Friday, 30 January 2015


Good morning I hope your are not suffering from having to much snow, I know that a lot of you live in the north of England and you seem to have got more than us here in the east of scotland, we have what I call a good dusting, but oh boy it's cold.   Not into work till I pick Beth up, so I can stay in and keep cozy, and cranke that handle and get more striplets cut, I still have a few for the main ones to do. Then I have the 50 for the evening invites to do.

This card was sent to younger daughters Godfather who has been having radiotherapy all this week ready for surgery next week.   I used the same Image as I used on Charlies Birthdsy card, as I wrote on the insert that this is what he has to do. " Feet up watching his TV with a cup of tea or coffee". Rest and "positive thoughts". Now like with Charlies the LOTV card has a cream tinge to it and of course it wasn't till I looked at the photo that I saw how much my sentiment card looked so white so off that came and a more cream coloured one added, but I popped it in its envelope and posted it off- yes I did not re photo it.  

5x7 prefolded card.
Papers are from a Forever Friends 12x12 pad
LOTV image 
Sentiment cut with Sue Wilson die 

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my little "thank you" card I feel that a "thank you" card no matter what size is important, so if we can make from that pieces of waste card great, the other will come from a the full sheets of card but that will be a bit of cutting, I might just have to pop back down and ask Adrian at our local craft shop to sweet talk him in to cutting them. He kindly cut the card for the invites on his A3 guillotine for me.

Well I am off the make myself another cup of tea and get going.
Take care and wrap up warm if you are going out.  

Hazel xxxx

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Good morning, and thank you for all your kind comments on my peek of what will be the die cuts on Andrew and Gillians invitations.    You know if you could loose weight from turning that handle on the machine it would be great, no I will end up having a muscle bigger on my right arm from my left!!!     I did ask Charlie if he could think of some how adding a wee motor to the handle?  Now if my dad had been alive I know he'd have thought of a way.  Any way I will just battle on.    Now my striplet cracked but it's only a little crack, but I did try using a file to see if I could make it less sharp, but it's in a place that you can't get into, saying that it's going no where I will still use it.   The new die wasn't that expensive if you think of paying that or getting blood on the die cut?  I take steroids which as a lot of you will know can effect me being able to stop the my hand/finger bleeding quickly.

Now I was going to show the card I was intending to make for Tammy's godfather who started his radiotherapy, well I just could get it to work. I think it was due to being tired, I had watched the clock every hour the night before.   So I ended up being asleep by 9pm last night.  
I did make this little Thank You card.  Now I am using A3 card for cutting the die cuts from and I use the strips etc for cutting striplets and the leaves and I ended up having a piece left size - 41/2ins x 61/2 ins now I just couldn't let that go unused, so I made it into a little Thank You card, added a couple of die cuts out of the bits that I had left to one side for cutting small dies cuts from, so these will be used to make these.

Gillian and Andrew loved them, and as they say they will need a few so great use of the spare card.

I am  off to cut some more bits.  I should be doing the ironing, but hey ho that can wait I am not working first thing tomorrow and I do like ironing first thing in the morning. So I will do it then.

Well I hope this weather warning of bad weather won't come to much.  It's a very mild day here so I am putting washing out, it might not dry properly but even just a bit will be good.

Take care.  ((((((Hugs))))) to those who need them.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 26 January 2015


Good afternoon, and welcome to you all, and thank you for all your lovely comments on my card and gift cake.

Well I am not into work until I pick up Beth.  I am beginning to feel the benifit of not doing the hours I was,  I dont think it's going down to well with work, as my family keep saying they never saw what I did each day. But now they are. And they are having to do it themselves or the poor housekeeper has to do it.  Me I am just glad I don't have to think or do it now.   I am not sitting doing nothing that's for sure but I am not doing two jobs in a way.   As you know I am making Andrew and Gillians invitations, so lots of cutting to do.   Then I had a disaster on Saturday when I found out I had broken my striplet, I can still cut with it BUT it's very sharp and blood on those die cuts just can't happen.   The heart striplet has little very fine thin bits at the edge and that's where it's I would say cracked rather than broken.

