Friday, 9 January 2015


Good morning, from a very wild and windy Fife.  Didn't sleep much as slates were rattling, thank goodness we have the roof checked every year, I do think the cottage next door are missing a few this morning.   Day light will maybe tell a different story.  My heart goes out to those who won't have been so lucky as along with this high winds there is heavy rain there will be some large damage.

This card I made last March, and I still only had a few of my own dies, big sister Patricia let me borrow dies, she still would I have to say.   I made this card as I had just bought the 2 memory box dies that I have used, the back ground one is one of Patricia's.

Not working until I pick up Beth, unless Anna decides she wants to come home at 1pm.  She is at a high school that they finish at 1pm on Fridays.  Have to say it does cause problems not only because she can't get a bus home until 2.10, and the mum that gives her a lift in the morning doesn't pick her girls up till 3.25.   So if it comes to it I will have to go get her.

Thank once again for all your comments, I do appreciate every one of them.

Take care if you are out and about, especially if you live in an area that is in the path of this weather front.

Hazel xxx


  1. Gorgeous card Hazel can't brleive yiu have inky been card making such a short while as they are all so good xx windy here over night but think it is calming down now!! Hope it does the same for you and have a good week d xx GailT xx

  2. This is gorgeous Hazel, I love the elegant design and beautiful colours.
    I hope that there hasn't been too much damage caused by the weather.
    Sue xx

  3. Good afternoon Sis,
    I remember this card, you were so exited when you made it.
    You'd just bought and used the Dies and sent the image to let me see.
    I am so delighted you have found your LOVE in card making.
    Mind you the next few months will keep you very busy ........ happy crafting.

    Patricia xx

  4. This is so sweet. No - one ever believe you are still quite new to card making that's for sure.
    I look back at some of mine and cringe lol... So much so the majority were made with Kanban kits, no imagination and those cheap and tacky peel off's for greetings ! I even bagged them up to be taken to a charity shop to sell (even 50p a card) would have eventually made a few pounds, but they have their own supplier of cards (manufactured not hand made) so I still have them, Ive not the heart to recycle them, not when charity shops need money, so will keep trying but where I have no idea !
    Have a relaxing evening.
    Lancashire Steph xx

    1. Ang, Mrs Duck says to tell RSPCA will take your cards, they have manufactured ones but will take hand made ones. Hope that helps.
      Hazel x

    2. Steph, just me again, is there no where at the hospital that you go to at times that would take your cards, like the WRVS trolley. As here they go round the wards, selling papers etc, but there are people in hospital that need to buy a card, and a hand made one would be special, and the money goes to other good uses. Just a thought. Hazel x

  5. Hazel thanks for sharing your oldie today, love your use of dies. Really windy here today too, bits of damage.
    Have a super weekend, hugs and happy crafting, Erika. x

  6. Hello Hazel, bad night here too, we have had no damage but round about us have.
    Lovely card, I do think the background die is gorgeous and the flowers and leaves one is beautiful, great design.
    Have a good weekend, hugs Kate x

  7. Hi Hazel
    Why haven't we seen this one before as its marvellous. The dies all work fab together.
    It was bin day today here and there were a few fallen over this morning on my way to work. It did ease off but has gotten up again, roaring over the chimney.
    Hazel, can you let Lancs Steph know that an RSPCA charity shop should be happy to take her cards. Ours sells ones from a supplier but is happy to take others too (as you know, they've had a few of mine).
    Best wishes and keep those hatches battened down!
    Ang x

  8. A gorgeous oldie Hazel, wonderful use of the dies, hugs Carole Z xx

  9. Hi Hazel from a very wind Barnsley weve got really strong gales we didn't get much sleep last night with the wind. And I can see we'll not be getting much tonight.
    Now back to your card it is a really pretty card ad I do like the colours you used on it.
    Take Care in this wind

    Debs xxx

  10. Beautiful oldie card Hazel,..
    We have it bad here in S. Yorks.. no sleep last night not think I`ll get much I`m typing the wind is horrendous..

  11. Hi Hazel,
    Oldies are the best!
    A really elegant card today, such a lovely composition!
    I am glad to hear that you are safe from the wind, its blowing a gale out here tonight! Not heard many planes flying yay!
    Crafty hugs,
    Sandra xxx

  12. Beautiful composition Hazel, love the colours.

    Hope you are ok in that weather up there, the winds are coming down here in the South East now though I guess they wont be as bad as you have had them.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  13. Hope you have stayed safe Hazel it sounds very wild up in your parts! Its quite windy here on the NW coast. Love your oldie, beautiful colours and die cuts. Susan x

  14. Hi Hazel,
    a lovely card gorgeous colour's lovely layout.
    Hope you are ok with the wind,it's quit windy here in Kent which is getting stronger as the day goes on. Take care Hugs Lynda xx

  15. Hi Hazel sorry to be so late I have been chasing my tail again I just don't know where the time goes some days,
    This is such a beautiful card I love the colours and the way you have made it up, all in all a really lovely card.
    I hope you have kept out of all the bad weather and have not suffered any damage as a result. We have had the very high winds and rain and then this afternoon to top it all we had snow and more is forecast here in the Lake District. I like to see the snow on the fells but that is where my admiration ends I hate everything that goes with it.
    How are the wedding invites coming along? Then it will be place names then favours and not forgetting the thank you cards afterwards, yes you have guessed right I have done it all before twice actually for both my daughters weddings. It is so worth it as you get such a lovely flush of pride when people comment on how beautiful everything is.
    Take care and stay safe.
    Margaret corgi owner

    1. Margaret, we have been lucky here no damage, it's been trying to snow all day, but thankfully come to nothing and I hope it stays that way. Been doing mock up cards today, Gillian wants the same design I did for there engagement with just a couple of chsnges, so tried the ideas she gave me and she is pleased but she wants Andrew to say what he thinks. She has her favours in hand, very different but gorgeous, our Gillian has wonderful ideas, as she said her self at nearly 44 she wants to do the things that she has said " I would have done" when she has been to weddings etc. we didn't think she would find her prince as her little sister says, she has always been career minded. Yes I feel proud that she loved there engagement card enough to want their invites to look nearly the same, and for me to make them. Hope your snow stays on the fells
      Hazel x

  16. so beautiful Hazel - I love the diecuts and the colours are fab - thanks for your beautiful card Hazel - you're very kind! and thanks for your kind words - hugs Rachel xx

  17. Hope you made it safely through the storms with no damage from the high winds that I'm hearing about. Love the way you've combined the layers of dies on this pretty card. Great combo of colors too. You & Patricia are so inspiring with the way both of you use the dies, and how fortunate are you both, that you can share supplies. TFS & Hugs. Happy Sunday.