Monday, 26 January 2015


Good afternoon, and welcome to you all, and thank you for all your lovely comments on my card and gift cake.

Well I am not into work until I pick up Beth.  I am beginning to feel the benifit of not doing the hours I was,  I dont think it's going down to well with work, as my family keep saying they never saw what I did each day. But now they are. And they are having to do it themselves or the poor housekeeper has to do it.  Me I am just glad I don't have to think or do it now.   I am not sitting doing nothing that's for sure but I am not doing two jobs in a way.   As you know I am making Andrew and Gillians invitations, so lots of cutting to do.   Then I had a disaster on Saturday when I found out I had broken my striplet, I can still cut with it BUT it's very sharp and blood on those die cuts just can't happen.   The heart striplet has little very fine thin bits at the edge and that's where it's I would say cracked rather than broken.

So this is all that I have been doing.

I have to cut 80 striplets and so far I have cut 18, the time consuming bit is cleaning the dies of the bits, and oh those little bits are every where!!!   Thank goodness I have a good Hoover because between the bits and dog hairs at the moment it's needs to be.  

It's a lovely day here, sun shining but it's not that warm, Charlie is back to nearly 100%, I do think he is right that getting out in the fresh air has helped?    I am missing walking Harris, but I can get things done while the two of them are out of the hour in the morning.    Most get back into doing a later walk once the days stay lighter, as I dont like walking just up the villiage. We have a few places that are round the edge of the villiage that are nice to walk in day light.  

Any way off to cut a few more leaves,  all out of the scrap bit, nothing wasted.

Now take care especially as the weather is meant to take a turn for worse mid week.
Myra if you have stopped in again, you said you were making a gift bag. Do you like myself have a bag die???    Or do you make it up by using a score board???

Will try and post a card, I have one to make for my friends husband who started his radiotherapy treatment today ready for his surgery next week.   So will show that. I wil have to think of a man card design!  

Hazel xxxx


  1. Hi Hazel snap one of my striplets broke and they are sharp. I love what you are doing you die cuts are lovely But rather you than me having to cut
    them all out so get cracking no time to chat. Lol
    I don't know if you've seen my blog this morning as ive been saying i'm getting my new car again. cos the one I got last year is going back cos its been in garage about 30 time since july so I told them I wanted it replacing.
    in other words i had a paddy in the show room.
    Debs xx

  2. Oh you've got your work cut out there Hazel, the joys of die cutting lots.
    Loving all the dies you are using, your cards will look lovely.


    Hugs Erika. x

  3. You are going to be so busy! Loving the dies you have been cutting...all looking good! Hugs Carole ZX

  4. Hi Hazel, pleased to hear Charile is tip top again.
    You certainly have een busy, all the cut outs look gorgeous, can't wait untill you show the wedding stationery, I just know it's going to be wonderful. take care hugs Kate x

  5. Sounds like you have your work cut out with all that cutting, just think what a great workout your right arm will be getting though!! Glad to hear that Charlie is almost there xx

  6. Hi Hazel

    Really pleased Charlie is feeling better and walking Harris again, that is always a good sign.

    That poor house keeper, but lucky you especially as you now have the very responsible job of making the wedding invitations. I can't wait to see the finished product.

    We too here in Salisbury have had a lovely sunny day, but also chilly.

    Take care, big hugs

    Tina XX

  7. Lots of work here Hazel, you are going to be one busy lady. Can't wait to see the finished products!!! Hugs Christine xx

  8. Good evening Sis,
    Bet your so glad you cut your hours!!!
    You have a much more important Job to do now.
    All looks good from where I am sitting. I know the finished invitations will look fantastic.
    Happy Die Cutting.

    Patricia xxx

  9. These look stunning Hazel, a lot of work involved so good you have less work to do with the family. I hope now they appreciate all you did for them.