So this is all that I have been doing.

I have to cut 80 striplets and so far I have cut 18, the time consuming bit is cleaning the dies of the bits, and oh those little bits are every where!!!   Thank goodness I have a good Hoover because between the bits and dog hairs at the moment it's needs to be.  

It's a lovely day here, sun shining but it's not that warm, Charlie is back to nearly 100%, I do think he is right that getting out in the fresh air has helped?    I am missing walking Harris, but I can get things done while the two of them are out of the hour in the morning.    Most get back into doing a later walk once the days stay lighter, as I dont like walking just up the villiage. We have a few places that are round the edge of the villiage that are nice to walk in day light.  

Any way off to cut a few more leaves,  all out of the scrap bit, nothing wasted.

Now take care especially as the weather is meant to take a turn for worse mid week.
Myra if you have stopped in again, you said you were making a gift bag. Do you like myself have a bag die???    Or do you make it up by using a score board???

Will try and post a card, I have one to make for my friends husband who started his radiotherapy treatment today ready for his surgery next week.   So will show that. I wil have to think of a man card design!  

Hazel xxxx

Friday, 23 January 2015


Gosh it's Friday again!!!   It looks like the weeks are still running away from us?    I keep saying to myself it's six months till  Gillians wedding, but I can see it will be here before we know it at this rate.  I haven't had time to make snything as I have been die cutting bit for the invites.

Today is about my second attempt at making a baby card when I started last year, up till then I always got Patricia to make them to go with my gift basket or cake.

I have decided to show the gift that went with it too. 
I have a few oders in the pipe line as one would say, babies due soon but they are for couples who don't want to know what they are having, so I can't make a start.  I don't really like making gifts and cards before hand ( call me old fashioned or what?) sometimes I just have to, but with these I can wait.

Thank you for all your lovely comments  on my friends card, I am a great believer in cards and flowers, for those times when things get on top of us. 
I also would like to welcome Sam and Myra, these two ladies don't have blogs, I know Sam is trying to set one up so we can see her work, I for one look forward to that, I am not sure if we can get  Myra to do the same, which would be lovely.    Ladies you are welcome to call in at anytime, I don't always post everyday, and things are going to be busy round here with these wedding invites, but I will try and post something.

Have a good week end what ever you are up to and sending ((((((hugs)))))) to those who are in need of them .

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Good afternoon, thank you for coming in for a little look of what I have been doing or as Charlie would say "playing".   I had been talking to my friend who suffers from Parkinson's and her voice is going, she gets down at times but yet tries to keep cheerful.   This weather gets her down, she is very much a sunshine person, not sitting it but just the nice bright days.   Anyway as they live outside Birmingham we can't just pop down to see them. So a card with some hugs I hope will help a little.

Well we woke up this morning to a dusting of snow, but under it is ice.  I found this out while out walking Harris - yes I went my length, I am ok I will be a bit black and blue and stiff and sore.  Arnica tablets taken so hoping that will reduce things.   I wouldn't care but I had on my walking boots with really good soles. Never mind I didn't break anything and that's all that matters.

Charlie is slowly getting there, and thank you for all the well wishes for him. He was hoping to get out for a little walk, but that will have to wait, he hoovered up while I was out and he was wiped.   Looks like I will be dog walking for a few more days.

This is a 51/2 x6 card, it was an off cut that was lying by where I cut my card, it had a damaged edge, so I trimmed that off then added half of the striplet die as a border again it had not cut that great but this half was fine.  The Lemon card is from First Eddition  Family ties,  die cut from Sue Wilsons San Francisco and Innsbruck sets, these were in my box thought they were all cut from the same card, but photograph shows they are not, you don't see it, well my eyes dont see it ( do need new glasses I think) when you look at the card.  Foliage again are all bits out of my box, flowers are ones Patrica had made for me also the stick pins.   

