Thursday, 26 February 2015


Good evening, firstly thank you for all your messages of concern for "Granny". I haven't spoken to her and what I can gather from the girls Granny hasn't phoned while they have been around, so I don't know how she is.  I will try and get hold of her tomorrow, but thank you anyway.  Also for your comments on my card.

This is the card Beth made for mummy, I die cut the striplet out, she did the embossing and she die cut out the leaves, made up the stick pins and put everything together, Beth is a Aries star sign, and she will go far as she is not frightened to try things, now those who have followed my blog for a while will know she loves her horse vaulting, but also she bakes and will help cook. The down side she wants to do it all by herself, not a bad thing but I see danger more these days than I ever did when ours were little.  At least she listens to instructions.

 This was last year Beth taking health and safety to the limit. While helping make soup.

This is her fabulous chocolate cake, she makes the best ever, she does it all by herself, she keeps trying the mixture until she gets the chocolate just right.  This is one she made a couple of years ago.
She will be able to look after herself, Anna on the other hand just does not want to do anything.  Her head is always in a book or on her kindle reading.
Anyway it's been a long day so I am away to have a cup of tea and just chill out.
Thank you for calling in.

Take care
Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Good afternoon, it's been a really nice day up till about 15 minutes ago, now it's going very dull.
Now Calum ( grandson ) asked me to thank you all so,so much for all the lovely comments you left for him on his Anderson shelter project.   He was so made up with every one of them.  He took it in to school and so far he is the only one to do so, but as his mum said that's not always the case, Calum loved doing this and is enjoying the whole project, but on saying that he might not be so keen to do the writing bit, as he has low muscle tone and he finds it hard to write long pieces.

Today's card is for Anna and Beth's mum.  The girls have made one as well I will show that in the next day or two.   I now have a knew home card and a card for the girls Granny, who came home yesterday from being away down to Manchester to a funeral to find burglars had broken in and got all her Jewllery, sad as a lot was from her own mother and other family members.  At 73 it's not what you want and now she is feeling unsafe in her home, as she feels someone has been watching her home plus she can't understand how they knew where to find her box, nothing disturb and nothing else taken, so I will make a card to let her know I am thinking of her.  She was to be coming up next weekend to babysit the girls while mum and dad attended a ball.   I can feel a baby sit coming on.  We will see.

A 7x7 card, I used Lidl purple card, first edition New Blooms paper pad, Die'sire endurance die, Sue Wilson leaves and heart felt asters.

Well I'd better make a move and go pick up Beth.  I am glad it isn't as cold as yesterday, I got so cold waiting for her.

Thank you for all your lovely comments they are appreciated.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 20 February 2015


Good morning,  and welcome to see what  I have  posted for " Oldie  Friday". Thank goodness for ipads other wise I wouldn't have been able to do this.  Baby sitting for grandsons at there house in Perth.   Mummy has a busy day and she would earn nothing if she was to put the boys in out of school club. She doesn't mind paying as they both love going, but this way she earns and I have time with them.   Anna and Beth's dad is on duty today.

Today's card is the card that I showed last week, made from the waste.

I know that I used Sue Wilson dies and art decor embossing folder, plus Marianna createables, the pink card will be lidl's .

Today Calum has been making his garden with his Anderson Shelter, I admitt I made the shelter, but he has made the rest which I am glad as I do hate that children aren't allowed to do it their way, he knew what he wanted to do and asked if I could please bring the bits over with me.  So this is his model.  Told me he didn't want a neat and tidy garden, as it was during the war and people had to work really hard and didn't get much time off.

I think he done ok for being just 10.   His friend Samuel is coming round soon so he told me to photo it quickly so he could hide it, as he doesn't want Samuel seeing till he takes it in to school on Monday. 
Well I am going away to do a bit of ironing for Tammy, she has ironing to do for clients, I will do the uniforms for the boys and their dad, plus some bedding.  That will save here this weekend.

Well I better go get busy, thank you for calling by.

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Good evening.  Firstly Gillian said " thank you for all your lovely comments on my cats". She was thrilled you all loved them, she is having fun making all the bits of the project.

My card is one that I made to thank Margaret Corgi Owner, this very kind lady made and sent Partricia and myself some of her wonderfull heat bags.   They are great and I have used the little pocket ones and a large one a lot, and I know Patricia's John  has been using ones for his sore knees.