    Glad Charlie is a lot better, the nights are not drawing in so early now which is a good thing, dark by about 5pm rather than 4, looking forward to spring lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Hi Hazel,
    Wow all that die cutting you've done so well they all look gorgeous.How many invits have you got to do?They will look amazing I'm sure.
    I'm pleased I haven't got to do die cutting now for my invitation.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  11. My goodness, you have been very busy. I can imagine how frustrating it must be clearing up all the small off-cuts.
    Sue xx

  12. wow Hazel - thats a lot of die cutting. I hope the striplet die keeps going for you. Beautiful - can't wait to see the finished pieces. Big hugs rachel x

  13. Hi Hazel, know what you mean about mess from die cutting..LOL.
    surprised you die has cracked though, might be a good idea to have a word were you got it from..
    Pam x

  14. Hi Hazel
    Not good about the die. You may remember, one of mine had razor sharp edges but they shouldn't be cracking.
    What you have cut out looks wonderful.
    You should get your big sister to cut a few with hers to save your poor arm lol!
    Glad to hear Charlie is on the mend.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  15. Hi Hazel,
    Wow what a pile of die cutting! I did someone's wedding invitations last year, I thought it was a good idea at first but the monotony of making the same card over and over again drove me crackers! But it was worth it when I heard the feedback!
    I hope you got your die exchanged as that sounds just dangerous, its bad enough making white cards as it is (my problem is paw prints) without the added worry of blood!
    So Pleased to hear that Charlie is on the mend and that you have some free time back.
    Sandra xxxx

  16. Wow, that's a lot of die cutting of this beautiful shape (which thanks to you & Patricia I did buy and it's on my desk for use!). Sorry to hear you've got a problem with it. Can you take a metal nail file and smooth it down a bit, so that you don't cut yourself? Looks like you've made a good start on all your die cutting. One other thought might be using the latex gloves - sort of like what the medical folks use? That's what I use for spraying...get 'em at the Dollar store ( -- cheap!). TFS & good luck. Glad Mr. is feeling much improved and can go for his walkies. Stay warm.

  17. Wow Hazel you really have been a busy bunny but that die just sings out to be used for a wedding really it does they will all look fabulous when you have got them done. I know the work involved as I made all the wedding stationary for my two daughters weddings, and their thank you cards for afterwards too. Those who did not make the wedding got cards with a wedding picture on and all the recipients were so surprised and delighted with the extra thought.
    Take care, sorry to have been awol but we have had no broadband for a week and I have so missed popping in to see what you, Lynda and Patricia have been up to.
    The pony club board is on hold as Ben is back to school now. Today he is walking around Buttermere Lake with his class, wearing his riding high vis jacket which is padded for extra warmth, so at least he shouldn't get lost!
    Margaret corgi owner

    1. Margaret, so nice to see you back. I was worried you had maybe fallen or you were ill. Glad to hear Ben is back at school and better.
      Margaret I am sure it was yourself that put Patricia and I no to Stampingallday for stamps, and I have to thank you if it was yourself, as I have had wonderful service from Nicky, she has been so helpful and made stamps to what I needed. Hazel x

  18. Hiya Hazel. All I can say is that if they are just the start of the invites, Im longing to see the finished product - WOW.
    Have a good day, maybe worth wearing surgical gloves when using your poorly striplet just incase you nick yourself again. Like you say, red is not the colour theme !
    Have a good day.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  19. Hi Hazel,
    Sorry this is not just late at night it is several days late as well! I've had a bit of a hectic week finished off today with visitors who finally left in a snow storm! We never get snow,
    You are going to be such a busy bee but the Invitations will look amazing. I love that Striplet but sorry yours has broken.
    I do have a gift bag die and I would love a bigger one but if I need a bigger bag I buy plain bags from The Carrier Bag Shop! They have an amazing range of sizes and colours which can be decorated in many ways. They are also inexpensive.
    So lovely to interact with everyone as its so very helpful.
    All the best with the Invitations!
    Love Myra xx

  20. Wow Hazel you have been a busy bee and they look fab already before you have even constructed them - can't wait to see the finished article xx glad the OH has improved and hopefully your Striplet die holds up to the end xx GailT xx