Friday, 6 February 2015


Good morning, it's Friday again another week gone!!!    I don't mind the weeks going in so quick up till we get some slightly warmer weather, BUT.  I have so much to do before Gillians  wedding, the first being getting the invites done, I am getting there, but due to the upset at work on Monday ( still not resolved ) I just can't get my head into a good place, so I haven't done any more to them this week.   
Any way enough of that.  I did say early this week when I was commenting that I would show on if my "Beer Cakes" for those who haven't been following my blog for long.  The first one I am showing, is the one that I started my blog up for so I could show it. ( big sister Patricia-summerhousecrafts). Told me I had to let people see it. So here we go - photo heavy.

As you can see " no cake" just a tin and beers. You need the little dumpy cans.   Now please remember I hadn't intended to show the three photos to others these were me sending them to Tammy, who had asked me to make this one, ( had made others before this one ) and Patricia.  So I just photographed them any old how.  This one was for a guy who just loves his Highland cattle. Just noticed the middle photo should be the bottom one, can't change them round incase I muck it up. Just trying to show the stages.  

This is "Angus"  he was the last one I did last year.   I have a couple of orders on the books for this summer, so watch this space!!!

Well an up date on Tammy's Godfather.  Whom you all left lovely comments on his card, I wanted it to be light heart and I do hope his family will let him sit with his feet up, they are guilty of thinking he is a taxi driver to them.  Anyway he has had his op, ( he had Bowel Cancer .) He is up dressed and doing well was the report I got yesterday).  So we are even more positive.

Sorry for photo overload. 

Have a great day.

Hazel xxxx


  1. Love these Hazel because they are so different and original - not sure what has gone off with work but hope you are okay xx GailT xx

  2. Your beer cakes look fabulous Hazel. I am pleased that Patricia persuaded you to start your own blog as I look seeing your creations.
    I am pleased that Tammy's Godfather is going well after his op.
    I hope you have a good weekend.
    Sue xx

  3. That's what big Sisters are for keep you young 'uns on their toes ( I am a big Sister!!) and like Sue, I am so glad she persuaded you to do so!! I love these cakes, they are so unusual and it's a joy to have another look, especially at Angus, being a bit of an AC/DC fan(much to the amusement of our boys!!) xx

  4. What brilliant cakes. You're so clever.
    Have a good Friday.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  5. These are brilliant Hazel, wished I lived nearer as I would have you make one up for my hubbies 50th next month lol!

    Glad Tammy's Grandfather is doing well.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  6. Good sunny morning Sis,
    Loved these when you did them and they are still something that is a brilliant idea.
    Thinking back to sitting in our room in Dalyan when I said you should start a
    Blog and the look of horror on your face ...ME!!!no way. With a little more persuasion you did it and have come along so fantastically. Take a bow Sis.

    Patricia xxx

  7. Hi Hazel,
    What a super idea! Your cakes are lovely. Quite a showstopper .
    So pleased to hear the good news about Tamm's godfather.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Love Myra x

  8. Hello Hazel, I think your beer cakes are fabulous, great to see the stages they go through.
    Pleased to hear Tammy's Godfather is improving.
    Have a good weekend, hugs Kate x

  9. I love your beer cakes Hazel, a great alternative for men who don't do cake.
    Thanks for joining me sharing an oldie today and have a super weekend,
    crafty hugs,

    Erika. x

  10. Hi Hazel
    I remember this and still think its a fabulous gift. I'm so pleased that you listened to your big sister and we have gotten to share your crafting journey.
    Hope work issues settle in the way that's best for you chuck.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  11. I also remember this beer cake Hazel, good on Patricia nagging till you Blog!!.
    Pleased to hear Tammy`s Godfather is doing OK.

  12. These are great Hazel but I must confess when I saw the subject I thought I wonder if Hazel's recipe is like mine as I make a fruit cake that has stout in! lol
    So pleased Patricia gave you a little nudge to start your blog, delighted to hear the news of Tammy's Godfather.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Margaret corgi owner

    1. Margaret, our mum use to make a steamed dumpling ( full of fruit and stout). It was very yummy. No just tins of beer and goodies in the tin, or in some cases money. Your heat pocket bags are fab had them in my pocket out dog walking I was so cozy. Thank you again. Hazel x

  13. Wow Hazel,
    this is a genius idea, I love the highland cattle, he must have been over the moon with that cake!
    Glad to hear Tammy's godfather is on the mend!
    I am sorry to hear all of the nightmare at work is still not resolved, its not nice having an atmosphere at work! Its sad that its affecting your crafting mojo!
    Looking forward to your next project.
    Sandra xxxx

  14. I love your beer cakes Hazel I remember the top one! The one with Angus on is such fun I look forward to seeing some more of them. Sorry you have had some upset at work nothing worse it taints everything. Sending you big hugs, sounds like you need some! Susan xx

  15. I remember the first one well, loved it at the time and love it now and Angus too..really made me smile, thank you for sharing them again Hazel, Hugs Carole Z X

  16. Hi Hazel,
    superb beer cake creations.
    They are so very lovely and very unusual.
    Anyone receiving these would be so happy.
    Great choice for your Oldie for Friday.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  17. hello Hazel - your beer cakes are such a fab idea - I really will have to try it for my bil! Glad to hear your friend is doing well after his op - its good news. I hope you get those invites done soon. Sending hugs Rachel x