 I used a 6x6 card blank, Papermania french lavender paper, Sue wilson Salzburg die, curled vines die,and  bow die. Heart felt creation aster die, LOTV thank you stamp and some lace from my stash.
I have to say I love the papers in the French Lavender pad.  

Well I am pleased to say that I have completed the cutting of the required amount of striplets, ok I might have to cut some more if they decide to invite a few others, I have still to cut and emboss the card to make some more of the evening invitations, I am getting their.  I will be helping Calum grandson with his school project, which involves making an Anderson shelter, now he knows what he wants to do but needs Granny help as he says " granny you have the card and things that I will need to use". Thank goodness I am of some use???  I know he has his eye on the bits of "wall" paper that I have left over from a couple of beer cakes, plus the grass stuff.    It will be fun, I am babysitting for them so it will keep us busy.

Now I am going to leave you with another one of Gills takes on one of their pets.  I hope you like this one as much as I do?

She has even put feathers round it's neck and it's tail!!!

Well that's it, apart for me to leave a message for Tracy Stitt.  Tracy your cards are lovely, thank you for letting me see them.  I think you should set yourself up with a blog, it seems like it's hard, but Tracy if I can do one any one can.   

Into work tomorrow Daddy and Anna are planing to go skiing, so it will be an early start for them so I will take Beth to school.  

Take care and for those of you who are not feeling 100% here are some ((((((hugs)))))) just help yourselves.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 15 February 2015



Squeek & Junior

Ladies I just had to share these little fellows!!!    Gillian has been playing with modelling clay and has made these little cutes, what do you think???  These are her take on her three cats and she has captured them so well.  She has a project in her head, and I think you might be seeing some hens and mice before long.   I just thought it was something different to show.

Well I have had a kind of another lazy day, was in the factory this morning got a call from Tammy's God mum asking if I would make a " Welcome Home"  card.  As you know Tammy's god father had an op some 11days ago, he came out of it really well, then was blue lighted to Lincoln Hospital  last Sunday night, thankfully he is doing good now, and should be home later this week.  His grandchildren ( who are aged between 11&22 )asked there grandma if they thought I would make them a card to give him with " Welcome Home" on it like a banner. Well yes no problem, as I always keep the spare letters from when I cut any out using my Xcut die, found enough all mixed colours, some silver thread, got an 8x8 card blank, cut  Sues Bevelled Glass striplet out at the bottom backed that with coloured papered added the thread and hung the letters of welcome on that and the word home just under that.   And yes you have likely guessed it I forgot to photograph it, I had put the card and envelope into a box and Charlie took it along to the Spar shop in the village a couple of miles from here that's post office is open on a Sunday, so I couldn't even undo it if I wanted too.

I did say that surely they could have made a card between them, she laughed and said I don't think so, sad in a way as I bet he would have been chuffed!!!   With it

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my basket, it's lovely that people handed in things for the raffle, but I think with that last basket putting the tin of shortbread, tea then taking the cup out of its box and adding it in to the basket, made better use of them.  I have a few folk asking about mums day gifts, I will gladly do these, but I do like to know what mum would like and love to receive.  So I might get a few orders, then again I might not?
I am not in work tomorrow, but Anna messaged to say they had been Pony racing and had passed today, she always adds 😅 these so when I replied I put one at the end.  She said she was proud of me for working out how to do this, I had to laugh, I knew but never bother to use them.   I do think they think they know everything at her age.  So I can see when I pick her up tomorrow she will have something to say about it.

Any way this is going out tonight as I can't get my clock to work so that I can set it to post in the morning.

Now I will go get to bed.  Hope you like the cats???

Hazel xxx


 From these we
got this!!!

Good morning, it looks like we will maybe, just maybe get a nice day .

Just going to show one more of the raffles prizes.   My lot were in stitches when this gift was being taken to the winner, I had made sure all the gifts were transported so that they wouldn't get juggled and the contents wouldn't get moved.  Well the lady carrying it nearly had it inside down and I felt like shouting carry it properly it took we time to get that to sit right.  Well Chris (son) wished he hadn't put his camera away as seemingly my face was a picture!!,  any way a great night was had by all the raised £450 which was good seeing there was only a 100 or less there.

I would like to say welcome to " littlelamb". I know you also don't have a blog, that does not matter you are very welcome,   Tracy our e-mail is cf.he.evans@ I will leave it up for a few days then I will remove it.

