Saturday, 20 December 2014


Well I started to do a post yesterday morning, but ran out of time, had Beth to pick up at 12 o'clock, and had bits to do before hand.  Any way I will leave the " oldie" till the new year that I was putting up.

Today is husband Charlies birthday. Now he is very lucky he has made it to today, seeing how I had my pile of cards on the side board ready to take to the post office so they could be stamped accordingly to what was needed.  I thought I was going mad ( well iam half way there as it is) because I couldn't find the pile, looked in the spare room and the car, now the amount of stuff that's in there belonging to the girls well it was a job and a half.  No they weren't there so asked Charlie had he seen what I had done with them answer "oh I have posted them". How did you manage that as the villiage post office isn't open and you didn't have a car.  Oh I had stamps here so I just stamped them and popped them in the box Why!!!   Yes they should have had more postage on them. ahhhh.  Why oh why does he not get it that the postal service has changed???  So what folk thought was thunder over head in Springfield was me exploding with temper.

Any way it's done now can't change it, but do you think he will learn - NO, he's a man.

So here is the card I made for him, not a lot of time spent on it. I knew what image and papers I would use, it's very plain and simple.

LOTV image, and it fits the bill that's what he likes doing, sitting in his chair watching TV.  Ok he doesn't wear a cap.   The papers are from My Silent Night first edition pad, and some brown card from goodness knows where, had it so long.   Very quick easy card.

Thank you all for your comments on my wrapped gifts, I am a bit sick of seeing my roll of cellophane now.   I have been doing various gifts up, haven't photographed them as a lot are what I have done like it the passed.   I have got to say my gift bags have been a great hit this year and I have made gift wallets.  Like these

Very, very simple an A 4 piece of card with a little bit cut off the length, scored on my board, corners rounded and YES a striplet die cut and ribbon to tie.   This one contains a voucher for a foot treatment, oldest daughter is a podiatrist and she is often asked for a voucher and of course it was a call to Mum to see what I could do to make it into a lovely gift.  

Off now to get little grandson, here's coming for a sleepover but coming early as Daddy and Mummy are going to the football this afternoon as my big grandson is Mascot at the Dumferline match.    
So little one and I will bake today and tomorrow things for Boxing Day when we are all together as a family.    

Take care if you are out and about in this frosty weather.

Hazel xxx


  1. Good afternoon Sis,
    Yep! almost heard you shouting at Charlie over this side of the River Tay!!!
    Happy Birthday to him, hope he has a great day. I am sure he loved his card, I do, think it's great.
    Your Gift Wallets are brilliant, have held them, seen them up close. Everyone a winner.
    Off to use your idea and make a couple for Gift Cards and Money Gifts
    Enjoy your time with Andrew, have fun.

    Patricia xx

  2. Hi Hazel
    First, thanks for your supportive comments. Time for me to get tough lol!
    Oooooh dear. Why is it when fellas think they are helping, it causes more grief? If its anything like the post office here, the poor recipients will have to go and collect their cards and pay excess postage & handling. . . . . eeek!
    Happy birthday Charlie (hope your ears are better lol!)
    Love that image Hazel. . . . . that's mines usual pose too!
    Enjoy your day with the little one.
    Ang x

  3. Message from Mr Duck. . . . . . He doesn't see what our issue is. He says we are being bad "moaning" as Charlie was only trying to help! My, don't they stick together!
    Off to show him the error of his ways lol!
    Ang x

  4. Flipping men!! This is the sort of thing John might do too. Whenever he tries to be "helpful" it takes me so much longer to sort out what he then did wrong!!!! Sometimes I could scream! But doncha just love 'em? .... sometimes.. lol!

    Lovely little card and great wallet for the voucher. Hugs Christine xx

  5. Happy Birthday Charlie, the card you have made for him is fabulous.
    Your gift wallet design is wonderful too.
    Oh dear, my hubby is just the same when it comes to being 'helpful'. I think that Royal Mail are more lenient at this time of year regarding the correct postage, I hope so!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Sue xx

  6. Super card Hazel and happy birthday to Charlie! My Tom would be the same (except I doubt he'd have any stamps on him to make the mistake with,lol) - he wouldn't have a clue about postal charges, hugs Carole Z X

  7. Great birthday card and love the wallet. Hope he had a good birthday despite everything. It's just a man thing as everybody says. Over here they don't collect extra postage say it costs too much to do so. Neither do they seem to be franking stamps this year!.
    Have a very happy Christmas and New Year.
    Margaret M

  8. Hello Hazel, oh poor Charlie, just trying to help but getting it wrong, it's a man thing I'm sure, Alistair much the same.
    Happy Birthday to Charlie, I hope he had a great day and your card for him is just lovely, the image is so sweet and love your colours too.

