Sunday, 15 February 2015



Squeek & Junior

Ladies I just had to share these little fellows!!!    Gillian has been playing with modelling clay and has made these little cutes, what do you think???  These are her take on her three cats and she has captured them so well.  She has a project in her head, and I think you might be seeing some hens and mice before long.   I just thought it was something different to show.

Well I have had a kind of another lazy day, was in the factory this morning got a call from Tammy's God mum asking if I would make a " Welcome Home"  card.  As you know Tammy's god father had an op some 11days ago, he came out of it really well, then was blue lighted to Lincoln Hospital  last Sunday night, thankfully he is doing good now, and should be home later this week.  His grandchildren ( who are aged between 11&22 )asked there grandma if they thought I would make them a card to give him with " Welcome Home" on it like a banner. Well yes no problem, as I always keep the spare letters from when I cut any out using my Xcut die, found enough all mixed colours, some silver thread, got an 8x8 card blank, cut  Sues Bevelled Glass striplet out at the bottom backed that with coloured papered added the thread and hung the letters of welcome on that and the word home just under that.   And yes you have likely guessed it I forgot to photograph it, I had put the card and envelope into a box and Charlie took it along to the Spar shop in the village a couple of miles from here that's post office is open on a Sunday, so I couldn't even undo it if I wanted too.

I did say that surely they could have made a card between them, she laughed and said I don't think so, sad in a way as I bet he would have been chuffed!!!   With it

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my basket, it's lovely that people handed in things for the raffle, but I think with that last basket putting the tin of shortbread, tea then taking the cup out of its box and adding it in to the basket, made better use of them.  I have a few folk asking about mums day gifts, I will gladly do these, but I do like to know what mum would like and love to receive.  So I might get a few orders, then again I might not?
I am not in work tomorrow, but Anna messaged to say they had been Pony racing and had passed today, she always adds 😅 these so when I replied I put one at the end.  She said she was proud of me for working out how to do this, I had to laugh, I knew but never bother to use them.   I do think they think they know everything at her age.  So I can see when I pick her up tomorrow she will have something to say about it.

Any way this is going out tonight as I can't get my clock to work so that I can set it to post in the morning.

Now I will go get to bed.  Hope you like the cats???

Hazel xxx


  1. Good Morning Hazel. What adorable cats. What size are they? I just love the look on their little faces. Another artist in the family I think. Love the idea of your pennant card and I bet they will be thrilled when they see it too. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Those kittys are amazing. She has really captured character into them!! xx

  3. Good morning Sis, I loved the one cat you showed me last night.
    Loving the three of them together. Looking forward to the additions to her menagerie!!!
    Have a good day

    Patricia x

  4. The clay cats look fabulous, they have great expressions!
    I hope you have a good day.
    Sue xx

  5. Gosh Gillian has really captured wonderful expressions on the faces, I love them. Your card sounds just lovely, what a pity you didn't photograph it.
    Enjoy your day Hazel, hugs Kate x

  6. Hi Hazel,

    I adore cats so these are fabulous, what a great job Gillian has done.

    Your card/banner sounded brilliant, I hope they appreciated the effort you put into it for them.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. What lovely little cats I do so love their little faces, unfortunately they would be no good in this house our corgis especially Amy chases cats like mad!
    Your welcome home card sounds absolutely super.
    Margaret corgi owner

  8. Hi Hazel I think the cats are fab and I'm not a cat person!
    Gillian has done a grand job. x

    Hugs Erika. x

  9. These clay cats are amazing, I love them..great job Gillian! Hugs Carole Z X

  10. Hi Hazel,
    The cats are gorgeous! How clever! The facial expressions are just great.
    I really liked the picture in my head of your welcome home banner too. I always forget to photograph things too. Thanks for your kind words today! Much appreciated.
    Love Myra xxx

  11. Love the cats - Gillian is a very talented lady - we have a cat so may have to send a photo so she can make bespoke models!!! lol xx looking forward to seeing whatelse she has in mind xx enjoy the 'lazy' time you have - you never know how long it will last!! xx GalT xx

  12. She's done a fabulous job on the cats Hazel. Hugs Susan x

  13. Lovely cats. Very clever. She is very talented.

  14. Easy to see that the art genes run in your family tree (I'm remembering the card that Patricia's grandson made some week ago!). The cats are darling, and how sweet that she had her very own models. Looks like she has quite a sculpting talent. Please let her know how much your readers enjoy seeing her work. You are very kind to have made the welcome home card for your friend's recovery. You & your sister do the most awesome things with these SWilson strip dies. (and I will give both of you the credit for getting me hooked on these dies too!) However, I don't use them to such great advantage as ya'll do, & I'm sure this gentleman will be so happy to receive his own special Welcome Home. Take care, TFS & Hugs.

  15. Hazel, Re: your heating hot water: We have a gas hot water heater, so even if the power goes off, we can still take hot showers. Had to do that in 2005 for 7 days. In 2006 we installed a natural gas generator. If our power is off, that generator kicks on to power our heat, and a few other electrical applicances. (not the entire house though!). We keep extra food - and things that don't necessarily have to be heated, but we can use the microwave, also have gas logs in the fireplace. It's not really all that cold - considering. Our area is usually fairly mild in winter temps. Hope you all stay free of any bad winter storms. We've been lucky this year, our northern states not so much. Also we're blessed to not have to be out, barring emergencies! Hugs.

  16. wonderful cats hazel. these are so beautiful. brilliant x

  17. Hi hazel
    These are so cute love em!!

  18. Hi Hazel
    Please forgive my delay in commenting but been trying to rest my arm in between shifts.
    The cats are amazing. Gillian is obviously a sculptress. These would look great in icing on a cake.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x