Friday, 20 February 2015


Good morning,  and welcome to see what  I have  posted for " Oldie  Friday". Thank goodness for ipads other wise I wouldn't have been able to do this.  Baby sitting for grandsons at there house in Perth.   Mummy has a busy day and she would earn nothing if she was to put the boys in out of school club. She doesn't mind paying as they both love going, but this way she earns and I have time with them.   Anna and Beth's dad is on duty today.

Today's card is the card that I showed last week, made from the waste.

I know that I used Sue Wilson dies and art decor embossing folder, plus Marianna createables, the pink card will be lidl's .

Today Calum has been making his garden with his Anderson Shelter, I admitt I made the shelter, but he has made the rest which I am glad as I do hate that children aren't allowed to do it their way, he knew what he wanted to do and asked if I could please bring the bits over with me.  So this is his model.  Told me he didn't want a neat and tidy garden, as it was during the war and people had to work really hard and didn't get much time off.

I think he done ok for being just 10.   His friend Samuel is coming round soon so he told me to photo it quickly so he could hide it, as he doesn't want Samuel seeing till he takes it in to school on Monday. 
Well I am going away to do a bit of ironing for Tammy, she has ironing to do for clients, I will do the uniforms for the boys and their dad, plus some bedding.  That will save here this weekend.

Well I better go get busy, thank you for calling by.

Hazel xxx


  1. Love your off cuts card Hazel and Calum has made a brilliant job of that project. It's a perfect replica!! xx

  2. Hi hazel.
    Lovely card. I never thought of goin to lidls for card I'll have to check it out!! Lol
    God that looks great for his project. Does actually remind me of my garden and shelter.
    Our shelter was removed last year for our sun room extension.
    I'll send u s pic in an email xx

  3. Tracy, Lidl only do the card now and again, I keep an eye on their web site for the offers that way I get in there before it all goes, but usually I will put up on my blog that they have it in. It's 250gms and the paper is I think 180 but great value and lovely to work with. Hazel xx

  4. Tracy it's me again I don't know if it would work but if you have an iPhone message me as I use an iPad and iPhone then I can reply. Hazel x

  5. Brilliant card Hazel, I remember that one. The fact you had used waste made it all the more special.
    Calum's Anderson Shelter is fantastic, I remember when Thomas did his, he was like Calum he kept it hidden till taking it to school........boys!!!
    Enjoy your time with the boys.

    Patricia x

  6. A fabulous card Hazel, lovely colours and use of the dies. Calum's Anderson shelter garden looks amazing...well done! hugs Carole Z X

  7. Hi Hazel,
    what a very lovely creation made with the waste.
    Love the super colour card, and I wish Lidl would hurry up and get more of it in.
    I do also love that SW Deco Embossing folder, and now I want the swaggered dots one. lol.
    Great idea to use the waste,and what a wonderful Oldie for Friday.
    Enjoy your Baby Sitting, and I love that fab workmanship on that model.
    Your Grandson looks like he has the family crafting skills too.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  8. Hi Hazel,
    I love your card today as I really like those colours together. Your flowers are lovely. It's amazing what can be done with off cuts. As for the Anderson Shelter - what a triumph - it's great. Just right. Well done Calum!
    Enjoy your time with the children.
    Love Myra xx

  9. Hi Hazel thanks for joining me in sharing an oldie this Friday, a stunning card, beautiful die cuts and layering.
    I love Calum's model, he's done a mighty fine job there, it all looks fabulous and very realistic.

    Have a super weekend, hugs Erika. x

  10. Your card is gorgeous Hazel, a really elegant design.
    Calum's project looks wonderful. I think his garden design is fabulous.
    I hope you have a good weekend.
    Sue xx

  11. Hi Hazel another beautiful card, all the better using up your waste, I am watching the Lidl web site each week since Patricia mentioned their card on her blog. As yet we don't have one here although it is rumoured we are going to have one, sometime. Our nearest is 25 miles away but it will be worth a trip I am sure.
    Calum has made such a fantastic job of his Anderson shelter and garden, and also put really some good thought into it, please do tell him very well done from me.
    I do hope you enjoyed your time with them, have a lovely weekend, do take care as it looks as if some snow may be on its way!
    Margaret xx