That's it for today, off to cut and emboss a few more bits of the invitation.   A few at a time rather than hurry them.   

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my " oldie".  Margaret Corgie owner showed her young grand son the picture of the board and now he wants her to help make one. I bet I wasn't her favourite blogger on Friday !!!......  Have fun Margaret.    I am always glad to share my ideas.

Do take care when out, I will be more carefull that's for sure. 

Hazel xxx

Friday, 16 January 2015


Good morning, it's Friday again, thank goodness.   I tell you what I didn't realise just how many things Charlie does in the week?   When he worked and was away so much I just got on and did the every day things like taking the rubbish out to the bins and putting them out on the right days, walking the dog, going and getting the bits of shopping like milk and bread. Oh boy with him being unwell and not doing these things I have taken really bad with it.   So I won't think " what has he done all day". The other thing Is he not doing the cooking ok he's not really eating either, just light stuff like scrambled egg and toast.  So I have had to do all these things.

As its " Oldie Friday" over at Erika's blog I thought I'd show what I helped the girls and the others who do Pony Club quiz every Wednesday from the beginning of December until April. If they are lucky enough and the Fife Hunt Pony Club have been to get to the Nationals they are given the theme to do a board to take with them.    Last year it was to do with their club and what it meant to them, they had the ideas but couldn't think how to do them on the board - of course Anna and Beth said " hazel will help". We spent a lot of time putting this together, they got to the finals with their board for the theme to be changed ( put it this way changed to make sure the one and only board that had the new theme just happened to be done with won). The team this year said they won't do the theme that's set they will do something different if they get through!!,  it's a shame they are a good group of children who have had this happen twice to them.   Any way here's what they did.

The jumper is all made out of card, I showed them how to do it and they took it all on board, the shirt collar was the hard bit I did cut that for them in the end.  But it just goes to show what can be done with card and paper.  Ok I had to scratch my head a few times and a lot of card was wasted to get it to this, but it's like making a card at times - how many get thrown in the bin???  

By the way it looks like it will be Emily receiving the card.    I think Granny will have to make a couple of Valentine cards don't you think? 

I better go get dressed and get this dog out for his walk, then come home and have a hot shower and clean clothes on,  it's so muddy out there and I can't see the point of putting clean trousers etc on to come home and have to change.    I have a pair of big brown eyes looking at me saying " come on mum". So I'd better go.  Thank you for stopping by,

Take care when out and about.  

Hazel xxxx

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Good afternoon.   Well we had snow it was "dinging it down" as they would say here, but thankfully didn't come to much and has now gone, for how long??? We will wait a see.  

Today's card is yet unnamed, I will add the little girls name above the die cut, once Andrew makes up his mind if it's for Emily or Caitlin.  Terrible at the age of 6 to have two loves in his life.  I think Emily will be the name on it.  

The card is an 8x8 prefolded card,   LOTV I age, the large die cut is Spellbinders expandable patterns, Memory Box ong strip of Hearts, Memory Box Blushing Bouquet, Sue Wilson vine leaves ( out of my bit box).  Die'sire hearts.  Papers and pearls from stash. I will use XCut letters for the name.

Thank you for to you all for asking after Charlie, he is a bit better but still isn't great, it will be a good few days before he is back to normal, what ever that is...... So I am still dog walking, it does blow the cobwebs out, oh boy it's head nippingly cold out there.

Harris doing what he loves doing, finding different smells

 Now this is another building belonging to the Piory, this is what was the stable block, you can Imagine the carriages going in through arche way can't you?

This is just to show how big the building is you could park 4 artic lorries in the middle!  
Oh those were the days,  how many people were employed to just run those stables???
The butler and house keeper had houses just across the court yard at the side of the ruin I showed .
It takes me 45minutes to walk all the way round, but today I turned back, as at one point it's so open the wind gets to you, so sorry Margaret I was going to photograph the snow drops to show you, but it was just to cold to go that way today. 

