Friday, 26 December 2014


Just thought I'd show the card and gift wallet I made for our oldest daughter Gillian and her partner Andrew 
Yes my Sue Wilson striplet has been put to work again, 

I used my Die'sire Romance die for the inside of the card added some Sue Wilson Vinery leaves, the backing paper that I used behind the striplets and for the inside are from my first edition pad of papers.    I embossed my card with a heart EB folder don't know the name. Used the cut out heart to keep the two halves closed.

We had a lovely day with Gillian and Andrew,  had a beautiful meal and celebrated their engagement.  We are both so happy for them.  Our Gillian has been so happy since meeting Andrew a year ago.

I do hope you all had and still are having a lovely time.  I know there are many who will have been unable to enjoy this holiday through illness or are to sad as they will be missing loved ones who are no longer with them.   We have to remember this.

We are off back today to Gillians they are having a family open kind of day, people will be popping in and out over the next few hours.

Take care if you are out and about, especially if you have this terrible freezing fog we have.

Hazel xxxx


  1. Good afternoon Sis,
    I loved these gorgeous craetions when up you showed me yesterday.
    We are all so delighted with the wonderul news.

    Patricia xxx

  2. Hi Hazel
    Oh what fantastic news for you all.
    Congratulations to the happy couple and a gorgeous keepsake you have made them too.
    Nice to hear some happy news.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  3. Hi Hazel
    My what a wonderful Christmas you have had, to have an engagement too delighted to hear your wonderful news. What a beautiful card to mark the occasion, really lovely I am sure the happy couple will be delighted with it.
    With best wishes to you all
    Margaret corgi owner

  4. Hi Hazel

    Such a lovely card for such a lovely occasion, You really have had something to celebrate as well as Christmas. Regards to the happy couple, you and Charlie must be over the moon.
    Tina XX

  5. Hi Hazel,
    Congratulations to the happy couple, Christmas Engagement..
    Gorgeous card design for them, love WOW and love the die cut and embossing.

  6. These are stunning Hazel, such beautiful and elegant designs.
    Congratulations to Gillian and Andrew, such lovely news to share.
    Sue xx

  7. What a beautiful card Hazel it is gorgeous xx a BIG congrats to the happy couple and how lovely for you too - nothing nicer than seeing your kids happy xx a double celebration for you at Christmas xx GailT xx

  8. Afternoon Hazel what a lovely card and wallet.
    I adore them they are so classy but all your cards are.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you have for us
    In 2015.
    I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas.
    And I wish you a Happy New Year but don't drink too much lol.

    Debs xxx

  9. Hi Hazel Sorry I haven't commented sooner but have been at my daughter's
    Your engagement card & wallet are gorgeous I bet your daughter loved them
    Hope you all had a good Christmas & wish you a very happy new year
    Hugs Lynda xx

  10. Hi Hazel. So glad I decided to pop in on the off chance, so glad I did, what a treat, 2 outstanding suprises, your amazing card and wallet. Absolutly beautiful Hazel and congratulations to your daughter on her engagement. If this is what you make for that celebration I cant wait to see their wedding stationary and card - wow.
    I hope you dont mind me asking, but Im certain one, if not all of our ladies here will have Times Square die, I ran it through my ebosser earlier this afternoon and it spat it back, I was using quite a thick peice of card, but it didnt like the largest square at all ! Can anyone tell me if I should use a different sandwitch for Sue's 'thicker larger' dies with my ebosser please ? Both myself and Tina E have had a problem with another large square die from the new collection. Any tried and tested help would be appreciated, thanks.
    Well Hazel, cant wait to follow your cards through the New Year I know we are in for a treat.
    Lancashire Steph xx

    1. Steph. Thank you for your lovely comment on my card and wallet, oh I really did enjoy making it, as soon as Andrew had asked us if he could marry Gillian, I set about doing their card. From on seeing it Tammy younger daughter got we to make a wedding card, not the same but along the same design. Will put it up after Wednesday. Now as for the problem with your die and EBosser, I can't help but if any one can I am more than pleased to let them let you know via my blog. Patricia has had problems with her Ebosser were it goes through the first time but not again. I had a problem with two of Sues dies and returned them, they wouldn't cut out at all, even the X Cut Xpress couldn't cut them out. I wonder if you also have a faulty die. Your little craft shop might be able to see if she can get it to work. Adrian at my little craft heaven was so helpful, even when I hadn't got the dies from him. I got them in aberdeen when we did Sues workshop. I hope you get some help. Hazel xx

    2. Thanks Hazel. Just wondered if I should use a different sandwich, Im so worried my ebosser will end up in bits like Tina's did so if anyone else has had the same problem but sorted it out i'll be so grateful to hear how.
      Have a good Monday xx

    3. Patricua was saying she finds the more fancy the die the harder it is to go through the Ebosser! I wondering who else I blog with has a Ebosser. It's not good as I think for the money they cost you should be able to cut the most fancy of dies. If any one can help Steph please do use by blog to leave her a message. Hazel x

    4. Hi Steph, I have the Time squar die & the Ebosser & I didn't have a problem cutting it, the only thing is if it's to near the top of the plate It doesn't go through,so ether move it down a bit or pass it through so die is at the other end.I have a 50th B/D card on my blog with that die Hope that helps Steph Hugs Lynda xx
      Thank you Hazel hope you didn't mind xxx

  11. Beautiful card and gift wallet Hazel. How nice to have a double celebration at this lovely time of year. Congratulations to Gillian and Andrew on their engagement. Hugs Rita xxx

  12. What a beautiful engagement card and keepsake. Just stunning.
    Hope you and all the family had a good one?

    Hugs Erika. x

  13. a wonderful card Hazel and congrats to the happy couple - how wonderful! Big hugs to you! Rachel xx

  14. An absolutely stunning card and gift card Hazel, congrats to the happy couple and a very Happy New Year to you!!! Hugs Carole Z X

  15. Hi Hazel. Just popped by this New Years Eve to say how much Ive enjoyed sharing your work. Ive not been here long but you have given so much inspiration when my brain has dried up! Along with 2/3 more blogs I visit, I have really enjoyed seeing how everyone uses Sue's died but in so many lovely ways.
    So I will look forward to sharing the next year with you and looking at your beautiful work.
    Whatever your day brings, enjoy.
    Sending hugs.
    LancashireSteph xx

  16. Good morning Steph, if it wasn't for the likes of yourself popping in to see what I have posted, it wouldn't be any fun doing my blog. I love reading all the comments and appreciate every one of them. Through my blog I have found wonderful friends that have made my life so much better, even when I didnt have a blog, I found wonderful people by looking at the blogs of others. I wish you and Andy a wonderful New Year. Hazel xx