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous card, lovely dies, must invest in these ones for next year.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your baking with the wee one.
    Carolthon went well, won't know how much money will be raised till after the year ends, hugs Kate x

  9. oh Hazel - that postage story is a corker - yes annoying but done with the best of intentions! My mil tried to dye my hair tonight and we discovered she had mixed the conditioner with the developer instead of the colourant - I howled with laughter - only Bez!!!! Love your card and I hope the birthday went well - hugs Rachel xx

  10. Fab card Hazel with such a lovely image xx your OH was obviously only trying to help but if he's like mine sometimes you just get so frustrated with them cos all they need to do is ask!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  11. WOW that's what that loud noise was, we heard it in Wiltshire. I'm not going to say what our friends say when Paul has been a plonker, and you have to put the men right, " Right! ". Our friends always say poor Paul and that annoys me even more. I can use a drill, put shelves up dig out foundations for extensions, but when it comes to a simple task they always seem to muck it up. I know how you feel Hazel. Putting that aside I hope Charlie had a good birthday and his card is so cute. Your gift wallets are beautiful, and I think I will be copying them for some gift vouchers we are giving.

    Take care Hazel
    Tina XX

  12. Good evening Hazel lovely card you made for your husband. He thought he was doing you a favour. But that's something my husband would do they just don't think it must be a man thing lol. You have a lovely Christmas and I would just like to thank you for your wonderful support this year xxxx

    Debs xxx

  13. Hi Hazel sorry to be late but have been chasing my tail, I really love the birthday card for Charlie a belated Happy Birthday to him. I know just how you feel when someone tries to h e l p, agh to say the very least!
    I love how you have decorated your wallet, I have made several of these but never thought of using a striplet, thank you so much for sharing it is a fantastic idea.
    Take care and watch the blood pressure!
    Margaret corgi owner

  14. Hi Hazel,sorry for late post I don know where the time goes. I love Charlie's card,that image is great.Also you gift wallet is gorgeous with the striplet,like Margaret said brilliant idea.
    Hugs Lynda xx

  15. Sorry Hazel I ment to say I have one of those helpful husbands its defentlyI a man thing.Hugs Lynda xx

  16. Just typed my comment & it disappeared (it's me not blogger!). I was laughing when I read your post (sorry, but I just had to, as I have a Helpful Husband sometimes too). He means to help, but sometimes forgets that the handmade cards need extra postage. We've had some returned. I was also smiling to read about your explosion, as I do that as well (then have to apologize). I'm glad you still made Charlie a nice birthday card (and belated good birthday wishes to him too). My DH does wear a ballcap - most of the time. And when he's home, it's in the recliner, either napping or tv watching. I think it is universal man...Also loved the beautiful gift container you've made for your daughter's business. What a lovely way to give a gift card. You & Patricia have enabled me so much on these SW dies....I'm going to have to slow down in the New Year. Hugs, TFS & giving me a good laugh tonight, and Big Merry Christmas.

  17. Hi Hazel. MEN !!!!!
    I love that card for Charlie's birthday, Im starting to get a few LOTV stamps, they are SO cute, people love the Christening cards with the baby in gown and the arch church window, so yes this card is great as is your gift wallet, see, I didnt think of using the striplet like that !!! Id have kicked myself if Id needed to make some and not used a striplet die!! Might make a few though for birthday's etc.. A nice quick change from cards for a while.
    Have a lovely Monday. Look forward to popping in again soon.
    Lancashire Steph xx

    1. Steph, the gift voucher holder has gone down so well, been asked to do a few others the same plus one to go with a wedding card. They are so easy, and don't take much to make. I to love LOTV images as they cover so many occasions. Hazel x

  18. That's a great image for a man, don't you think?
    LOL. Mind you I think that is more me over Christmas, I blame the cold!
    Happy crafting!

    Hugs Erika. x