Any way most go and get Beth from school, thank for all the lovely comments on my two cards, I have a few more to make before I start on Gillian and Andrews invitations.

Please take care in this terrible weather and keep warm.

((((((Hugs)))))) to those who need them.

Hazel xxx

P.S. I noticed a couple of spelling mistakes, well letters missing but will this ipad let me get to them to change them. NO!!!  

Monday, 12 January 2015


Good afternoon,  thank you for all your lovely comments on my "Oldie Friday " card.   I am going to make sure I use the dies that I haven't used much lately more often.

Today it's two simple birthday cards, Andrew young grand son has a couple of birthday party's coming up, so granny has been given the task of making the cards. Oh and the little gifts for the girls. Then again is that not what granny's are for???

Well Gillian and Andrew came yesterday and they have decided on the design for their invites, so I am going to make a start on die cutting the different pieces ready for assembling them, Gillian will help to do them.   Thankfully it's a small wedding so not many day time invites, and very simple ones for the evening party, thank goodness as there are a good few.

My cards are 5x7 prefolded cards
LOTV images

Sue Wilson leaves and bow on the girls card made out of my off cuts.

Well today I had to take Harris our dog for his morning walk, Charlie has got the start of a chest Infection, he has been to doctors and on strong antibotics, thank goodness  as I didn't want a repeat of last year.
Have to say it's been a while since I have been round the grounds of Crawford Priory which is just out the back of our house.   I couldn't believe how many Snowdrops were out, it was lovely walking round as its so peaceful

It did help that after another night of terrible winds, that it had all calmed down and the rain stopped and the sun was out.  Still cold but nice.

Well I'd better make a move and get organised to go and pick Beth up, I have to go to kinross to pick Anna up for 5 so it won't be an early finish tonight. 

Take care and stay safe.

Hazel xxxx

Friday, 9 January 2015


Good morning, from a very wild and windy Fife.  Didn't sleep much as slates were rattling, thank goodness we have the roof checked every year, I do think the cottage next door are missing a few this morning.   Day light will maybe tell a different story.  My heart goes out to those who won't have been so lucky as along with this high winds there is heavy rain there will be some large damage.

This card I made last March, and I still only had a few of my own dies, big sister Patricia let me borrow dies, she still would I have to say.   I made this card as I had just bought the 2 memory box dies that I have used, the back ground one is one of Patricia's.

Not working until I pick up Beth, unless Anna decides she wants to come home at 1pm.  She is at a high school that they finish at 1pm on Fridays.  Have to say it does cause problems not only because she can't get a bus home until 2.10, and the mum that gives her a lift in the morning doesn't pick her girls up till 3.25.   So if it comes to it I will have to go get her.

Thank once again for all your comments, I do appreciate every one of them.

Take care if you are out and about, especially if you live in an area that is in the path of this weather front.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 8 January 2015


Good morning.  And thanking for popping in to see what I have posted, and thank you for all the lovely comments about my "Rejected Card". Yes it has gone into my box, so it might find a home later.
Today's card is for a friend. I used the "Just Because" stamp as the insert will have "Your a Good friend"  on it.

7x7 card
Papers are from a Papermania pad called "Temptations" I have had it that long I'd forgotten all about it, till I was looking for something else paper wise
Sue Wilson dies.
Pearls from stash.

Steph I hope this stops those withdrawal syptoms, just been busy getting back into work mode, and catching up on other bits.  It all gets in the way.    Meet Patricia yesterday and had a good catch up. Hopefully weather permitting we will get back to a week meet up.

Right I'd better make a move we are off out once Charlie gets back from taking his car to get a head light bulb replaced.  I just using it last night and noticed it wasn't right.  If there's one thing that gets to me is head lights that are not working.

