Friday, 16 January 2015


Good morning, it's Friday again, thank goodness.   I tell you what I didn't realise just how many things Charlie does in the week?   When he worked and was away so much I just got on and did the every day things like taking the rubbish out to the bins and putting them out on the right days, walking the dog, going and getting the bits of shopping like milk and bread. Oh boy with him being unwell and not doing these things I have taken really bad with it.   So I won't think " what has he done all day". The other thing Is he not doing the cooking ok he's not really eating either, just light stuff like scrambled egg and toast.  So I have had to do all these things.

As its " Oldie Friday" over at Erika's blog I thought I'd show what I helped the girls and the others who do Pony Club quiz every Wednesday from the beginning of December until April. If they are lucky enough and the Fife Hunt Pony Club have been to get to the Nationals they are given the theme to do a board to take with them.    Last year it was to do with their club and what it meant to them, they had the ideas but couldn't think how to do them on the board - of course Anna and Beth said " hazel will help". We spent a lot of time putting this together, they got to the finals with their board for the theme to be changed ( put it this way changed to make sure the one and only board that had the new theme just happened to be done with won). The team this year said they won't do the theme that's set they will do something different if they get through!!,  it's a shame they are a good group of children who have had this happen twice to them.   Any way here's what they did.

The jumper is all made out of card, I showed them how to do it and they took it all on board, the shirt collar was the hard bit I did cut that for them in the end.  But it just goes to show what can be done with card and paper.  Ok I had to scratch my head a few times and a lot of card was wasted to get it to this, but it's like making a card at times - how many get thrown in the bin???  

By the way it looks like it will be Emily receiving the card.    I think Granny will have to make a couple of Valentine cards don't you think? 

I better go get dressed and get this dog out for his walk, then come home and have a hot shower and clean clothes on,  it's so muddy out there and I can't see the point of putting clean trousers etc on to come home and have to change.    I have a pair of big brown eyes looking at me saying " come on mum". So I'd better go.  Thank you for stopping by,

Take care when out and about.  

Hazel xxxx


  1. Hazel I've been wearing waterproof trousers over my clothes this week if only to keep the wind and muck out. Good luck it's a tad chilly out there again this morning, my face is still cold and windswept!
    I guess you will be making two Valentine cards, LOL. I boy needs to keep his options open!
    I love your horse board that you helped the girls with for their riding, and you are quite correct, there is nothing much you can't making in paper.
    Thanks for joining me in sharing and oldie today, have a super weekend and wrap up warm. x

    Hugs Erika.

  2. This is lovely with lots of personal meanings behind it. Thanks for sharing Hazel.
    Have a good Friday and lovely weekend.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  3. Hazel, I remember all the hard work you and the girls put into this fantastic project.
    I also remember the disappointment they felt when it was swept aside for one that had no bearing on the "laid out" theme!!
    Have a good weekend

    Patricia x

  4. I remember you showing this Hazel and I thought it was amazing so it's lovely to get a second look. Hope things return to normal for you both soon xx

  5. Hi Hazel, I remember this and thought it was a great make at the time, still do. Pity that the girls didn't win with it. A little bit of coruption in the Pony Club maybe.
    Sorry to hear that Charlie is still not too well, I would miss Alistair's contribution too if he were to become ill, we maybe don't apreciate what they do, must tell them more often, keep cosy, hugs Kate x

  6. Hi Hazel I remember when you first showed this I thought it were great then and Now they did well.

    Debs xxx

  7. Hi Hazel
    I remember this last year and how awful it was for the girls (didn't they have to travel down to this neck of the woods too?)
    Mr Duck just puts the bins out and empties the dishwasher. . . . . . that's it unless I ask him (usually several times) to do anything else lol!
    You will be needing a week off at this rate.
    Take care.
    Ang x

  8. Hello Hazel, Sure hope to read here soon, that Mr. Charlie is all mended and back to relieving you of all these chores! Bet you are doing double duty with nursing as well. It's good that you appreciated all the things he's been doing to make life easier, but so sad that he had to get under-the-weather too. Your girls' project is very cleverly thought out & executed. My hat's off to you for helping them follow through with their good ideas. It's a shame when the challenge is a 'bit rigged' so that the kids don't all have equal chances. Hope things will be nicer at your house for the wkend, and enjoy your walkies! It's so nice to have a friendly little companion (or even a bigger one!) to walk along and enjoy the sights. Happy wkend, TFS & Hugs

  9. Oh Hazel you really have landed me with a job, I showed my grandson this as he too is in the pony club and loves it, you can guess what is coming next.. 'Nanna can we make one of those please?'
    As he is off school ill at present and comes to us while his mum is at school it will be something different for him to do.
    Have a lovely warm weekend
    Margaret corgi owner

  10. Margaret sorry to have landed you in it. I used black card from Lidl ( had it in my stash) it's a bit large sheets than A4 to get the Fife hunt badge I photoed a jumper and put a ruckle it the front so it made the photo then look more like it was a jumper, then I printed it off and stuck it on to the black card. The collar I laid out the shirt collar on to the White card drawed the out line of the whole collar then did folds, the tie again I tied then photographed printed then cut out. That was the hardest bit. I also got the girls to cut and draw lines on the cuff bits, the girls all had great fun doing this. And it's amazing just how many photos we were given to choose from. The letters are an XCut die. The girls love pony club they are also part of the hunt with Dad
    and Mum, aren't hunting today as ground to hard, so they are of skiing instead. I hope if they get to the finals this year that some one will make sure that the theme is stuck to. Our lot travel all the way down to Warwick for the finials, do really well seeing how they are a young team oldest is 15 and are up against now up to 21 year olds, then to see the same club win twice with a theme that has been thought up only by them, it's dishearting for them. Have fun with Ben. Our Andrew will be here this afternoon while mummy goes to get her hair done, daddy and big brother are off to the football, better them than me it's bitter out. Hazel xx

  11. What a wonderful way to get muddy with a four legged friend and with big brown eyes too xx I just melt when our gran puppy sits and looks at me all 'doe eyed' I absolutely adore him - and the muddy boots and trousers from all his pals that we meet en-route who jump up to greet me is all worthwhile xx luv the collage and how nice that they ask for your input but no surprise xx wish I could say that about my OH - decided I have been too independent in the past and possibly 'shot myself in the foot' luv him to bits but boy is he trying at the mo!!! xx enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  12. Hi Hazel,
    What a lot of work you put in this project well done to you & the girls,it's a shame they didn't win
    Hugs Lynda xx

  13. Wonderful make - what a brilliant poster for presentation - lovely - and they're lucky to have you to help! Big hugs hazel! Rachel xx

  14. Hi Hazel, sorry for the late visit: I remember when you posted this fab project, so much work - but worth it! Thank you for sharing it again, hugs Carole Z X