Friday, 2 January 2015


Good morning.   Thank you for all your lovely comments on Ash & Nics wedding card.   Which I understand they loved.
Andrew and Gillian thank you all for their well wishes on their engagement.  They were both taken aback by them all.    It looks like the 31st July/1st August is on the cards for their wedding.  Plenty of time one says, BUT I know it will be here before we know it.  I will be on hand to give help where needed, Gillian is a very independant person, and she will know and do what's needed also Andrew is the same. It will be a small wedding with a big party from what is being said.
I have been busy , it's another wedding card, but the wedding is not for a few weeks.   Wedding and engagement cards are a bit like buses - none for an age then 5 at once.  

Now today I thought I'd carry on with showing something that was done a while ago as part of the share " OLDIE FRIDAY"   That Erika, started last year.

I made this for one of the mums at the girls old school, she has made a full recovery thank goodness, those positive thoughts do work.   I must get that memory box die back out and use it again.  I look at this card and think oh "if only I had done"  when I look at that hand written sentiment I am embarested, but I didn't own much craft stuff and I never even thought of using the big computer to print the sentiment,  oh how I have learnt.   But on saying that "Becky" always talks about how that card gave here hope and she was in a very dark place that day when her boys brought it home and gave it to her, she was so touched that out of all the mums that she knew at the school, I as the girls nanny and didn't know her that well had taken the time to make this for her.   

Any way we are having Calum oldest grand son here for a sleep over tonight, he wants to bake, he was a bit jealous of his little brother getting to bake when he was here before Christmas, so it looks like all the chocolates that no one really likes and biscuits that I just don't need to eat are going to be made into broken biscuit tray bake which will freeze so he can take it home and mummy can put in her freezer to be used as and when.  Might keep a few bits for the girls, but I just don't need it.  I have a wedding to go to this summer so all those unwanted pounds have to go.   

Well while writing this the sky got so black the light had to go on and I did think the heavens were going to open up, but no it's passed over and a nice clear sky has appeared.  

Have a good day and thank you for calling in to see what I have been up to.  

Hazel xx


  1. Hello Sis,
    A beautiful card, I loved it when you made and still do.
    I know it brought positive thoughts when it was received.
    You certainly know "positive thoughts" work in health and in lots of other ways.
    Like you have have pounds to loose for this wedding ... will definitely start tomorrow.
    Too many nice things for lunch/dinner today.
    Have a good day, your dark clouds have made their way here and are depositing the rain/ sleet on us!!
    Enjoy your time with Calum

    Patricia xxx

  2. Hi Hazel,
    what a very pretty card.
    Love the design and colours used on this Oldie for Friday.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Hi Hazel,

    Beautiful card, love the layout.

    Have a Happy New Year

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. Beautiful card Hazel. I guess you will be kept busy then for the next six months. Enjoy a Wonderful New Year. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Gorgeous card Hazel,lovely layout & lovely sentiment with very nice handwriting.
    Hugs Lynda xx

  6. A really beautiful card Hazel so pleased it worked for the recipient you are a very thoughtful person.
    The next six months will fly by so quickly so take care, plan ahead and treasure the memories.
    Have a lovely time with your grandson, you can always send him home with his baking!
    Margaret corgi owner

  7. Just a bit late on the drag curve today, but got there in the end!
    Lovely card, I think I remember this one. Great dies and layering.
    Enjoy your sleepover.....or should I say lack of sleep...sleepover?