Thank you for all your comments saying I had transformed the donated sets into gifts.   It's not that there was t other gifts sets just in the packaging they came it. Chris wanted folk to think if they bought tickets they might get something more than a tin of biscuits , chocolates or a bottle of wine.
I made a round wicker box and did the gift that I did at Christmas " wine and nibbles". But it was six little wines 3 red 3 white and filled the centre with sweets from a big box of Lindt ball chocolates.  Plus a couple of other baskets.   If I had known I was going to be doing the donated gifts up I would have done something else.

Well it's into the factory for me.   Hope you have something nice to do.   Or not just relax and it and 

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 14 February 2015


Good afternoon.  I hope you are all well if not there is a basket full of ((((((hugs)))))) just help yourselves.   I want to welcome Tracy Stitt to my blog. Tracy is a fellow scottish crafter she doesnt have a blog but that does not matter,  all are welcome, it just means I can't go and see your work.

Well today I am showing a couple of raffle prizes that I have put together. We are off to a " Dinner Dance". That is to do with the Tayside Kidney Patients Assocation, we always support this due to our son having kidney problems that required him having two transplants and he has had a lot of support. He is now on the committee too.   So mum was asked to turn a few donated bits into nice gifts.  We always donate a few prizes as a family too.

Any way this is a couple of the donated sets changed into gives.

This gift set was donated

Put in a nice basket with a hand towel and a couple of flannels 

 Put some cellophane round and tie pretty ribbon and an little wooden heart, and you have a much nicer gift in my eyes.
Another one that was donated

Again I have taken the set apart and put it in to a basket, now the hand towel is pink but it is showing red and the flannel is looking a darker shade of purple.   With Mother's Day coming up maybe some mum will get this.

I have a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine done so far and I will show that later.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my " oldie". I do appreciate them.
Well I am off back to make up some more prizes.  I was falling out with myself over being so stupid that I had to take one apart and start again, so a break was needed.   Cellophane in the bin and cut ribbon in the jar for the school.  I will be more careful this time.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 12 February 2015


Good morning and thank you for calling in to see my "Oldie Friday " .   A very simple card made from my "bit box".  When I have cut out a die cut, I always look to see if the waste can be used and if I think it can I put it in my box, the embossed piece is from me cutting out the "Marianna" creatable foliage was just right for another card, I backed this with another piece of waste card from me cutting the same die, I ofset them so the colour just filled in where needed.  Cut the "Memory Box" foliage out and added the ribbon and bow. The ribbon was the same colour as the card but looks more red.  I think this was a 5x7 card, can't remember. I made this away back early last year, when I was just starting.

It's house work this morning , then I am picking Anna up from school at 1.10 they only do till lunch time on Friday a complete waste of time In my eyes, Anna often says friends and other pupils in her year didn't come to school for the morning, as they can't see the point of coming in for a few hours.  The thing is they are the only school so far that has started doing this in the area. Edinburgh schools all finish at lunch on a Friday.  What it coming to??  Children will grow up thinking that when they get a job they will finish at lunch time Friday too. I don't think so unless they work flexi hours.

Thank you for your comments on the photos of St Andrews beach, I am so glad it brought back so many happy memories for so many of you.  We are lucky having that and so many more beautiful beaches within a short driving distance, we use to live at Easthaven a very small viliage of 40 houses just outside Carnoustie, and the beach was a stones throw from our house and the view from our lounge and kitchen was the sea, I do miss it.

Well Id better make a move or it will be time to do pick and nothing will be done again.
Take care and enjoy your day.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Good evening. No card to show, as you know I am busy with the invites.   So I thought I'd show you a couple of photos I took while we were walking down at the beach at StAndrews today.
The beach was clean, it is a very clean beach,but you can image with the winter weather., you do get loads of rubbish , even trees, fish boxes and lobster pots, but today none of that.  We use to go here every week, but when Harris ( lab ). Started to have a couple of little fits we stopped as he is a big silly daft lump who only ever got his ball at the beach, and he can't except that he doesn't get it now.  We let him have it for 5 minutes and just monitored him.  We had a lovely walk, even if Harris tried and tried to get Charlie to give him his ball.

