Sunday, 18 January 2015


Good afternoon, thank you for coming in for a little look of what I have been doing or as Charlie would say "playing".   I had been talking to my friend who suffers from Parkinson's and her voice is going, she gets down at times but yet tries to keep cheerful.   This weather gets her down, she is very much a sunshine person, not sitting it but just the nice bright days.   Anyway as they live outside Birmingham we can't just pop down to see them. So a card with some hugs I hope will help a little.

Well we woke up this morning to a dusting of snow, but under it is ice.  I found this out while out walking Harris - yes I went my length, I am ok I will be a bit black and blue and stiff and sore.  Arnica tablets taken so hoping that will reduce things.   I wouldn't care but I had on my walking boots with really good soles. Never mind I didn't break anything and that's all that matters.

Charlie is slowly getting there, and thank you for all the well wishes for him. He was hoping to get out for a little walk, but that will have to wait, he hoovered up while I was out and he was wiped.   Looks like I will be dog walking for a few more days.

This is a 51/2 x6 card, it was an off cut that was lying by where I cut my card, it had a damaged edge, so I trimmed that off then added half of the striplet die as a border again it had not cut that great but this half was fine.  The Lemon card is from First Eddition  Family ties,  die cut from Sue Wilsons San Francisco and Innsbruck sets, these were in my box thought they were all cut from the same card, but photograph shows they are not, you don't see it, well my eyes dont see it ( do need new glasses I think) when you look at the card.  Foliage again are all bits out of my box, flowers are ones Patrica had made for me also the stick pins.   

That's it for today, off to cut and emboss a few more bits of the invitation.   A few at a time rather than hurry them.   

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my " oldie".  Margaret Corgie owner showed her young grand son the picture of the board and now he wants her to help make one. I bet I wasn't her favourite blogger on Friday !!!......  Have fun Margaret.    I am always glad to share my ideas.

Do take care when out, I will be more carefull that's for sure. 

Hazel xxx


  1. Afternoon Hazel sorry to hear that you fell the weather here is just the same its so bad under foot. I went to the crematorium this morning and it was just like a skating rink I had to walk on the grass as my crutches don't do ice they were going one way and I the other. Glad to hear you've not broken anything.
    Back to your card it is a lovely sunny one it gives us hope the suns on its way. and the design is lovely.

    You take care while walking the dog. xx

    Hugs Debs xxx

  2. Gorgeous, bright and cheerful card you have the re Hazel, I am sure it will cheer your friend up no end.

    I do hope you are ok after your fall, I'm afraid if that was me the dog would have to miss his walks and just go in the garden until the weather passes, I hate walking in the snow because I usually do slip over, you were really lucky not to break anything.

    Take care

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. Lovely card Hazel. Hope you are okay after your fall. Flipping weather - roll on spring!!! Hugs Christine xx

  4. Try again!! Every time I make a comment I have to sign into Blooger. It's always after I have written my comment. When you get back in its all gone!!

    A beautiful card that Anne will love. I really like how you have used that Striplet.
    Hope you are OK, try to keep moving. You will have lots of pretty patterns and colours later. At least you will not be bearing them all when swimming like I had to when I was badly battered and bruised after my fall in October. Lucky we had a pool of our own and it was only the family that laughed at my patternes and colour range!!
    Enjoy the rest of the day

    Patricia xxx

    1. Hi Patricia,
      I too have to sign in to blogger every time I post a comment, I try to remember to copy the post before I press 'publish' as on so many occasions I have written a 'war & peace' type comment only to find it disappeared whilst I was signing in! So frustrating! Xxx

  5. A really beautiful card that will cheer anyone's day for sure and very clever use of the striplet too.
    Poor you measuring your length I do hope you are ok Hazel, if you have a grain bag the sort you heat in the microwave try that too. I often fall and I find gentle heat helps to ease the pain and ease any stiffness until the bruising comes out, please take care.
    I was so pleased with your idea of the pony club be assured, as after a week of my grandson being off school I was running short on ideas to keep him occupied, and there is only so much baking, writing, colouring and reading an 8 year old will be happy doing!
    Gentle hugs
    Margaret corgi owner

  6. Oh dear Hazel sounds like you had a lucky escape, so easy to break something. Your card is beautiful and I am sure it will cheer your friend up! Take care with the dog walking! Susan x

  7. Beautiful card Hazel, it will certainly cheer up your friend . Sorry to hear you took a fall, at least nothing was broken. Nice warm bath should help. Hugs Rita xxx

  8. Fabulous card Hazel, I'm sure your friend will treasure it, glad to hear that Charlie is getting about and that you didn't break any bones, hope you're not too sore.

