Sunday, 14 December 2014


Good afternoon.   Today I am showing some more gifts that I was asked to wrap, just a couple of very girly wine bottle holders with wine included and a dish with 4 bath bombs.   Just wrapping them up in cling and tieing with some ribbon, transform them into something special, don't you think?   I normally would what I call give the cling a hair cut, but I was asked to leave it how it was.  

Thank you all for all your lovely comments on my cards, made a few more last night using the same sets of dies. Plus I have been good and used up some of my PMD papers,  it's silly keeping them and going out and buying more.  Haven't really made that much of a dent in my stash, but it's a start.

Well that's the tree up, not looking how would like it, but I just had to give up trying to change it.  Knowing me it will be down just after New Year, our cottage is so small the tree and the change round of the furniture gets to me.  Any way I am off to get some cooking done, my turn to cook tonight, 

Take care and wrap up warm if you are off out.  

Hazel xxx


  1. Oh my goodness Hazel Your wrapping is gorgeous. Something I am not good at all. Enjoy your Evening. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Brilliant wrapping as always Sis.
    Great how you can make simple things look AMAZING!!!

    Patricia x

  3. You really are the gift wrapping Queen Hazel!! these look fabulous xx

  4. They look wonderful Hazel.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the evening.
    Sue xx

  5. Beautiful gift wrapping Hazel, there's definitely a knack to it & you have it........I don't lol! Hope you're well.
    hugs Jo x

  6. Hi Hazel
    Yes, a bit of cellophane and some ribbon do zhush things up. I used to do hampers for parents but sadly they have passed. Everyone else wants vouchers most of the time. I shall just make do by admiring yours lol!
    Take care.
    Ang x

  7. Hi Hazel, I love using cellophane as wrap and your gifts look absolutely beautiful! Hugs Carole Z X

  8. These are very festively packaged indeed. You have a very pretty presentation in this! TFS & Hugs. Off to see your earlier post with the card grouping.

  9. Hello Hazel, these gifts look so lovely all wrapped up, your a whiz at presenting items beautifully.
    Alistair was going to put the lights on our outside tree, but i had bought the wrong batteries, for another day.
    Stay warm and cosy, hugs Kate x

  10. Hello Hazel,
    Perfectly wrapped parcels, they look amazing, turning a simple bottle of wine into a real treat.
    Glad to hear you got your tree up, like you I am ready for it all to be down after new years day!
    crafty hugs
    Sandra xxxx

  11. Whoo Who! I was just over looking at Sue Wilson's blog and saw that you are a winner! Congratulations on winning something from that fantastic blog...Yay. Early Christmas for you, my friend! XXXXX

  12. You are a whiz at wrapping things up Hazel.
    We don't have a Christmas tree or decorations any more I have passed them over to our youngest daughter and now she is in charge of Christmas and family gatherings. We have no little people in our family to trim the tree now it was always the children's job.
    Margaret M

  13. These look amazing following the 'Hazel transformation'!! Susan x

  14. Hi Hazel brilliant wrapping hazel they look wonderful someone's going to be very lucky. Take care xxxx

    Debs xxx

  15. Hi Hazel

    I thought of you yesterday when we were Christmas shopping. There was a store selling small baskets and wrapping for people to make up their own small hamper type gifts .. .. and you sprung to mind. LOL!!

    Your gifts look wonderful.

    I don't save any papers now. I can't justify buying any more if I don't use up what I already have!!

    Hope all is good with you and your Christmas plans are on track.

    Love Jules xx

  16. How lovely these look Hazel, you really make a gift stand out.

  17. Hiya Hazel.
    If id been given a gift wrapped by your fair hands I wouldnt want to un-wrap it LOL.
    Have a lovely Tuesday.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  18. Beautiful gift wrapping as always Hazel, perfect gifts.
    Hope you had fun with the cooking?

    Hugs Erika. x

  19. Hi Hazel

    I think I would have to find someway of opening the wine without disturbing the wrapping. They make a special looking pressie.

    Well done on your win at the weekend, and thank you for the lovely email.

  20. Fabulous gift wrapping, perfect gifts for anyone.

    Warm hugs

  21. Hi Hazel
    Gorgeous your wrapping is so beautiful what a lovely gift,it's a shame it has to be unwrapped. Hugs Lynda xx

  22. hiya Hazel - these gifts look wonderful - your wrapping is so very professional! Big hugs to you! Rachel xx

  23. Hazel, thanks for the visit & comments on the poochies. They get cared for better than a lot of children I know! The oldest dog thinks DD is his mother. He will tolerate me (I must sound & smell like her), but if she's in the house, no one else will do for him. It's thanks to her good care that he's made it this long. He raced for 4 yrs. the 2 sisters never raced, and I'm not sure if this newest one did. The other 2 greys she had & lost, were both racing dogs. They do make good pets, but not very good watchdogs. Merry Christmas, & I hope you will be able to enjoy it with those you love best. TFS & Hugs. Have so enjoyed seeing your lovely projects this year.

  24. You say just a bit of cellophane makes a difference but I think there is a bit more to it than that!! They look fab xx sorry I missed this list somehow xx GailT xx