We then went into" The Old Coarse " club house for lunch.  Now it's lovely in there with views over the coarse, yes its a little bit dearer than one of the cafes in the town, but take in the cost of parking up in the town it isn't really much more, and if you want a well done bacon roll at any time of the day you can have one, ( husband favourite, and I mean well done)   To many cafes only do a bacon roll till 11o'clock.    I had a lovely BLT, it was yummy.  So it goes to show that these places look very posh but they are not.

It was home then and I was very lazy and sat with my feet up.   It's back to the factory in a wee while to do cut some more striplet.    We are nearly there.

Thank you for the lovely comments on the Wedding Card.   I do love reading them and appreciate very one of them.

Right it's a cup of tea now then I will get cracking on the die cutting.

I am meeting up with Patricia tomorrow. The nice thing is I won't have to clock watch as I am not on pick up.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 9 February 2015


Good evening.  Haven't we had a lovely day weather wise, well we have!    It's been a chilly but the sun was shining, it was lovely, it even had a bit of a spring feel in the air.
Thank you for all our comments on my " BEER CAKES". I do love the challenge of making these when I am given details of what the Man receiving it likes.  I do get asked for plainer ones, the Highland cow one took me to another level, and since then as some of you will know I have done a few others that I had to think out of the box.

Now I did mean to welcome Myra to my blog the other day and forgot, Myra dosent have a blog, but she makes stunning cards, my head just wasn't in a great place.   I am off for a few days, The girls daddy is off using up holidays that he will loose if he doesn't use them up.  He did think I was still coming in to take the girls to school, but I said NO there wasn't any point of me going in for a half an hour in the morning and evening, he could do it.  So my day has been filled with making evening invites and making a wedding card for Gillians friend who surprised every one getting married last week.

Now the photos are terrible, I photo them quickly to send to Gillian let her see what she thought, she came in on her way home from work, yes you have got it, off she went home with the card and I hadn't photographed it properly. Never mind it gives you an idea of what I had done.

The middle die is a new one I treated myself to its  by Die'sire and is called extravagance.  The back ground paper is from First Eddition Dream Catcher pad.   The stamps in the middle are one I bought from  Of coarse I have used my lovely hearts striplet backed  again with the Dream Catcher paper.    The heart stamp with Mr & Mrs is from a bargain packet I got from my local craft shop.
Gillian when off home to make her own insert for her friend, they studied together as podiatrists over 25 years ago.
Well I am having a break from invites tonight, my shoulder is a bit sore.  I am sitting here with a heat bag that the lovely " Margaret Corgie Owner" made for me. the heat is working.   I will be back at the " factory" as I call it tomorrow doing more invites.  With any luck everything should be finished this weekend.

Any way I am off to sit back and put my feet up and do nothing.

Take care and thank you for popping in.

Hazel xxxx

Friday, 6 February 2015


Good morning, it's Friday again another week gone!!!    I don't mind the weeks going in so quick up till we get some slightly warmer weather, BUT.  I have so much to do before Gillians  wedding, the first being getting the invites done, I am getting there, but due to the upset at work on Monday ( still not resolved ) I just can't get my head into a good place, so I haven't done any more to them this week.   
Any way enough of that.  I did say early this week when I was commenting that I would show on if my "Beer Cakes" for those who haven't been following my blog for long.  The first one I am showing, is the one that I started my blog up for so I could show it. ( big sister Patricia-summerhousecrafts). Told me I had to let people see it. So here we go - photo heavy.

As you can see " no cake" just a tin and beers. You need the little dumpy cans.   Now please remember I hadn't intended to show the three photos to others these were me sending them to Tammy, who had asked me to make this one, ( had made others before this one ) and Patricia.  So I just photographed them any old how.  This one was for a guy who just loves his Highland cattle. Just noticed the middle photo should be the bottom one, can't change them round incase I muck it up. Just trying to show the stages.  

This is "Angus"  he was the last one I did last year.   I have a couple of orders on the books for this summer, so watch this space!!!

Well an up date on Tammy's Godfather.  Whom you all left lovely comments on his card, I wanted it to be light heart and I do hope his family will let him sit with his feet up, they are guilty of thinking he is a taxi driver to them.  Anyway he has had his op, ( he had Bowel Cancer .) He is up dressed and doing well was the report I got yesterday).  So we are even more positive.

Sorry for photo overload. 

Have a great day.

Hazel xxxx