  12. Wonderful card Hazel I remember this card and tell calum his Anderson shelter is brilliant and when I can get to ours I will send him a photo of it. but ive just found out that the neighbour's across the back who's garden backs on to ours as thrown all his rubbish in it. so I'm not happy them. xx

    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards– my personal blog}

  13. Beautiful card Hazel & Calum's project is fantastic! Have a lovely weekend.
    hugs Jo x

  14. Hi Hazel
    Brilliant card using your waste. And as for Calums creation, well its amazing! I don't blame him for hiding it in case his pal has a mind to copy it.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  15. Gorgeous card Hazel,I have been looking in our Lidl each week for card,but haven't had any as yet in our branch.
    Calum's project is brilliant well done to him.
    Sorry I'v been awall don't know where the days go,since iv retired.when I worked full time I did so much in one day.Haven't even made any card's either. Enjoy Sue's show's hug's Lynda xx

  16. Beautiful oldie card Hazel, gorgeous background, flowers and layout.

    Calum has done a marvelous project, no wonder he wanted it hidden.

  17. Gorgeous card Hazel, the Anderson Shelter is brilliant, what a fab job Calum has done of that garden!
    Sandra xxx

  18. A beautiful card Hazel, lovely dies and embossing. Callum has done a fabulous project it looks so life like! Susan x

  19. Fabulous card Hazel. I really love what Callum has done with his project, it's looking good. Hope he gets a prize on Monday. Hugs Rita xxx

  20. Love your card and I really love the Marianne creatable die xx the boy done ok at 10!! I think is an understatement I think the boy done good!! the Anderson shelter and garden are amazing xx GailT xx

  21. Hi hazel.
    Yes I do have an I phone. I use it for everything.
    I'm not sure what u meant tho by replying to it. if ur stuck I can give u my number for it tho then u can txt if that's what u meant as I don't always check into the blog xx

    1. Tracy, no I just didn't want to leave messages on here incase you don't look back in. Calum was so made up with your photos of your Anderson shelter, he can't wait to tell his teacher, that someons on his Grannies blog had one up till not long ago, so thank you for making one wee boy happy. Hazel x

    2. Hi hazel.
      Lol glad he was happy.
      There are actually a few houses round about Kilmarnock with them.
      We approached our local library/museum unfortunately they had no way of storing it anywhere as all their warehouses were full but they were quite interested in it.
      When our plans for sunroom went into the council the guy there said if we had left it any longer it might've became a listed building.
      I dunno if the guy was kiddin or not but it had to go!! How people thought it would help from anime I'll never know but it certainly was more solid than I gave it credit for!!! 😃

    3. That was meant to be protect from a bomb not anime.
      Plus u can always email me now u have my email address xx

  22. Hi Hazel,
    just finished the nappy cake, and I take my hat off to you they are so fiddly to make up but very worth it.
    I will take a picture of it and put i on my blog with a mention of you and where I got the idea.
    I think my granddaughter is going to be so pleased with it, and so will her friends, just hope I don't get any orders, as no one I have spoken to has ever heard of it.
    She is having the baby shower at Eastwell Manor Kent, and the cream tea is costing a few pennies, but well worth it.
    She never wants to know the babies sex till it's born so I have had to go with just white,as I could not for the life of me find lemon things in the shops.
    Lots of pretty things in pink or blue, but no lemon pretty things.
    Now on to the baby shower card next.
    Just thought I would let you know how I got on.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  23. Hazel
    Your Card is Just Truly Outstanding I Love The Red and White you are a very Talented Lady once again a Stunning Card.
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam xxx

  24. Hi Hazel

    Your card is beautiful, but the star for Friday is Calum. I bet he was so chuffed to take his work of art into school.

    Tina xx

  25. really gorgeous make Hazel - love that bow especially - Calum's make is wonderful too xx

  26. Hi Hazel I also forgot to say how gorgeous Gillian's little kitty cats and the little chook is sooo cute

    Tina XX

  27. Hi Hazel. Yes I remember loving this card last week and nothing has changed, still love it today : )
    WOW... What a wonderful project, its absolutly brilliant, it looks like an arial view of a true garden during the wartime. What a clever lad. No wonder he wants to keep it under wraps before he show's it at school. He should be VERY proud of himself, and Im sure you are : )
    Have a lovely day.
    Lancashire Steph xx