    Love and hugs

  9. Wow Hazel glad you are okay after your triple salco!! We don't bounce like we used too do we xx glad to hear the other half is one the mend xx your card is beautiful and love the paper, very springlike and how you have used the Striplet is fab - it looks very effective, your friend will love it I'm sure xx go steady on your next walk xx GailT xx

  10. Hope you aren't too sore after your tumble Hazel, the arnica tabs should help though. What a pretty card, simple yet stunning xx

  11. HI Hazel, so sorry to hear that you had a fall, but glad you are ok...I hate going out when it's icy. Your card is gorgeous, your friend will be blown away. Love it, warm hugs Carole Z X

  12. Hi Hazel
    Ooooh, I did wince when I read about your fall. Hope you're OK?
    Lovely elegant card. We are lovers of our FE pads lol! This one does have some strange papers but the paper you have used is a fabulous one.
    Take care on tomorrows walk.
    Ang x

  13. Such a beautifully designed card Hazel, your detailing is gorgeous and I am sure your friend will be thrilled to receive it,
    Sorry to hear about your fall, thank goodness you are okay.
    Take care, Sue xx

  14. Beautiful card Hazel, gorgeous design and your details are fabulous.

  15. Hi Hazel

    A Beautiful card sunny card to brighten your friends day, it's a shame she lives so far away as I know you would brighten her day.

    Tina XX

  16. a beautiful sunshiney card for your friend Hazel - I do hope you're okay - sounds like a bad fall Hazel. Big hugs rachel xx

  17. Hello Hazel, sorry to hear you had a tumble, it's so dangerous underfoot just now. I hope you don't ache too much.
    Your card is gorgeous, love the colour theme and the dies are beautiful, I'm sure your friend will love it.
    minus 10 in some areas up here, I'm going around the house in thermals under my clothes, wonder what I'll do when it gets cold!!!, take care when out, hugs Kate x

  18. Such a bright happy card today Hazel, im certain it will be cherished by your friend. Its lovely.
    Hope you are ok after your fall. Arnica gel is also good to reduce bruises too if you need it. I just loath this weather, I get through by thinking its another day closer to Spring, but until then Im a prisoner !
    I worry sick everytime Mr L takes 'his' dog out in this weather, although he has proper walking boots, if she spits a bird or squirrel or vole and pulls him, he'd be down like a ton of bricks, and as he takes her out into the countryside of Lancashire in the car after lunch, id stand NO chance of reaching him in an emergency !
    You rest and take care, rest and potter so you dont stiffen up too much.
    Take care.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  19. Good to hear Charlie is on the mend, shame about the dog walking mind, as it is mighty chilly out there just now.
    Great card Hazel, I'm sure your friend will love it, love all your layering of dies and fancy edging.

    Hugs Erika. x

  20. Hi Hazel
    I love love this card it's so pretty i'm sure your friend will be over the moon with it. Great way to add half a striplet i would never have thought of that one thank you for the tip.
    Pleased Charlie is on the mend & hope you are ok after your fall.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  21. Hi Hazel,
    Gorgeous sunshine colours on this gorgeous card, it is guaranteed to brighten your friends day! Those just because kind of cards are so nice to receive!
    I am sorry hear you went and fell down while walking Harris, that could have been a whole lot worse, I bet you ached yesterday mind!
    I am pleased to hear that Charlie is on the mend, chest infections can be such a worry, I always make sure I have some 'live' yoghurt or the probiotic ones when I take antibiotics as they can have any nasty effect of stripping your body of it's 'good' bacteria as well as the bad.
    Please take it carefully when you are out, the ice under snow is such a worry as you can't see it!
    Gentle hugs coming your way,
    Sandra xxxxx

  22. Hello Hazel,
    I so Love the colourway of your Card it has sunshine shouting out, I Love the Striplet Die and the Beautiful Flower and Stick Pin, it's a truly Fabulous Card.
    Take care
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam xxx

  23. Sam, thank you for calling in to see what I have been up to. You are most welcome. I read on Sandra's that you are hoping to set up your own blog, if I can do it any one can, so look forward to seeing your work, it's great fun and you find so many lovely friends, we may never meet but we always support. Hazel xx

  24. Hi Hazel,
    I have looked in a few times but never commented before! It was your fall that did it! I had to say sorry you fell and pleased you didn't break anything. You have some beautiful cards and today's is no exception. Clever use of half a striplet!
    Take care, thank you for sharing .
    Love Myra

  25. Myra, welcome to my blog, also thank you for your concern about my fall. Thankfully I haven't suffered to much from it. I am just not so keen to go out when it's icy. Thankfully Charlie is feeling well enough to walk Harris again.
    I love walking but, sorry I can do that when its not icy. I haven't been making anything for days, as I have been die cutting bits for making daughters wedding invites, she isn't having many to the day time, but over a 100 for the evening. Do pop in any time I don't always post ever day that's the only thing. Hazel x

  26. Bummer on your fall on the icy path...I'm so glad you didn't injure anything seriously. I slid on black ice a few years back, tore my knee. It's very scary, and I'm glad you just have the bruises...which are bad enough. Of course you know I loved all those fab SW dies you've got layered against this sunshine yellow. I'm like your friend, I need the sunshine too. This is sure to cheer her up with the lovely soft yellow background, and the very thought that she was in your heart & mind. You're a great friend to remember her so beautifully. Be careful walking Harris, and I'm so glad the DH is still mending day-by-day (and willing to do a bit of housework if he can!) TFS & Hugs Oops forgot to say how I loved that you used your 'boo-boos' to turn into such a marvelous card. You & Patricia are my inspiration with those SW dies.

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