Hope you won't get this winds that are forecasted to be really strong, bit windy here but nice blue sky.

Take care.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Good morning all, well we have a really frosty day here but the good bit is the sun is out and the sky is a beautiful blue one.
Thank you all for your lovely comments on my "positive thought" card.  I made that a year ago and I just didn't have much ideas.  

Now today's card is one that Tammy's God mother asked me to make for a wedding they are going to, she sent me the invite so I could match the colour of the blue on the invite to what I could put on the card, so I did as I was asked using the ribbon colour I tried to match it, but I just couldn't get it right so I did tones.   So being a good I sent a photo to her asking if  what I'd done was ok, but at the same time she had asked if I'd let her see Gillian and Andrews engagement card.  Answer back was " oh I want the card to have the fancy bits that you have done on Gills ??  Ahhhhhh I could have screamed, for one I didn't really want that, that card was made for G&A.  I did redo the card but I didn't copy it.

I have taken the names off the front of the card and just replaced them with the blue ovals, can add other names on top if the card gets used.  I do think sometimes people don't realise that what they want and are thinking are not always manageable.   I wonder why when she asked me to make their golden wedding invites, I had to say sorry I will be busy making wedding invites. Can you image if I had made them then she decided she wanted something different.   

Now Steph. If you are reading this, you made me laugh with your bit about losing that little die, I lost my little one of my aster set, looked every where, and like you tipped out the bin, oh what a mess!!! Gave up and just thought it's the small one I can live without it.  CHRISTMAS Eve I was needing a crate to put gifts in to take to G&A, pulled one of these collapsible ones out from under the unit I have the Xcut Xpress on, open the crate and yes there it was.  How it got in the I will never know.

It's back to work for me tomorrow, and we have Chris, Ang and the girls here today for their lunch so I'd better get on and get things ready.   Have a good day.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 2 January 2015


Good morning.   Thank you for all your lovely comments on Ash & Nics wedding card.   Which I understand they loved.
Andrew and Gillian thank you all for their well wishes on their engagement.  They were both taken aback by them all.    It looks like the 31st July/1st August is on the cards for their wedding.  Plenty of time one says, BUT I know it will be here before we know it.  I will be on hand to give help where needed, Gillian is a very independant person, and she will know and do what's needed also Andrew is the same. It will be a small wedding with a big party from what is being said.
I have been busy , it's another wedding card, but the wedding is not for a few weeks.   Wedding and engagement cards are a bit like buses - none for an age then 5 at once.  

Now today I thought I'd carry on with showing something that was done a while ago as part of the share " OLDIE FRIDAY"   That Erika, started last year.

I made this for one of the mums at the girls old school, she has made a full recovery thank goodness, those positive thoughts do work.   I must get that memory box die back out and use it again.  I look at this card and think oh "if only I had done"  when I look at that hand written sentiment I am embarested, but I didn't own much craft stuff and I never even thought of using the big computer to print the sentiment,  oh how I have learnt.   But on saying that "Becky" always talks about how that card gave here hope and she was in a very dark place that day when her boys brought it home and gave it to her, she was so touched that out of all the mums that she knew at the school, I as the girls nanny and didn't know her that well had taken the time to make this for her.   

Any way we are having Calum oldest grand son here for a sleep over tonight, he wants to bake, he was a bit jealous of his little brother getting to bake when he was here before Christmas, so it looks like all the chocolates that no one really likes and biscuits that I just don't need to eat are going to be made into broken biscuit tray bake which will freeze so he can take it home and mummy can put in her freezer to be used as and when.  Might keep a few bits for the girls, but I just don't need it.  I have a wedding to go to this summer so all those unwanted pounds have to go.   

Well while writing this the sky got so black the light had to go on and I did think the heavens were going to open up, but no it's passed over and a nice clear sky has appeared.  

Have a good day and thank you for calling in to see what I have been up to.  

Hazel xx