    HNY and crafty hugs,
    Erika. x

  8. Hi Hazel another beautiful card again. I have a memory die very similar to this, its so delicate and flimsey, all my other dies get forgotten now Ive found Sue's dies and to be honest its a shame as I do have some lovely dies (and some not so lovely) !!
    As far as your daughters wedding day goes, they will be on honeymoon before you know where you are believe me... Lou and Craig got engaged June before last ( 2013 ) set their date for a year to the date of their engagement and it was non stop from the day they set the date onwards, the next thing I know I was having 'mom and daughter' time before she took dad's arm so I could tell her how proud Ive been and how stunningly amazing she looked (welling up) LOL then she became a wife, it was litterally like a massive tornado from them drawing up a guest list to sorting flowers etc so be prepared for everyone's feet not to touch the ground from here on ! Oh, and maybe see just how 'stressed a bride to be can actually get even though you think she 'isnt like that' how wrong were we ? ! Anyway I cant wait to see her wedding stationary I can imagin it to be absolutly outstanding if mom and aunty make it. Im a bit fuddled about this message that has been left Hazel... Where ?
    Well now ive had my 1st blog fix.sorted im off to have a nosy at Sandra's Patricia's and Tina's as Ive popped in to Lyns. So I'll wish you a lovely weekend just incase I forget the time (as we do when crafting) and dont get time to pop back before Monday.
    Lancashire Steph xx

    1. Steph sorry this I pad has called you Stephen oh some times I feel like throwing it out the window . Hazel

    2. Hey, dont worry hon. The first time I blogged on Andy's I pod it came up with Stephen on Sue's blog as it had predictive text which we changed lol. Ive been called so much worse so please dont worry LOL. Off to read Lynda's message. Have a really lovely day xx

  9. Stephen sorry Lynda has left it in the blog showing Gills engagement card.
    Sorry just went and had a look. Hazel x

  10. Hello Hazel and Happy New Year to you and Charlie. Sorry to have been absent for a wee while and not commenting, needed the rest.
    This is such a lovely card, loved it ithe first time you posted it and still do.
    The wedding card And Gillian and Andrew's engagement cards are just gorgeous, it's a very beautiful die and your designs are fabulous.
    The time until the wedding will fly in, but what a lovely time to look forward to, hugs Kate x

  11. This is gorgeous Hazel, such a beautiful and elegant design.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening.
    Sue xx

  12. Happy New Year Hazel.
    Beautiful card design, love that M/B die cut, great colour scheme..

  13. a beautiful oldie Hazel - big hugs to you and have fun with the wedding plans xx

  14. Hi Hazel
    You're a very kind lady who did a very kind deed with your lovely oldie.
    There is nothing for you to be embarrassed about chuck.
    Gosh, that wedding will be here before you know it.
    Enjoy the run up to it.
    Ang x

  15. Enjoyed seeing this project again, as I love the MB die and your background. I think you should be very proud of this card (as the recipient plainly is!) as you did a wonderful job on it. More importantly, your heart was in it, to encourage your friend - just when she needed it. It's obvious she felt the power of the positive thoughts - and I smiled at your thoughts on your earliest efforts. Know exactly what you meant, but if we did our best, nothing to be embarrassed over. (And yours looks so much better than some of _my_ early things!) . Hope that your New Year's Day was fine, and glad you had your Grand there to enjoy it with you.Hugs

  16. Loved seeing this again Hazel - a gorgeous oldie! Hugs Carole Z X

  17. Morning Hazel Happy New Year what a lovely card I love the design
    And the colours are great.
    I will have to get my finger out I've not made no cards this year due to having a cold but I'm now getting over it I hope. You have a lovely year and take care xxx

    Debs xxx

  18. This card is gorgeous and most of all is the reason behind it and how it made the recipient feel which it obviously achieved if she still mentions it today, so you must feel embarrassed because it is lovely and your sentiment says it all and your writing is neat - I wouldn't dare write a sentiment as it would definitely spoil my cards - my writing is pretty awful!! Anyway what a wonderful year you have in store you must be so excited and like you say it will be here before you know it xx anyway I will sign off by wishing you and yours a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year xx GailT xx

  19. Hi Hazel,
    How did the sleepover go?
    I love the thought behind this card today, very touching, lovely card, that die is lovely too, looks very versatile.
    I saw the wedding card you made too, wow Hazel, its stunning, that 'Tethered Heart' die looks stunning on the front, I bet they were thrilled.
    What an exciting few months you have head, all that wedding stationary to be made! you best get stocked up!
    Happy Crafting lovely lady,
    Sandra xxx