy to win one of the originals you would be over the moon to win the 'sportier' version xx love the hearts too xx GailT xx

  4. My what a transformation they look super Hazel hope you enjoy the dinner dance tonight it will be good practice for you with the wedding coming up as Rita says.
    With love
    Margaret corgi owner

  5. These look great Hazel. so much better than when you first had them, you do make things look more special and expensive lol!

    Sorry I seem to have missed the last few posts of yours, don't know how but I have looked and those beaches look so inviting. Beautiful cards and well done for telling the girls father you were not coming in, half an hour morning and night and he cant manage that? Good for you, you do seem to do an awful lot for them, do they live far from you?

    Love your wedding cards too.

    Have a great weekend

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  6. It's amazing how some packing can make ordinary gifts look really expensive and exclusive!! Fab job Hazel!! xx

  7. These look lovely. Much better than the original packaging.

  8. That is a fab idea.
    I make cards and then make a box for them and decorate it up to my hearts content and I give these to charity for raffle prizes, it is one way of getting rid of cards I make too. xxx

  9. What a lovely gift box, you are so so good at these Hazel! Happy Valentines Day, hugs Carole Z X

  10. You have really worked your magic on these gifts Hazel, they look wonderful now.
    I hope you have a lovely time at the Dinner Dance and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Sue xx

  11. Hiya hazel.
    Thanks for the kind welcome to ur blog.
    No I don't have a blog however I would be happy to email u some of my pics of my cards if u like.?
    Ur wee baskets are smashing a lovely idea to jazz them up that's the kinda thing I do at Xmas when making up my hampers!!
    They look fab and I'm sure whoever wins them will appreciate it xx

  12. Hi Hazel
    Amazing what a change of packaging will do to a gift In sure whoever wins them will be delighted.
    Mr D remains in contact with our local KPA as his late Mum had complete kidney failure and was on dialysis for more than 10 years, bless her. There is a special computer, diagnostic machine and bits in the patients lounge with his parents names on, bought with money left to the unit when his Dad passed. Its a lovely tribute to them both. Its wonderful that your family are all supporting such a worthy and terrific cause.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  13. Great work once again Sis.
    Amazing how the change of presentation makes such a big difference.
    I know which way I would like a prize I won to be wrapped.
    Have a great evening

    Patricia x

  14. It always sound so simple when you explain Hazel but you make such a gorgeous job of it which I am sure I couldn't do. All lovely gifts someone will be thrilled to receive. Susan x

  15. You make gifts look amazing Hazel..what a difference from the box they came in..

  16. You are a whiz Hazel those gifts look so good now. Thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes. I am now over the first hurdle explaining it all to hubby so much for him to take in.
    Margaret M

  17. Morning Hazel.
    You always manage to turn something from 'packaging' into a beautiful gift to present. What a lovely pretty way to show these prizes.
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  18. Hi Hazel.......these are fabulous, you've made a nice gift into a really special one. Great job!
    hugs Jo x

  19. Oh I do think those donations look far better after they've been "Hazeled!"
    I love how you make up your boxes, I'm sure they both went down a treat.

    Hugs Erika. x